Mickey Rourke loses a loved one

February 18th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Mickey Rourke’s beloved Chihuahua Loki went off to the great fire hydrant in the sky, E! News reports:

Loki passed away Monday night at the ripe old age of 18. The pup was prominently photographed walking the red carpet with his master, who called Loki the “love of [his] life,” at the Venice Film Festival in September.
“I’d like to thank all my dogs, the ones who are here and the ones who aren’t here anymore,” The Wrestler star said when accepting his Globe for Best Actor last month.
“Sometimes, when a man is alone, that’s all you got is your dog. And they’ve meant the world to me.”

That’s probably the most depressing thing I’ve ever read. And just an aside to Mickey Rourke’s parents, don’t try and buy him another Chihuahua and pretend it’s Loki. Something like that could mess a kid up.


  1. justifiable

    #48 That’s because she wouldn’t eat peanut butter.

    Seriously #8, best fucking comment of this or any other week!

  2. Dr. Gonja

    I miss my dog

  3. milfs

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  4. Mr.Peanut

    Poor guy. Like the other poster wrote, we all pissed on the guy for the last 20 years and the only one who loved him was that dog. Now having said all of that…

    Can we please do something about all the fucking trolls on here??? My god!!

    “He is something very handsome. I beleive I see him on chocol@te_men love Kim Kardashian.html. It is siad they all find chocolate men there”

  5. vinCRIStine


    Can I just say how much I enjoyed reading the heated battles that would rage between you and damnYELL and the world-class beatdown you all gave Sarah-Jean (the Lilac Queen)? I wish that crowd was back… (whatever happened to AFJ, the commish, Mrs. T, Zanna, Barbado Slim, etc…?) Now this site is overrun with posts like the one that comprises the meat in your “douchebag sandwich” (SPAM sammich?) Seriously, you guys are fucking HILARIOUS– and the ONLY reason this site is even worth coming back to.

    *covers head, waits for verbal onslaught*

  6. HeavenScent

    my condolences to Mickey, he may be crazy as all hell, but I understand 100%.
    my dog was 13 and passed away two days ago, and though he lived a better life than some children see he was still my baby and my best friend. animals are like little people in fur coats, and sometimes better than people in that they show us how to love unconditionally, without judgement and how to live humorously!
    I’m happy to see most celebs are animal lovers

  7. It’s time we “LOSE” him, folks!!

  8. You’re lucky Jrz, your troll was actually funny. Mine seems to enjoy genital secretions and playing with poop.

  9. jrz

    In the words of Archie and Edith Bunker, #55….those were the days.

    why you named after a chemo agent?

  10. vinCRIStine

    @ 59

    Yep, good times, good times. Thanks for the laughs. (you too, RP) Although I have to say, you seem much more subdued these days. So, how come you changed your handle?

    (vinCRIStine? Meh, It was either that or Bartha Lynn Cyst…)

  11. jrz

    okay i lied again, i’m actually a bored suburban white boy who wacks his penis on the couch when mom goes out and plays poker on the weekends. i’ve played poker with my mom too but she looks more like a he. that would be poke. my anus has totally lost its elasticity thanks to richport and all those pictures we put on the internet.

  12. jrz


    thanks for being our fans. it’s kind of embarrassing for you, but hey you could do worse. now if i could only get rid of this poop smell emanating from my mouth.

  13. Happy Hiker

    I think there is something really wrong when a guy looking like that wearing biker clothes goes out with a dog in matching outfits…. Anyone else see something wrong with this? He’s definaitly looking for an ass beating.

  14. I reacted, I grabbed the dog back leg and threw it across the room should be cooler. Finished in violation of two of his ribs.

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