Michelle Williams issues statement about Heath Ledger

February 1st, 2008 // 221 Comments

Michelle Williams released the following statement today regarding the death of Heath Ledger. It is the first statement she’s made since Heath’s body was found last Tuesday in a New York City apartment, according to Reuters:

“Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken. I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl who is the spitting image of her father. All that I can cling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day. His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time, and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up with the best memories of him.”

As long as little Matilda never watches The Order. I kid. Touching stuff.

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  1. Mrs. Smith

    #27 WTF? I medically CANNOT have kids, so therefore I am a bad person? You are messed up in the head.
    STUPID people that reproduce should be smacked in the face. ** smack **

  2. …..not you didn’t #47. love it.

  3. woodhorse

    #39 Are you unobservant? Michelle Williams seems decent compared to US.

  4. grow up

    There is nothing wrong with having five children as long as you can afford to; the world is not going to be drained of its resources because people have numerous children. There are plently of people who don’t have any.

    I thought Michelle Williams’ press release was fitting for the situation. When any of those who continuously judge that which you don’t know have their personal tragedies splashed all over the news, then you should be able to comment. Scumbags.

  5. Chauncey Gardner


    There are a lot worse things going on in the world than people on a website making fun of a dead drug addict who couldn’t put his family before his partying, and the overwrought Hollywood melodrama that has ensued. If this is to you the “depths of moral depravity”, you need to get out more. At the very least, you might want to quit regularly visiting sites that disgust. One might begin to question YOUR morals.

  6. woodhorse

    @35. Pete, so sorry about your Mom’s boyfriends. I’m not laughing at you – I’m laughing because I just served jello to Michael J. Fox.

  7. proteon

    Maybe if we showed Celebrities uh I mean complete and total fuckin strangers some respect whle they’re alive we wont have to pretend we care when they die.

    Leave them alone. Leave them ALL alone. Go buy their records or see their movies but if you want to look into a toilet look into your own.

  8. woodhorse

    45 – you forgot the Catholics, shit for brains.

  9. adeliza

    I was going to rip Ms T, #27 a new ass hole about her 5 fucking kids.

    But the rest of you have done that for me. Kudos!!!

    What a selfish person to have 5 kids. That is absolutely ridiculous.

    I hope the little things enjoy the chips we are all going to have in our heads in the near future, if there is one.

    I mean, if the rain forest is not complety destroyed, or if the ozone miraculously doesn’t fizzle away and we don’t all fry, or if Anarctica doesn’t melt away and flood half of the earth.

    Welcome to the world you little shavers, your Mom was so unselfish when when she was procreating. She had your best interests at heart.
    I bet this bitch doesn’t even recycle.

  10. Pete

    Sure, woodhorse, sure. You the one who can’t figure out if you want to fuck boys or girls, and we all know what causes that. Mom should have put a lock on your door. You hate her for that, don’t you.

  11. Indio

    Matilda does look just like Heath. But that’s not going to be a good thing, when she grows up into a, what’s the word?, “handsome” woman.

  12. =[

    Beautiful statement.

    R.I.P. Heath. Tragic.

  13. Chauncey Gardner


    The good thing is that babies who you will never meet will never know you ever made fun of them! Why? Babies can’t read!

  14. Kay

    Show some respect, people. This is a tragedy. A little girl will never know her father. MIchelle obviously still loved him. This is not a time for juvenile or insulting comments. Grow up. Or at least shut up.

  15. Beth

    #23 Kelly – you said it. Thank you. People shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, nor should they speak ill of innocent children.

  16. Lila

    I feel bad for these kids and Britney’s kids, Jamie Lynn’s, Brad Nowell’s, Courtney Love’s, Pam Anderson’s, Brad Renfro’s, Brigitte Nielson’s and now Eva Mendez’ and many others who are going to have a life filled with material crap but no morals, knowing what not to do, and watching their parents do crap and then die…

  17. Melissa

    Holy mother of God!!! Everyone on this site making fun of little Matilda and/or Heath and Michelle need to step back and take a good look at yourselves. Are you that unhappy that you have to put down a 2 year old child that you do not even know? or a guy who just died and his child’s mother?
    I am sickened by the comments left on this site. I always thought you guys were rude but this is a real situation and God forbid this happened to someone you knew and loved and there were a shitload of unempathetic people trying to demoralize the deceased person. No one knows right now what Heath died of and even if it were drugs, that should not take away from the great things he did in his life. He did more for other people than any one of you on this site, and I am almost positive of that. He was a great person who was dealing with emotional distress and a breakup and a child etc etc.
    I hope you’re not all this mean in real life.
    RIP Heath
    -a fellow SoHo resident

  18. Not to get too sentimental about the lives of people who don’t know or care that I’m alive, but when you look at old pictures of the two of them, it really is heartbreaking. She was crazy about him.

  19. joe

    anyone who is making jokes about heath ledger’s drug use and death, you are scum. i hope you suffer the loss of someone close to you from addiction.

    go fuck yourself.

  20. adeliza

    To everyone who is “appalled” by the low comments on this site, and to the people who keep on stating “this isn’t Brittney forgetting her underwear again”.

    No, it’s the fucking Superficial web site and this is what we do here. Trash the fucking hell out of everyone and everything.

    So there.

  21. prettygirl

    Someone please tell me why you want to believe so badly that Heath Ledger was a drug addict who abandoned his family? There is no proof anywhere that states that. All of the information people are relying on comes from the most UNreliable sources! The people close to him are trying so hard to protect his reputation — could it possibly be because he was actually an ok person? Why does it have to be a big Hollywood conspiracy cover-up? That doesn’t even make sense! I just really really don’t understand why everyone so badly wants to think Heath Ledger was a bad person. You all really just sound like pathetic morons who are more willing to rely on false information just so you can talk shit about someone you never knew, rather than to just let it be. I mean, the only REAL information we have to go on (from real people who actually did know him) is that he was a nice guy who died accidentally. Otherwise, it’s just heresay, and you all look like bitter jerks with an unfounded grudge. Or maybe you’re just trying to get people riled up, but you sure chose a pitiful way to do it.

  22. joe

    Hmmm…thick thighs, and a face like Heath Ledger’s. Better stay in school, Matilda.

  23. woodhorse

    @60, no, but you have 19 guesses/questions left.

  24. Doomhammer

    Yeah, America sucks. So all you no-showering, stinky, hairy assed, unemployed, coffee shop hangout freaks should be getting on back to whatever foreign rock you were born under and leave us to it.

    Hey Mrs T, you lost me at lick your snatch. Sorry, even thinking back on it I just puked in mouth a little. Arrrgh, there it goes again !!

    Micehlle Williams dumped Heath and because he was a weak hollywood dweeb he off’ed himself over it. She clearly left him because after the rug rat she wanted to get clean of the drugs and he couldnt. The story is old as time itself. No she will be a trainwreck for costing him his life, and will likely turn back to drugs herself leaving Matilda to raise herself, which frankly, may be her only chance at some level of normalcy.

  25. Yonji

    If Michelle loved Heath so much, she shouldn’t have driven him to drugs. By all reports, she’s completely insufferable, and Heath did his best to stay with her for the sake of his daughter. It’s no excuse to do drugs, but sometimes people don’t know how to cope and don’t realize they could get help. The daughter is screwed. Not because Heath died, but because Michelle is her mother. This statement is a bunch of self-serving bullshit. Michelle wants people to pull back from looking at Heath’s life because she knows she’ll be the villain of the story if they do.

  26. Pete

    Sorry woodhorse, too boring a topic to continue.

  27. Holly

    Doomhammer (#25): They were found throughout the house he wasn’t found literally surrounded by pills you moron. Do you think for yourself or do you believe every libelous thing you read? Besides that even if he did die from a drug overdose he wouldn’t be the first or the last person to do so. It doesn’t make him less of a person because he had a substance abuse problem, if that is in fact the case. But if it makes you feel better about your miserable life to make fun of someone who has died then you’re pretty pathetic. Nice little joke too, did you come up with that on your own? Impressive… You wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with me anyway honey, don’t worry about it too much.

  28. Doomhammer


    And by the way #70, youre ugly and you stink !!

  29. Doomhammer


    This is Doomhammer’s brother. He slitted his wrist and killed himself halfway through that oratory. I bet you are one fun date !

  30. Holly

    I can imagine…I used some big words…like the and you-he probably couldn’t sound them out

  31. prettygirl

    74 and 75 — what? I mean, have you thought about where you heard this information and why you believe it? None of this is “clear” or “obvious.” That’s sensational tabloid heresay. Why would you pretend to be intelligent and then believe this crap? You just look stupid.

  32. mrs. ernestine jones


    i hope the superficial isn’t your only source of news. millions of people all over the world suffer great tragedies DAILY. the only thing that makes this different is that it’s tragedy happening to affluent people who we often think are immune to such things. well they aren’t. millions of children die before the age of 5 on this planet. they don’t even get to live long enough to bitch about what they don’t have. sure matilda won’t have a dad but she’ll have a mother, loving family members and lots of money for therapy.

  33. Melissa



  34. adeliza


    I am not ugly and I do not stink.

    I am heinous and more foul than the way Britney’s crotch smells.

  35. Doomhammer

    I didnt really kll myself, it was all just a cry for help. My brother bought me a hooker and 12 pack so Im feeling better.

    Holly you stupid female. Are you seriously trying to convince people that there is a measureble difference between pills being “found throughout the house” and Heath being “surrounded by pills”. In the normal world, we dont have pills either surrounding us NOR all throughout the house. Maybe growing up in your house, where Mommy was a little pill stasher, because Daddy liked to drink and hit her and then add what a dissappointment you clearly were, perhaps that seems normal to you. But it s not normal sweet cheeks. Sorry. The dude was a weak minded, sissy liberal hollywood man, who when life dealt him the slightest problem he crumbled. If we continue to remove games like dodgeball, tag, and smear the queer in school, these tragedies will keep on happening. Reinstate Dodgeball Today !!!

  36. Doomhammer

    Alright #81, there is no need to bring heresy into this. Lets keep religion out of it mmm kay?

  37. adeliza

    Hey Doomhammer,

    You for got Red Rover. There’s nothing like getting close-lined in the trachea to turn a puss into a toughie!

  38. mrs.t

    WOW-I love a feeding frenzy on the Fish…even when I’m the object of hatred today!

    And somebody accused me of not recycling, etc. Wrong and wrong. My Husband and I both drive hybrids, and recycle EVERYTHING, even at our business, dontcha know!

    Glad I checked back in! Have a wonderful evening.

  39. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, wait a minute…I’m still back at “whispering to trees.” WTF? Heath whispered to trees and randomly hugged animals?

    Why do stars think that everything they do is so cute? If I whispered to and hugged plants and animals, I’d be in with Brit on a 5150 hold.

    Oh, and don’t jump all over me, but I think mrs. t. was kidding when she said she was better than everyone for having 5 kids. Not that being a mom isn’t important, but I think she was heapin’ on the sarcasm.


  40. Willy Wonka's Wonk-Eye Factory

    @4-Do you have kids? If you do, I bet your kids feel the same way about you. Except they’re stuck with you.

  41. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, wait a minute…I’m still back at “whispering to trees.” WTF? Heath whispered to trees and randomly hugged animals?

    Why do stars think that everything they do is so cute? If I whispered to and hugged plants and animals, I’d be in with Brit on a 5150 hold.

    Oh, and don’t jump all over me, but I think mrs. t. was kidding when she said she was better than everyone for having 5 kids. Not that being a mom isn’t important, but I think she was heapin’ on the sarcasm.


  42. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, wait a minute…I’m still back at “whispering to trees.” WTF? Heath whispered to trees and randomly hugged animals?

    Why do stars think that everything they do is so cute? If I whispered to and hugged plants and animals, I’d be in with Brit on a 5150 hold.

    Oh, and don’t jump all over me, but I think mrs. t. was kidding when she said she was better than everyone for having 5 kids. Not that being a mom isn’t important, but I think she was heapin’ on the sarcasm.


  43. Willy Wonka's Wonk-Eye Factory

    @4-do you have kids? If you do, I bet they feel the same way about you. Except it’s worse for them because they’re stuck with you.

  44. Holly

    Yes, actually there is a measurable difference asshole. There is a difference between having sleeping pills and whatever in various places and having all of the bottles by the bed or actually “surrounding” a person. You don’t know me so your attempt at an insult is weak, maybe next time you’ll get the reaction you want. And you didn’t know Heath Ledger so it’s pretty ridiculous that you and all the other losers on this site being ignorant pricks sit there and pretend like you know what you’re talking about. You’re obviously borderline retarded so I’ll make this really simple: Shut your fucking mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  45. hilda


    your desperation reeks like sour milk.

  46. mrs.t

    Twiizz-FINALLY some sanity. Thank you. I almost started explaining myself in depth, but came to my senses. Funny how, even here, we feel the need to defend ourselves and get all righteous when we are horribly misunderstood. When I checked back and saw that I’d been accused of not being environmentally conscious, now THAT got to me. Call me a whore, call me a Ugandan cockroach, but don’t you dare call me a non-recycler! I didn’t buy a fucking Highlander AND a Prius for nothing.

  47. twzzlrgirl

    I did NOT double post…hit “post” only once. Stupid typekey.

    And #85 (since you clearly have issues with women (wanting hookers, calling Holly a stupid female) — there is a difference b/w being surrounded by pills (as though he was in the middle of taking bottles of shit and died) or having pills in the house. Some people take prescribed medication for different problems and keep them in different places so as not to take the wrong things in combination.

    And anyone who has to resort to mindless insults (your mother was a whore, your dad drank to much and hit you, etc., etc.) must not have much of a life or a brain. Grow up.

  48. Doomhammer

    Wow Holly. Obsess much? Jeez, you talk like you did know him.

    And I do know what Im talking about. I know that its Friday night and you dont have a date or a man to go home to. But hey, your cat Mr. Boots and your CD copy of A Knights Tale is awaiting you, so have fun !!

  49. twzzlrgirl

    No problem, mrs. t….i’ve seen you on here before and think you are very witty :)

    Come on, everybody…it’s Friday. Let’s show some love! (except you, doomhammer. you, my friend, are an asshole and should find somewhere else to post your mindless, ranting idiocy).

    Love and smooches,

  50. new south


    it’s not so much because he was a star as it is because he’s dead. you can’t say crap about the dead no matter how true it is because it’s “improper” . so now this kid is going to grow up with this fantasy about how magical dad was when in fact he was an ordinary man who was defeated by his own demons.

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