Mickey Rourke is awesome

Mickey Rourke won Best Male Lead at the Spirit Awards last night for his starring role in The Wrestler. His acceptance speech is a long-winded ball of insanity that includes a tribute to his late Chihuahua Loki and a plea for Hollywood to recognize the greatness of, no shit, Eric Roberts. E! News reports:

“Like I got, he deserves a second chance,” Rourke said of Roberts, who eventually yelled, “Accept your award!” at the man onstage.
“I just got done talking to the Santa Monica Police Department,” Rourke continued. “They gave me a bed to sleep in 10 years ago. And I thank them–I asked them for two pillows, they told me to f–k off. But anyway, thank you, Darren Aronofsky, for believing in me…I’ve told people in the past that directors like [him] come around every 25 years…He is one tough son of a bitch and he don’t like it when I say that ’cause he goes, ‘Mickey, you’ll scare all the other actors away from me.’ But Darren, you know what, if they ain’t got the balls to bring it, then f–k ‘em, you know.”
He then forgets costar Marisa Tomei’s name–but gives her quite the shout-out anyway–and thanks the WWE and Vince McMahon for being so supportive while their film exposed the seedier side of pro wrestling–“like steroids and the cocaine and the bangin’ the girl…in the bathroom.”

You can scope out the whole unedited speech after the jump because words really won’t do it justice. Here’s hoping Mickey Rourke wins an Oscar tonight and bites the ear off whoever cuts short his 20 minute salute to Michael Dudikoff. Adding: If there’s a God in heaven, that person will be John Mayer. *fingers crossed*

Photos: Fame, Getty