Michelle Williams issues statement about Heath Ledger

February 1st, 2008 // 221 Comments

Michelle Williams released the following statement today regarding the death of Heath Ledger. It is the first statement she’s made since Heath’s body was found last Tuesday in a New York City apartment, according to Reuters:

“Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken. I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl who is the spitting image of her father. All that I can cling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day. His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time, and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up with the best memories of him.”

As long as little Matilda never watches The Order. I kid. Touching stuff.

Photo: Splash News

  1. tight lipped smiler

    Too bad the little enchantress wasn’t enough to keep him from the magic of drugs.

  2. Chunks

    that child does look a lot like Heath

  3. p0nk

    yeh yeh yeh, i feel for the kid. just like i feel for brit’s kids, and all of the other kids with fucked up celeb parents. but it doesn’t change the fact that Dad was an asshat. Sorry Matilda, welcome to reality.

  4. Pixie

    I really usually can’t tell if babies look like the mom or the dad, but Mathilda really does favor her father. RIP My condolences to all the loved ones left behind =(

  5. The Laughing God

    Wait, Dawson Creek Girl is the mother of that kid? Who is also the dead guy’s kid? I guess that gives her request a little more relevance. Hey! What was he doing dead in a Full House kid’s apartment and just before being dead?

  6. Zim

    “She will be brought up with the best memories of him, like that one time he scored some primo China White.”

  7. mrs.t

    #6: What? Try to make less sense, if you please.

  8. Judge

    Well, that’s pretty much an admission of guilt on Heath’s part. Case closed.

  9. nicole

    Yes, everyone should leave them alone. I would feel like crap if people were on my ass night and day too. It’s bullshit and out of control! There needs to be a law put in place. This did not happen years ago….. there was respect then.

  10. RandyM

    Michelle and Matilda are both very sweet, and Michelle’s statement was beautifully stated. God bless them both.

  11. Janice

    Matilda’s got fat thighs. Already.

  12. Bigheadmike

    Just think of the explaining she will have to do as she gets older…. Thats too bad.

  13. Bonnie

    She DOES look exactly like him. I think I see track marks on her arm.

  14. Chauncey Gardner

    Wait a minute – is she saying that Heath was also whispering to trees?

  15. mr. sensitivity

    this is the best thing to happen to michelle williams. she wasn’t very pretty, talented or fascinating enough to be a true hollywood star. now she’s getting offers for roles left and right all because heath, the real star in that duo, got doped up and died leaving her to survive this “tragedy”. i wouldn’t be surprised if she offed him herself. i mean really. i’d be ready to kill if i knew my man preferred fucking a gecko named mary-kate over me.

  16. Matilda's mom

    “Honey, remember that time we went to the park on the beautiful sunny day, and we played all day and had a picnic, and then you got to ride on a pony? What? No…I’m sure your father was with us…pretty sure…wait, no you’re right, he was someplace else with his…”friends”…again…eat your Cheerios.”

  17. mrs.t

    #15: That’s EXACTLY what she’s saying. So, if we take that info combined with what we already know about the mongoose and the waffle iron, we should be able to figure this thing out by end-of-day.

  18. Holly

    Shut up Janice, don’t talk about a child like that-grow up. And all of you making referenced to how he was irresponsible and he OD’d. Chill out, the toxicology report isn’t back yet and frankly, its none of yours or anyone else’s business. I hope everyone starts to respect their privacy, what a beautiful statement. Wish them all the best.

  19. Doomhammer

    My understanding is that they are already preparing a bed in rehab for you Matilda. No worries.

  20. adeliza

    Matilda does look like Heath.

    I just hope she doesn’t inherit his hair.

    A handsome face he had, but boy he had horrible hair. I could never tell if it was trying to be curly or straight.

  21. oh joy

    that kid looks just like heath ledger and will probably battle the same demons. this is why you can’t mate with junkies, ex-cons, pedophiles, people with bad credit, low morales, etc cause you’re just bringing more of that mess into the world.

    in 15 years this kid will be just as tragic as her dad. you’ll be able to read about it here!

  22. Kelly

    I can’t believe some of the insensitive and downright cruel remarks made in these comments. Whatever you believe about the circumstances surrounding Heath Ledger’s death, or your personal opinions about Michelle Williams, this is a beautiful little girl who has lost her father in a tragic way. The family deserves to grieve privately.

    To those who question his fathering, just read some of the comments from their neighbors, people he’s worked with, etc about how much he loved her and how he spent time with her as much as possible. Both he and Michelle clearly love Matilda, and it’s beyond sad he was taken so soon.

  23. the swiss

    thank god this kid will be rich and have a famous father. there is no way a chick named “matilda” who looks like a gay cowboy is going to get laid without being rich and/or having a famous parent. and no, michelle williams isn’t famous. she can’t act. the only thing she’s famous for is not swallowing heath’s spunk and clearly she should have considered that option. this kid is going to be a mess.

  24. Doomhammer

    Holly, yeah, youre right. All those pills he was surrounded by could just be coincidence. I mean he may have been holding someone elses pills when he had a perfectly natural health emergency and threw the pills all over the place as he died. Sure, thats plausible.

    So, wanna go out sometime? Im a big time Hollywood producer with millions and Im damn good looking too. Its all true.

    But beleive it or not someone stole my wallet this morning and I had to cancel all my credit cards and lost all my cash. Could you just go ahead and wire me about $5000 so I can fly to see you for our big date? Of course I will repay you then, no problem. Whaddaya say?

  25. D. Richards (Chef.)

    Poor child inherited her father’s bad looks.

  26. mrs.t

    #22-That’s terrible. Only someone childless would say something that stupid.

    And yes, I have five kids, so STFU already. It does make me a better person than you. Why am I on the computer, you ask? Four are at school, the youngest is napping, so STFU a little bit more already.

    And morales is not an English word, moron.

  27. wow, some of you have really stooped to a new low. this isn’t britney-showing-her-twat stuff. have some respect.

  28. tidester

    Mrs T, you may want to get off your fat ass and get a real SS # and a job before you start telling others how to live. Abla Englais?

  29. Zack

    Tell her all the sweet memories you can recall, Michelle, it won’t help. Your daughter will drop out of high school, attempt to make it as an actress while hooked on drugs, and end up doing porn. ATM gangbangs, mostly, with a few puke-piss blowjob “specialty videos” thrown in to showcase her versatility. And yes, sorry, “Brokecherry CumMount” will be her first and finest feature film.

  30. The Laughing God

    fatty fatty, fat fat!

  31. missy

    Having 5 kids does not make you a better person. I makes you a selfish pig for over populating this already over populated planet.

    Thanks a lot ass hat for making the choice to bring in to this world 5 more beings that will use up resources that are already dwindling.

  32. Samantha

    Looking at that picture of Matilda, I don’t know, I’m not thinking “actress” as much as…”rugby.”

  33. Chauncey Gardner


    I think the shock has worn off, thanks in part to all the drug stuff that Hollywood is trying to sweep under its rug in plain view of the world in order to save a BATMAN movie.

  34. Pete

    I hope she does follow through, and remind her daughter about all the good memories of her father. That’ll help Matilda get through the day, as Michelle goes through an endless string of druggie live-in boyfriends who “accidentally” end up in the wrong bed in the middle of the night.

  35. Upside

    If she’s whispering to trees, she just may have some of Heath’s drugs in her system! Kidding. I think it’s safe to say that not one person on these blogs is personally bothering Michelle so QUIT SAYING TO LEAVE HER ALONE. She is being left alone to grieve, duh.

  36. jeanne-marie

    Don’t get riled up over the rude comments, that’s what they want. Classic internet attention whoring, and we make it possible!

    She does look exactly like her dad.

  37. mrs.t

    tidester: Abla lick my snatch? Have you ever noticed that the real fatties always throw “fatass” out there right off the bat? I never tell anyone else how to live, and if you didn’t recognize the sarcasm in my last post, then you are even dumber than you seemed in your previous post (#22).

  38. maybe so, but michelle williams seems decent. at least compared to 95 % of hollywood. maybe it’s because she doesn’t speak that much, i dunno. but that dawson’s creek shit was amaaaazing.

  39. oh joy


    you’re a better person than me because you have 5 kids? no, you’re less of a person than me because you obviously are obsessed with the cock and can’t keep your legs closed. have some dignity, you tramp.

    your husband must be delighted to have all those ball and chains ( aka babies) keeping you busy while he bangs younger, tighter and brighter girls than you.

    and by the way “morales” isn’t an english word but it is Spanish and means “morals” so despite not being english, it still is appropriate in that sentence.

  40. The Laughing God

    Mrs. T, 22 is right, most of these Hollywood kids are screwed during conception. When this kid is older, how is Dawnson’s Creek girl going to explain to Matilda that her father was found dead in Full House girl’s apartment with drugs all over the place, in a good light?

  41. Kelly

    Where are y’all getting the whole “surrounded by pills” thing? Because every legitimate news report I’ve read said the police have said there were bottles of prescription sleep aids, but they were not scattered all over.

    You’re talking about a man who was battling severe insomnia, had recently been ill, and was probably desperate to get some sleep. Who cares what he’d done in the past, at this point in life he was looking for relief from a very present problem. Clearly none of you making fun of him have ever suffered from insomnia.

    Like someone else said, this is not Britney forgetting her underwear again, or Bobby Trendy showing up in a totally inappropriate place, or Paris Hilton making out with whatever she’s making out with this week. It’s a tragic accident. I simply cannot believe people are making fun of a baby like this.

  42. Charlie

    I have been disgusted by comments on this site for a long time, but some of the comments I have read above are frankly embarrassing. I know that the anonymity of the internet gives many of you the freedom to say what you think without consequence, but it proves a sad day for American culture when its citizens stoop to such depths of moral depravity.

  43. nooo shit! i didn’t realize he died IN her apartment. brutal. i was wondering why the housekeeper made a transcontinental call to mary kate. i guess i shouldn’t take a day away from the ‘loids….

  44. deadbeat

    re: mrs. t

    are you a cockroach or a mexican? you can’t be mexican cause you don’t understand spanish so you must be a cockroach. or maybe you live in an undeveloped country like uganda. there is no reason to have 5+ kids anymore unless you are a farmer or live in some impoverished country where you have no skills and no other opportunities in life than being a baby maker.

  45. cry me a river


    don’t take everything to heart. that’s what heath did and look at him now. oh wait, you can’t cause he’s in a casket 6 ft under in perth right now. well, you get the idea.

  46. in case you missed it

    american culture is the equivalent of the skid marks in the drawers of britney spears.

  47. Your a hooker

    Janice never have kids.

  48. The Laughing God

    @ 40 ROFLMAO

    @36 That actually might be true. If he cooked any form of meth in an area where the kid would be present, it would be in the ambient air. Too small of an amount to really affect a grown person, but would totally screw up a small child and its development.

    While I am not a proponent of having our government going around locking people up for doing things to their own body. I am a proponent of calling it when someone doesn’t have the self regulation to handle their own business. It is like when people drink past getting tipsy, you know what will happen, it happened yesterday, in fact you’re still recovering. Yet still we have x number of accidents a year from people driving drunk; like they had no idea the alcohol would impair their ability to handle a car. “Waaa? I never read that from the Associated Press!! NO! I don’t believe it.”

    I have the same sympathy for this guy that I have for people who STARTED smoking after it was, clear as day, that the practice would increase your chances of lung cancer. For those of you who are from time periods where they were saying there was nothing wrong with smoking, or it was good for you, or when they were prescribing it for things like, oh… ASTHMA! You do have my sympathies. The rest of you need to start handling your personal accountability like the adults you pretend to be.

  49. woodhorse

    Fuck! 29 is who 22 was talking about. Add: pretentious people who can’t spell Spanish words. 29, get thee to a vasectomy immediately.

    Who knew this post was going to be so funny? Thanks, Tard #22.

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