Mickey Rourke calls Sean Penn a ‘homophobe’

December 30th, 2008 // 52 Comments

An Oscar contender for his starring role in The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke reportedly sent a text message to a Hollywood insider trashing Sean Penn’s acting in Milk and called him a homophobe, according to The Daily Beast:

On December 28, a Los Angeles entertainment honcho shared a text message with me that Rourke had sent him: “Look seans an old friend of mine and i didnt buy his performance at all–thought he did an average pretend acting like he was gay besides hes one of the most homophobic people i kno” [sic]
Miami friends of Rourke acknowledge he is brutally honest, even to his own detriment. “Mickey will call a spade a spade,” says a long time acquaintance. “Even if he makes you cringe sometimes with what he says, at least you’ll know he’s not bullshitting you.”

While my brain attempts to fold in on itself trying to differentiate between “pretend acting” and “non-pretend acting,” at least we know for certain that Mickey Rourke isn’t homophobic. Clearly, here’s a man who’s not afraid to give his career the most vigorous corn-holing of its life. Well played, sir.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    this guy rocks, even though he butchered his face

  2. woodhorse

    At least Mickey Rourke has a personality. Sean Penn just has horney. Last I looked, horney is only considered a personality in the southern states.

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    What gives, Fish? Apart from Katy Perry’s bikini, everything here lately has been either “Who gives a fuck” or “I wish I’d never seen that.” I mean, I know it’s the middle of winter, but what’s with all of the suck?

  4. Lulu

    What’s with his facial hair? Well… his face in general?

  5. dork

    Mickey and Donatella would look good together…

  6. Nico

    Hey, when did Mickey turn into Lou Reed?

  7. Michelle

    He used to be so hot.

  8. Millicent Jones

    He looks like a Johnny Depp wanna-be only way, way uglier.

  9. Obama the Messiah

    He was close. Sean Penn is just a homo.

  10. HAG

    He has some nasy crusty boogers in his nose, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!

  11. HAG

    He has some nasy crusty boogers in his nose, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!

  12. eliza

    those are the most DISGUSTING set of pictures i’ve ever seen in my life!!!

  13. SoManyQuestions

    Did he use a brown marker to draw a beard and a mustache? Is that dandruff? Are those hair extensions? Why is he so pale? Who is this?

  14. Jens

    This guy was never good looking. He looked like an uglier Bruce Willis, and now he just looks like hell. Yuckkkkkk.

    • Sue

      Mickey Rourke was good looking back in the 80s. Remember when he did 9-1/2 Weeks with Kim Bassinger? Now he just looks like a crack addict.

  15. Way to follow Jones Rivers, mickey, you look like a teen again….

  16. Paul

    Nice highlights, Mary.

  17. Sport

    creepiest dude alive.
    Wait – is he alive?

  18. BonnieBell

    Who is Mickey Rourke anyway. Am I supposed to know him from some tV or movie he’s been in?

  19. Delgo

    Um, ok – he has dandruff.

  20. Sheva

    Riffing on the obnoxiously self-important lefty Sean Penn for his anti-homo stance is funny.

    Another reason he couldn’t stand his bull dyke wife Madonna. She had to have some gays around to stroke her ego all the time.

    Sean said fuck that. And now he’s getting paid to be a hero to the ‘mos.
    That’s too bloody ironic.

  21. WoW!!

    13 and 18, you read a celebrity site and don’t know who Mickey Rourke is?? He’s only been in movies for 20+ years. Don’t know the exact website but if you google Jonas Brothers or Hello Kitty you can probably fina a website that reports on something you may know about.

  22. blp

    I watched “Spun” again the other night, he’s pretty awesome in that. I like Sean Penn too, there’s nothing wrong with being homophobic. Gays are an abomination of Gods plan after all.

  23. chumley

    Dude’s got pretend stripes in hair. They don’t look like real stripes at all. Just average pretend stripes.

  24. Look man, just because a dude doesn’t get faggy highlights in his hair don’t mean he’s no homo-phob

  25. RaraAvis

    Mickey Roarke is so tough that he corn-holed his own face.

  26. Harry

    Everytime this freak opens his mouth, that Oscar gets further and further away.

  27. Neptune's Daughter

    This story broke in The Daily Beast with quotes from “honcho” and “someone backstaage”.
    Is your brain folding in on itself over pretend sources and non-pretend sources?

  28. Neptune's Daughter

    This story broke in The Daily Beast with quotes from “honcho” and “someone backstage”.
    Is your brain folding in on itself over pretend and non-pretend sources?

  29. Danklin24

    Umm i wonder if he knows is mustache is uneven. Its way thicker on the right than on the left. I bet she shaves when he’s still drunk.

  30. robynnn

    those are the sexiest fucking fingernails i’ve seen in my entire life

  31. robynnn

    those are the sexiest fucking fingernails i’ve seen in my entire life

  32. be sure: I KNOW MORE OF THEM.
    ……………………………………”COUNTRY BOY’S”!!

  33. jonny monstikio

    Maybe he was only pretending to non-pretend act. By the way, Mickey is definitely not a homophobe….he loves the caulk!

  34. friendlyfires

    I’ve always liked The Rourke’s no BS approach.
    Personally, I think he wants to NOT get an Oscar nomination this year, cuz he knows he’d lose to cornholio phony-baloney Sean Penn.
    Now, Marisa Tomei … I want to get old with that ….OOWWWWWW, FUCK! Christina Ricci quit throwin’ bricks at my head, I’m running out of bandages and antiseptic!

  35. RourkeSucks

    Buggars and dandruff???

  36. Buggar



  37. That ain’t no dandruff … that’s booger sugar. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  38. As much as I try, I can’t seem to like this guy. I mean, I hate Sean Penn. Always have. I’ll start to respect Mickey and he will say some shit like “pretend acting” or “I didn’t buy his performance…”

    I mean, dude, you are Mickey Rourke. Not exactly James Lipton, or even of average intelligence. Stop being something you aren’t.

  39. perriea

    “Gays are an abomination of Gods plan after all.”

    Now provide proof that your god exists. Right here…..

    That’s what I thought. So, provide proof that ANY god exists. Right here….

    PS – Mickey Roark is trash. He makes Britney, Lindsay and Paris look sane.
    And forget about trying to claim “the bible is true because the bible says so”. That shit doesn’t float, thus the bible is proof of absolutely NOTHING.


  40. Brainiac

    The bible is pure fiction. And BS.

  41. blp

    @40 & 41 you tell me what existed before the big bang, also what caused the big bang? Or did it just occur because it wanted to? lol, yeah we’re all just random events caused by nothing and designed by no intelligence whatsoever. We’re all so random, let’s just be grateful we exist right?

  42. bmose

    He’s just a big ugly punk. He ripped off my Grandma’s shades.

  43. Name (required):

    @42, Some people simply prefer the observations and findings of science over the fairy tales about talking snakes, miracles, wizards, demons, angels, devils, a flat earth, talking and laughing asses, jeezus returning with a sword coming out of his mouth etc The absurdities and contradictions are way too many to list and have no logical or scientific explanation.

    The hypocrisy of religion is unmatched. Believers in superstition constantly criticize science and its observed facts yet they’re the first to go to doctors, hospitals and emergency rooms usings automobiles and helicopters if needed. They argue away against science using the very instruments that sciences have brought; electricity, computers, internet and other forms of mass communication. Your bible, not surprisingly, instructs against these “evils”. Yet you cherry pickers decide what parts of “gods word” you want to follow and what parts you ignore. Hypocrites.

    Instead of answering the questions, the challenge, presented in post 40 you change the subject asking questions that have nothing to do with the questions posed to you. You were solidly defeated before you answered with questions. Way to go. You could at least use that evil computer and internet to learn more of the lies religions spoonfeed you and the other lemmings so you’ll have more material.

    Remeber, though, the bible has been thoroughly debunked. There is absolutely no redeeming value to a book that claims the earth is a flat disc.

  44. Name (required):

    #42 – “…designed by no intelligence whatsoever.”

    If your god does indeed exist (ha! going out on a long thin limb here lol) and created the universe then he could hardly be considered intelligent. More like incompetent and inept as proven by his/her/its track record. After all, he was so disappointed in his creation that he flooded the planet except for 2 of every animal and Noahs family. Hey, any explanation for the incest that had to have occurred for mankind to survive?

    Try answering these…

    Is your god omnipotent? Omnibenevolent? Omniscient?

    Explain how. Answers such as “god works in mysterious ways. The bible says so.” are not satisfactory answers. They are canned responses that xtians use when they haven’t the slightest clue what they are talking about or what they’ve gotten themselves into.

  45. NY Ted

    There is no one else on earth that I would love to have a few pints with and smoke a doobie or two and oogle at the ladies in some bar then with Sir Mickey…an American Legend!

    Good Luck on the Oscar nomination Mick!

  46. really ascared of Mickey's disease

    If Mickey was around, after he left, I’d have to make sure not to sit down where he sat, whether it was the toilet or any other surface. Any material he touched would need to be burned in a very hot fire. I would not drink in any of the cups he breathed on or used or use any utensil or plate or bowl he put his saliva on before they were thoroughly washed and sterilized a couple of times at least, or better yet, based on his appearance in these photos and the possible shit between his fingernails, just burn them. The rooms he occupied and breathed in would have to be scrubbed down and aired out for a day or so before I could enter and preferably sprayed with a powerful disinfectant on all surfaces for a week after the airing to make sure everything that was alive when he was near it and breathing on it, is dead and cannot transfer the air that came in contact with Mickey’s body, to mine. Better yet, just burn that too. Burn it all. Can’t take any chances. I swear I can feel his disease and smell him from here.

  47. The World's Finest

    Maybe Mr. Rourke does not know/understand that homosexuality is literally the most evil thing known to man. Three World Wars, the nuclear warhead, A.I.D.S., H.I.V., ALL crime plus much more stem uniquely from homosexuality despite what else their origin is claimed to be. Homophobe is a bad word. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with homosexuality either mildly or fervently. Mr. George W. Bush is obviously a ‘Butt Man’ that sometimes enjoys a man buggering him (it’s in his face if you look closely) but Mr. Barack Obama does not like homosexuality at all. Maybe Mr. Rourke will prefer the U.S. under Mr. Obama. Ban the word homophobe and lets eradicate homosexuality and all that has stemmed from it.

  48. terry

    Who cares. That washed up, fucked up facelift, bowl of puke can kiss my ass. He’s just talking trash so he can get some press for the wrestler. It is Oscar season you know.

  49. He looks like a Johnny Depp wanna-be only way…

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