Mickey Rourke has some ‘splaining to do

November 11th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Anyone who’s ever gazed into the all-nurturing eyes of Mickey Rourke should know that he’s a friend to all living creatures, but apparently that fact escaped some people recently. E! Online explains:

Mickey Rourke’s foul mouth has gotten him in trouble again.
The actor spewed an antigay slur last night when a paparazzo asked him about gossip reports linking him to Evan Rachel Wood.
“She’s a good friend, that’s it,” Rourke said, while walking into L.A.’s Hyde nightclub. “Tell that f—-t who wrote all that shit in the paper I’d like to break his f–king legs.”
A video of the incident quickly went viral today as soon as it was posted at Hollywood.tv.
But now, in an exclusive statement to me, Rourke says he regrets what he said. “I want to sincerely apologize for the derogatory word I used,” he says in the statement. “It was insensitive and inappropriate of me and I am deeply sorry that I may have offended anyone.”

Before anyone jumps on Rourke’s case, they should step back and realize this could happen to anyone. Just yesterday I called someone a “dog-blowing scumbag” and told him I was going to punch his syphilitic grandmother in the dusty vagina. I could tell he’d taken my statement the wrong way, when all I meant was “You’re holding up the check-out line.” To be fair, I can see why he didn’t get where I was coming from considering his wheelchair was lodged in the candy bar rack. So I’m just saying mistakes happen and, wheelchair guy, if you’re reading this, I forgive you. Even if my 40 oz. of Mickey’s was piss-warm from waiting in line causing me to uppercut all the minorities on my block. The important thing is, the healing has begun. (I had to move.)

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  1. Jeff

    c’mon, who cares. He wasn’t saying f*****t because he thought the guy who wrote it was gay. Everyone is so uptight these days…. whatever happened to sticks and stones?

  2. meanmofo

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. meanmofo

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  4. meanmofo

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  5. meanmofo

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  6. meanmofo

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  7. meanmofo

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  8. meanmofo

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  9. meanmofo

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  10. meanmofo

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shut up #3 ya faggy faggot..

  12. Sport

    so the phrase he used….doesnt it apply to picture #4?

  13. patrix

    pfft next we won’t be able to call people assholes and bitches due to sensitivity towards anus’ and female dogs in heat worldwide.

  14. yleine

    His photos were seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young pretty …

  15. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What a spineless fuck – what does he have to apologize for??? If they don’t like being called faggots, they can grow thicker skin or consider a change to the hetero lifestyle…..

  16. rustytrawler

    yeh who gives a shit. I’m gay but at this point, i think we all know mickey is a homophobic asshole. he might as well just go with it.

  17. Ted from LA

    Was he the cop in The Village People?

  18. mafme

    Infinite pass for pulling off a perfect Marv. Yeah, he shouldn’t have said that, but he was Marv.

  19. Harry

    He’s really good in The Wrestler. But, dear God, don’t let him be the one who’s banging Evan Rachel Wood. She is freaking hot, even after being ruined by Marilyn Manson.

  20. Rachael

    SOB needs to be deloused and dipped for fleas.

  21. pink elephant

    he looks like a really ugly cross between johnny depp and heath ledger in the pic with the facial hair…

  22. pink elephant

    he looks like a really ugly cross between johnny depp and heath ledger in the pic with the facial hair…

  23. Pee Wee From Porky's

    The man is a God to me! My favorite was when they made him wear a jacket at a fancy restaurant and in the middle of eating he let his pants drop around his ankles. When asked to pull up his pants he said “Hey, I’m wearing the fucking jacket!”

  24. arroyo

    Wow, I thought he was dead.

  25. Jason

    That is so dumb…why is every celebrity/politician so fucking politically incorrect…sometimes people get called names…live with it…Shit, this story is gay.

  26. Mama Pinkus

    I forever have in my mind how utterly adorable Mickey was in “Body Heat” so it always jars me to see how fucking fugly he is now.

  27. ummm...yeah

    I thought that asshole was dead too!
    He ought to be, with his AmyWastehouse look, he’s just a male version of that skanky trainwreck!
    He’s not homophobic….He’s a fucking homo and doesn’t really want to be,but he can’t help it, that’s why he drinks so fucking much.
    Tell the truth fagboy.

  28. LIPSTICK & DRESS= “walking the streets”, folks!!

  29. Kia

    Odd, but true: My cat likes to drink Mickey’s malt liquor. If there is any in the house (hey, everyone needs a 40 oz. once a in while), she meows incessantly until she gets some.

  30. Mal Gusto

    I hardly think referring to someone as a “fag” constitutes an anti-gay slur. An anti-gay slur would be something like “diseased ass-pirate.” Everybody remember the movie “Old School” ? One of the characters is whining about the cab seatbelt not working. The cabby says “quit being such a fag.” Anti-gay slur? Or just verbal shorthand for “quit your silly bitchin’

  31. Deacon Jones

    Did they forget to take off his mask after Sin City wrapped?

  32. Jrz

    Shame Shame! Old Mickey Rourke was such a wonderful thing. New Mickey Rourke makes my rods and cones burn.

  33. Jrz

    Which anti-gay slur?
    Butt Pirate?
    Ass Cowboy?
    Fudge Packer?

  34. The Flan


  35. grobpilot

    Fucking fags need to get over themselves. You really are not important enough to deserve special treatment. Your behavior and lifestyle flies in the face of common decency and the fact that you constantly attempt to shove it down everyone’s throats and telling us we need to “accept” you is complete bullshit. Everytime someone makes an off-handed comment that may not even be directed at you personally, you take offense and accuse that person of a fucking hate crime. We all have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, it doesn’t only work one-way. You may not like what is said about you and we straight people don’t like being forced to accept your lifestyle. We’ll just agree to disagree. You can go home and butt-fuck each other all you like but do not tell us we need to change the way we think and accept you as “normal”.

    Let accusations of hate begin……………………….

  36. drewski2u

    So when exactly did the word faggot become a derogatory term to exclusively describe fudgepackers? When I was a kid we called our friends “faggots” and “fags” all the time, but it had nothing to do with whether or not they were cumchuggers. If you thought a guy was a jerk, you called him a faggot, plain and simple (and then you usually said something derogatory about his momma). So to all you queerbaits out there, you’re officially being put on notice. I’m taking the word faggot back.

  37. JRS2

    Who cares if he called someone a faggot? This world has turned into a bunch of pussies who need to man the fuck up.

  38. Dane

    When the hell did it become necessary to kiss faggot ass?

  39. baby jane

    i guess she was introduced to him while touring the hollywood washed up coke heard dirt bag scene mariyn manson introduced her to

  40. Emily S

    The faggot Mickey was talking about posted this on his Queen of All Media site, …..”Rachel Whore is probably already fucking Mickey Rourke – and his mom – as we speak!” ….. Perez Hilton.

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