Michelle Williams had Heath Ledger drug video pulled

Michelle Williams’ reps at ID public relations successfully pulled off a campaign to stop Entertainment Tonight from airing a video that showed Heath Ledger at a hotel party in 2006 where he talked about doing drugs. ET had paid $200,000 for the video, but ultimately opted not to air it after Michelle’s reps e-mailed several celebs. Page Six reports:

Paramount, the studio behind “ET,” was soon flooded with calls. Scarlett Johansson text-messaged: “As if Heath’s poor family doesn’t have enough to suffer through.” A rep for Johansson confirmed she “was involved.” “ET” producers also got a call from Natalie Portman and e-mails from Josh Brolin and Sarah Jessica Parker, said a source.

Sarah Jessica Parker? Yikes! You better do what she says or else she’ll show up at your office in a maelstrom of horseface and high heels. Nobody wants that. Not even Matthew Broderick.