Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI on a Vespa


Mickey Rourke was arrested for driving his Vespa drunk after leaving a Miami nightclub early this morning. The actor claimed he wasn’t drinking but then failed to pass a field sobriety test. Fred Montana, a photographer for the Palm Beach Post, was hoping to catch pictures of Jennifer Lopez after her concert when he bumped into Mickey Rourke entering the club:

“They came back out two hours later and crossed Washington Avenue to go to his scooter,” Montana said. “They both got on it, and he did a U-turn to go north. He was pulled over within a block.
“The cop says to him: ‘You swerved right in front of me.’ And Mickey answered: ‘No, no, dude, I’m all right.'”
Actually, according to the arrest report, Rourke also let out a four-letter bomb when he was stopped. Cops say the actor had a flushed face and bloodshot and watery eyes and that his speech was slurred.

Really, Mickey Rourke? A Vespa? This almost destroys all the badass cred you’ve built up over the years. Don’t get me wrong, when you quit acting at the height of your career and became a boxer. That was hardcore. You totally got your face mangled despite being voted one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood at the time. Then you made a comeback and starred in Sin City where you tore shit up. But, Jesus, a Vespa? That almost puts you at square one, dude. I don’t even know how you’ll bounce back from this one. Unless you fight me; Mano a mano. Or tank vs. tank. Which I’m all for. Call me; I know a dude. That is if you’re not feeling too crampy or bloated. What with your uterus and all.