Mickey Rourke offers to show Kate Winslet his SAG

January 26th, 2009 // 78 Comments

In a legendary red carpet encounter at yesterday’s Screen Actor Guild awards, Best Actor and Actress nominees Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet shared a brief “How do you do?” that ended with Mickey blatantly fondling himself at the sight of Kate’s breasts. Sure, both of them went on to lose the aforementioned categories, but it’s obvious who the real winner was: Chivalry. It’s coming back.


  1. Mickey's little dog

    It looks like his clown pants are about eight sizes too big, and are being held up solely by that belt. That strikes me as terrifying.

  2. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  3. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  4. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  5. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  6. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  7. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  8. Guest

    Kate Winslet is a GODDESS

  9. fuckeurope

    So where’s all the America bashers on this post? Kate Winslet, Kelly Osbourne and Lily Allen are what typically represents the English/European body and they are CHUB.

  10. Ummm...yeah...

    I don’t even need to comment on that fucked up,nasty ass,crabs infected,homophobic faggot. These pictures are worth a thousand words.
    At least the broad is clean…word of advice Kate….run…

  11. Jean Claude Van Damage

    J.c.v.D. kicks the Wrestler in the balls!
    Seriously, if you want to see an amazing movie about redemption, check it out!

  12. Mama Pinkus

    Kate looks lovely and I am happy for Mickey’s comeback.

  13. Mal

    Pft she ain’t chub at all. She’s built like a woman should be: naturally curvy and without excess weight. None of this Hollywood beef jerky with implants shit.

  14. Duckie

    Kate is stunning!!!

  15. Duckie

    Kate is stunning!!!

  16. khole

    gorgeous woman

  17. Sport

    Where in the fuck does he shop?
    Deion Sanders personal tailor? Acck.

  18. Melimel

    Kate looks great. End of commentary.

    As for Mickey? Aaaaaaugh. Thanks so much, Fish. Now I’m not going to sleep tonight.

  19. ……………….GIVE YOUR HANDS A SMELL NOW, kate!!

  20. She’s such a talented actress, that it’s a shame she had to be caught on film with someone so shady. But who knows, maybe they’ll wind up in a film together someday.

  21. justifiable

    #59 As opposed to that slender sexy Jessica Simpson in the previous thread, you mean? Must be that surthrun healthy eatin’ that gives her that lovely pouchy gut, back bacon and heavy desireable upper arm look. The lip injections just make her irresistable – no one would choose Kate Winslet over her, right?

  22. kanya


  23. Evan Faine

    LOL @ all the jealous chicks on here.

    Looks like Rourke’s pulling a Bundy…

  24. mamamiasweepeaches

    Oh twenty years ago it would have been MY hand in his pants. Now I’d rather do HER! And Im 100% straight!

  25. sapphire eyes

    Kate’s beautiful, naturally. Mickey Rourke looks like he needs to bathe in bleach. Couldn’t he take a shower for a ‘night out’ ?


  26. el ces

    I don’t blame him.
    Kate is a fine looking woman.

  27. He seems that the clown trousers are about eight sizes too large, and is also considered exclusively in this band. I think this is scary.

  28. Commented on this photo:

    I don’t blame him. Them things in niiiiiiiiice.

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