Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI on a Vespa

November 8th, 2007 // 60 Comments

Mickey Rourke was arrested for driving his Vespa drunk after leaving a Miami nightclub early this morning. The actor claimed he wasn’t drinking but then failed to pass a field sobriety test. Fred Montana, a photographer for the Palm Beach Post, was hoping to catch pictures of Jennifer Lopez after her concert when he bumped into Mickey Rourke entering the club:

“They came back out two hours later and crossed Washington Avenue to go to his scooter,” Montana said. “They both got on it, and he did a U-turn to go north. He was pulled over within a block.
“The cop says to him: ‘You swerved right in front of me.’ And Mickey answered: ‘No, no, dude, I’m all right.’”
Actually, according to the arrest report, Rourke also let out a four-letter bomb when he was stopped. Cops say the actor had a flushed face and bloodshot and watery eyes and that his speech was slurred.

Really, Mickey Rourke? A Vespa? This almost destroys all the badass cred you’ve built up over the years. Don’t get me wrong, when you quit acting at the height of your career and became a boxer. That was hardcore. You totally got your face mangled despite being voted one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood at the time. Then you made a comeback and starred in Sin City where you tore shit up. But, Jesus, a Vespa? That almost puts you at square one, dude. I don’t even know how you’ll bounce back from this one. Unless you fight me; Mano a mano. Or tank vs. tank. Which I’m all for. Call me; I know a dude. That is if you’re not feeling too crampy or bloated. What with your uterus and all.


  1. Sissy

    I notices he has a personal ad at (Millionairematch.com/photo/bloger). Is he still looking or it is just a joke from his fans? His photos look every hot and popular on that site. who knows the truth?

  2. anatole

    when you have balls you can drive anything you want, you’ll know if you grow a pair

    cheers Anatole

  3. Heres another Vespa related post -The Sin City actor Mickey Rourke seems to be a fan of blue Vespa’s and apparently the odd shot of whiskey. Mickey was caught at 4.20am on his blue vespa in Miami – Oh come on Mickey, why would you think riding your blue Vespa at 4 in the morning would not attract attention. To be honest, Vespa’s get attention even in the day -never mind underneath a pissed movie star.

    california dui

  4. transylvania kuul

    I think you all are fucking tom cruise fan list. You should not to speak that way about you actor. Mickey I do love you, I want you to see you good. You are very, very, very sweet. I never heard a man like you. I love you.

    The sweddish.

  5. Mickey I think you are sexy as hell, your character is so endearing, I never even heard of you till I saw you on the Graham Norton show. http://meetme.hotornot.com/r/?emid=NZNYGMG

  6. ardee

    i’ll do him anytime!!!!

  7. Wow that sucks… It looks like someone needs a

  8. I personally think it is pretty hardcore to be driving drunk on a Vespa. I have a hard enough time walking around at times, let alone driving a Vespa with another person on there.

  9. vespas rule

    the oldschool, all steel Vespas were badass. and this made me laugh my ass off.

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