Michelle Williams in a bikini

December 22nd, 2009 // 65 Comments

Because pale, awkward vampires are this year’s pirates dressed like Keith Richards, here’s shots of Michelle Williams in Hawaii over the weekend.

*waits for all that young people traffic to roll in*

Any minute now…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Hoax & Chan$e

    She looks like the Aflac duck….

  2. Wtf?

    This girl is too young to already look like Fran Drescher.

  3. Hoax & Chan$e

    Surf much????

  4. andy7171

    awkward is a very good word to describe these pictures. But in fairness, it’s hard to learn to stand on a surfboard and still look good.

  5. toolboy

    She looks like a new born calf.

  6. DJ Sirloin


  7. Hmm..I think she looks just fine. A different bikini top might look better…give those puppies some support. Not many women can pull off that look: either completely flat chested or breast implants =)

  8. Deacon Jones

    *coughs/snorts beer out of nose, back clicks immediately*

  9. Adam Cutter

    She can grab my pole while I’m jamming it in all holes. :)

  10. Adam Cutter

    in all HER holes that is.

  11. Delgo

    wtf Fish?

  12. stupidass

    i dig pale girls. i don’t know who she is, but i approve of this post.

  13. Like

    No waist. A little exercise would get rid of that muffin top and give her a nice hourglass shape.

  14. DT

    Bend your knees , use your arms…

  15. Erica

    True, not the most graceful position. But boring anyways. Not terrible, just boring.

  16. Link

    Looks real fucking good to me. But then again, I’m not here to look at pictures of men like the rest of you. Michelle Williams is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. Too bad the rest of you don’t know beauty when you see it.

  17. gen

    I never understood what Heath Ledger saw in her. I mean, yes, she’s pretty and cute and all, but he was one of the best looking men of all time. Right up there with Kurt Cobain. Why do those beautiful men have such a bad taste in women?!?!?

  18. Cristina

    EWWWW! Someone tell her what a one piece is.

  19. JustJess

    She looks good – problem is that we no longer know what looks natural anymore – good for her for keeping it real…

    women are supposed to look soft, and not like plastic teenage boys…

    …and the fact that she’s had a kid and still looks good makes me applaud her even more…

  20. Uh

    Maybe Heath, you know, LOVED her as a person and not as a life support system for genitalia.

  21. rghere

    Turn off the lights when you do her…it’s all the same after that

  22. Sardonic

    I wouldn’t mind filling that fish pond of a navel with my swimmers.

  23. JD

    I’d hit it.

    Except for, you know, that Heath Ledger thing. That gives me pause.

  24. gen


    Oh yea… Forgot about that… Too much time on gossip sites…



  26. Chupacabra

    I mean this in the most respectful way, but she looks like my grandmother did with she went on vacation in Hawaii, in 1985. That’s not exactly good.

  27. nicole

    i think she looks cute and happy.

  28. Dawson

    Wow. She looks great for pumping one out. Skin looks good. Its a paddle board. She has a kid to worry about more than hitting the gym I guess.

  29. farty mcshitface

    i gotta wonder what the big deal (in a negative way) is about the fact that she is fair-skinned. i mean seriously, would fish make a big deal about how dark her skin was if she were black?
    enough of the bs double standard.

  30. Tabasco

    yep…. still looks like a pig.

  31. This site is the worst

    What happened to you, China? You used to be cool.

    This site is so awful… you used to have actually superficial observations about different things, now it’s more like TMZ – whatever the paparazzi’s take for you. And I am pretty sure you probably pay your own team of paps to hassle people.. why don’t you just borrow pictures that are public? Why so aggressive? Observations can be made about someone with just a simple new picture. Maybe it’s ownership of the photo, but it sounds like you are promoting aggressive stalking of ANYONE who is/was/will be famous.. None of your funny jokes make up for endless Gosselin/Woods/Kardashian coverage. And your ADS SUCK. Do I want to see the Pamela Anderson sex tape? Whiten my teeth?!?!? MODCLOTH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD? WTF? And now ads pop up before I can enter the site? Such a sell-out.. Plus you probably have people write for you, ghost-writers. Have some integrity.. your site is the exact same as a tabloid now.

  32. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  33. I love this girl! Especially in the never-seen movie, The Baxter

  34. j_bryon

    Say what you want about her but one thing is sure here, she is HEALTHY! She has a healthy body size, weight, and skin. She isn’t overly sun or fake baked at all.
    Honestly, she looks damn good!

  35. Victoria

    She has great legs- and she knows it – but she needs to start toning the upper half of her body. i would recommend swimming and weights. She’s young and soon she is going to be a bit flabby.

    I do admire her for being a good mother.

  36. I hope she is wearing a strong sun block, I would hate to see her ruin her lovely fair skin. It only takes one or two nasty burns to do it. It’s good to see her having fun with little Matilda. Michelle seems to be a level headed and talented woman in a crazy business. Best of luck to both of them.
    more sexy pictures click the link above~~~

  37. Jenna

    I love how everyone just jumps on in with their own fitness advice. Cracks me up every time.

  38. Jenna

    I love how everyone just jumps on in with their own fitness advice. Cracks me up every time.

  39. fsh

    She looks great for having had a kid! And fair skin is definitely better than day-glo orange.

  40. suan

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  41. She has beautiful legs, she may be a little on the plump side, but she is gorgeous.

  42. Evil

    Her body screams dark one piece

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  44. in the sack

    bridget jones 3?

  45. bete noir

    @19 Yeah… right.

    What’s with all of these shapeless celebs and bikinis? A one-piece is fine. Maybe not to the liking of all the sex starved pervs on this board, but they look way better than some of these bad body bikinis. Why does everyone have to do the same thing. Is there no sense of individualism anymore?

  46. IDIOTS


  47. GsyMoo

    Bit skinny but It’s so refreshing to see a ‘normal’ looking girl. Cute.

  48. heyguy

    you are all so blinging blind!!!!!!!!either she is reincarnated marlyn monroe or she is a hidden unknown relative!!!!and will you all eat good over christmas which is coming up me and the amigos willl be dining at http://www.dinneronadollar.org….ps i have met whiter than that!!!-!!!!!!heyguy

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