Michelle Williams had Heath Ledger drug video pulled

February 1st, 2008 // 54 Comments

Michelle Williams’ reps at ID public relations successfully pulled off a campaign to stop Entertainment Tonight from airing a video that showed Heath Ledger at a hotel party in 2006 where he talked about doing drugs. ET had paid $200,000 for the video, but ultimately opted not to air it after Michelle’s reps e-mailed several celebs. Page Six reports:

Paramount, the studio behind “ET,” was soon flooded with calls. Scarlett Johansson text-messaged: “As if Heath’s poor family doesn’t have enough to suffer through.” A rep for Johansson confirmed she “was involved.” “ET” producers also got a call from Natalie Portman and e-mails from Josh Brolin and Sarah Jessica Parker, said a source.

Sarah Jessica Parker? Yikes! You better do what she says or else she’ll show up at your office in a maelstrom of horseface and high heels. Nobody wants that. Not even Matthew Broderick.


  1. kimmy4lsu

    ok, that ad for ‘over her dead body’ needs to go….i was trying to look at the pic of heath and michelle and then eva longoria’s disembodied head appeared right over heath’s and then the words ‘the afterlife never looked so good’ popped up, scaring the hell out of me……that’s wrong, on so many levels…….

  2. p0nk

    didn’t prevent FOX from airing it last night though.

  3. pointandlaugh


  4. caljenna66


    “maelstrom of horseface and high heels”…

    …now that was funny…

  5. Gerald_Tarrant

    Awww, we wouldn’t want to tarnish Heath’s reputation and make his family suffer any more than they already have. What a fucking crock of shit. If people are crying tears over this fuckstick they should have all the facts. Stop crying bitches, Heath was a fucking loser.

  6. clareargent

    He looks like he should be wearing a clown nose and giant shoes.

  7. michy

    make that eva longoria disappear!!!

  8. Gravy Boat

    Ha, nice of Scarlett to send an effin’ text message. Did she just shoot “OMG THAT SUX. U GUYS R DICKS” over to the head of Paramount or something?


  9. Nigel Bennett

    He was a druggie, end of story and they are trying to make him out to be a saint and the worlds greatest actor. He was a reasonable actor got paid a bucket ful of money and did drugs….No different than any other loser friom Hollywood. Just remember this it doesn’t matter how much money and stuff you have when you die you are still dead and what is it with the clothes he used to wear, he couldn’t get a jacket to fit properly or what?

  10. snarf


  11. Garry Shandling

    Ha, kimmy4lsu – I had to screengrab that for posterity.

    Too new, Superfish, too new.


  12. Screw you Superfish

    Hey asshole: here’s an idea, how about you update your “So Freaking Hot” once in a while?

    Here’s a hint : If you have Christina Milian in a bikini on your homepage, and it’s FUCKING FEBRUARY, you need to update your content more often. Fuckface.

  13. obviously...

    Matthew Broderick is gay and Sarah Jessica Parker is a beard.
    C’mon Matthew! Youl’d be happier out of the closet, people’d still go see you on B’way and living w/ SJP can’t be any fun at all.

  14. miggs

    So…those are the actors he did drugs with. At least now we know.

  15. also obviously

    The reason people do drugs is because drugs are fun. For a lot of people, drugs work.

  16. meh

    Mmmmmm…pizza…now I’m fucking hungry Snarf. Thanks. I was trying to attempt anorexia today. Good thing I have a chocolate rice crispy treat hiding in my desk…

  17. RENEE...

    I really was rooting for Michelle & Heath and hoped things would work out for them. They seemed like such down to earth, nice people, and they made such a cute couple. I still believe they are both good souls; its just that Heath got sucked into the whole drug culture. I think it’s all very sad and a real waste of a gifted person. I can’t imagine the pain Michelle is going through, and the guilt she must feel if she kicked him out due to the drugs; but what else could she do? Anyways, I commend her for taking action to try to protect Heath’s good name and character. Just because someone does drugs, it doesn’t make them a bad person, it means they’re screwed up. He wasn’t hurting anyone but himself (and unintentionally) his family. So other people shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  18. The Office Whore

    words words words.

    Wow. That super cool comment just….came to me. It was so organic…..

    p0nk- did they really? Fucking fox.

  19. Gerald_Tarrant

    Dear Renee,

    I don’t live in a glass house, therefore I may throw all the stones I want. I will judge Heath as quickly and as harshly as I want. He did drugs and that ruined his relationship with Michelle and Matilda. Only a fucking toolbox would let drugs ruin that. The only thing worse would have been if he molested his daughter.



  20. D. Richards (Hands.)

    Scarlett Johansson text messaged Paramount? She’s too important to place a phone call?

    Even a e-mail would have sufficed, but a text message? What a sloppy bitch Scarlett is. True I’ve always disliked Johansson. I thought that she’s pretentious and untalented; nor have I ever understood her sex symbol seeing as Scarlett’s nosefully unattractive – now, I really hate her guts. I want her to die.

    Natalie Portman on the other hand. I’d fuck her jewish body until her vagina, mouth, and asshole; my dick, balls, fingers, fists, asshole, and tongue, were completely raw and swollen red.

  21. Son-of D. Richards

    An (*) e-mail, Dick, you fucking chump.

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    Where the fuck were all these celebrity guardian angels when Brad Renfro kicked off? A druggie is a druggie is a druggie.

  23. D. Richards

    #22. Nobody liked Brad Renfro. Especially me. But then I’m not a celebrity.

  24. lisa

    They are well match each other. He is very hot, she is very beautiful and sexy. It is said that they met on celeb mingle.com Is it true?

  25. Sid

    A whole slew of actors spoke out to support Tom Cruise and condemn the “leaked” Scientology psychovideo, saying it was all taken out of context. Even though the video was over 9 minutes long, not just a quick 30-second clip. Their point, I think, was that Tom Cruise is a celebrity so you shouldn’t be mean to him, and when you are, it’s not fair. Same exact thing with Heath’s video. If you want to be charitable to him, the video shows the life a guy had sunk into, at the cost of getting booted by his girlfriend to protect his infant daughter (which happened, by the way, after the video, so let’s not argue if he was a druggie at the time); and – maybe – he was managing to pull himself out when he died. But…it hadn’t been very long since he supposedly turned his life around, and druggies relapse all the time (the relapse rate is over 90% for heroin and coke), and relapsers often O.D. because they take what they used to take but their body can’t handle it after being sober for awhile. If Heath’s death is a big story in celeb news, how isn’t this video a key part to understanding the last years of his life? But, the celebs and their fans want a white wash, so they can stick with their histrionic grief for somebody they barely knew. They live for these high-drama “tragedy” moments.

  26. Devilish Harmonica

    I have no delusions about Entertainment Tonight being anything other than a portal of studio-endorsed PR drivel, BUT this pisses me off. It’s censorship.

    Yeah, the motives of protecting Ledger’s child and his legacy are noble, BUT what will it be next time? The industry circling their wagons around another drunken Mel Gibson anti-semantic rant. Another stone-fuckin’-cold sober Mel Gibson anti-semantic rant? Do Hollywood stars get to dictate when it is newsworthy when other Hollywood stars beat their wives or children?? I like knowing if the stars I endorse — through purchasing theatre tickets or watching tv — are apeshit crazy Scientologists, philanderers, or (as is the case here) drug users.

  27. kelly

    p0nk: “Didn’t prevent FOX from airing it last night though…”

    Does this come as any surprise to you? Does anybody really expect the “commentators” (because they are not reporters, they are commentators) over at Fox to have any kind of conscience? They’re right wingers for God’s sake.

  28. claire

    he’s a saint in my eyes. I dont give two shits what drugs he did it upsets me that his name is being dragged through the mud.

    Rest In Peace Heath, You’ll be sorely missed by many

  29. kelly

    Unlike alot of people here, until Michelle Williams releases a statement confirming (a) that Heath had a drug problem; or (b) that she kicked him out because of his drug abuse, I’m going to assume that I don’t know what really happened or what Heath did in his private life at the time of his death. Why don’t the rest of you do the same?

    Keep in mind:

    1) Heath was not shown doing drugs in that video.
    2) The video was taken at a Hollywood post-SAG party where drugs were present. What Hollywood party doesn’t have drugs present? Just because someone was there doesn’t mean they did the drugs that others were partaking in. Sitting at a table with others who are actively doing drugs and being video taped (secretly), yet he is not seen once doing those drugs.

    3) The video was conveniently edited to exclude the rest of what Heath says after “I used to smoke 5 joints a day for 20 years”, when he points to his “M” (for “Matilda”) tattoo and says “I look at this tattoo everytime I need to be reminded WHY I quit smoking pot.” Hmmm…video taken two years ago where he doesn’t do drugs and he refers to the fact that he “USED to” (suggesting he no longer does) smoke pot and pointing out that he quit smoking pot.

    4) Does anyone else find it odd that someone who claims to be part of Heath’s “Entourage” or inner circle would refer to Heath’s precious and very adored child, Matilda, as “the girl” as if he can’t recall her name. I mean, if you were even the remotest of Heath’s friends, you would know his daughter’s name. Me thinky this “insider” is moreso an insider in his own mind than in reality.

    Nobody – not YOU or I – know what Heath’s habits were. Only the person who lived with him could confirm that…Michelle Williams.

  30. anti-kelly

    “until Michelle Williams releases a statement”

    why on earth should anybody violate their own privacy? you believe nothing unless that happens? ok, shut down the presses, unplug the tv’s, nothing is news unless it’s freely stated by implicated parties.


  31. ang

    “Rest In Peace Heath, You’ll be sorely missed by many”

    Actually, I think only Jake “sorely” misses him.

  32. Wendy

    He was a weak-willed druggie loser who failed his young daughter in the worst possible way. The only people worse are the ones who praise and respect him.

  33. @32 Very nicely said!!

  34. claire

    Well said Kelly! Now, there were only PRESCRIPTION drugs in his room no illegal ones, the $20 dollar bill had no drugs on it and he was filmed at a drugs party not taking drugs..

    Shouldnt people realise that his death is more or less a result of ACCIDENTAL death than an overdose??

    UNTIL the toxicology report comes back stop fucking suggesting hes an addict. And until it does come back, I will believe his death was natural. 28 year old DO die of natural causes ya know

  35. you guys are fucking stupid

    Wendy and ang. Not only not witty, but just plain fucking stupid. Fucking pricks.

    and Jimbo troll, you’re a moron as well.

    But I’m sure you already knew that.

  36. kimmy4lsu

    not to knock anyone, but even if he did do drugs (which hasn’t been proven yet), that’s not what killed him. autopsies don’t lie, and they’ve already released that there were no illegal drugs in his system nor enough prescription drug to kill him. a lot of you are quick to judge, glued to your tv taking the word of perez and entertainment tonight as the certain truth. if this guy died from a heart attack or a brain aneurysm, will you even feel remorse? and before you bring up drugs and shit in correlation to a heart attack, read a damn medical encyclopedia.

  37. p0nk

    kelly, wtf are you doing on this site? seriously. i think your Rainbow Brite needs her hair brushed out.

  38. Miss Anthrope

    @ 17:

    Give me a fucking break. I WILL judge this god damn moron.

    He was a self indulgent coke head. He was making millions, living in a $26K a month apartment. He had a housekeeper changing his fucking lightbulbs for him (lest he do it himself!) and a masseuse. And he was also fucking lots of models. What part of this is so difficult to deal with?

    Why, exactly, should I be mourning his death?

    Sorry, but I reserve my sympathy for starving third world children, women in the Middle East who are stoned to death for revealing their ankles and kids in Asia who are used as sex slaves.

    People of your ilk make me ill. Now go back to your celebrity worship, dumb ass.

  39. wah wah wah

    #35 = Office Whore.

  40. tanya

    #38 word.

  41. RENEE...

    @38…I knew some tool would come back and make some lame ass comment like that just because I expressed some compassion for an actor that I liked and admired…and there you are. The hypocrite complaining about people being interested in celebrities lives…and yet here you are, on a celeb blog. If you’re so high and noble, why aren’t you off doing something more important?

  42. I agree with #17… Heath was a GREAT (Goddamn Rectal Entering Ass Tyrant) actor.

  43. Devilish Harmonica, AGAIN.

    Re #26 (my own post): should be anti-semitic not anti-semantic.

    Oooh, you won that round Proof-reading. Well played my old nemesis. But I will not be defeated. I shall rise up and post nonsense again. BRAHAHAHAHA!

  44. grendelwald

    why are you not reporting all the facts? i thought heath ledger talked about toking weed in the video, never any other drug. and he also is heard saying he’d never smoke weed again because of his daughter. why do people want to believe so badly that heath ledger was addicted to drugs? it looks to me like he may be the only actor in hollywood who wasn’t, but everybody still really wants to think so. that’s weird.

  45. prettygirl

    I agree with some of the people above. Theres just no proof heath did drugs. i dont even get why everybody wants to believe that so badly.

  46. hausfrau

    #16- you could eat a whole pizza, then your chocolate rice crispy thing and practice bulimia today. Start the anorexia Monday. It’s Super Bowl weekend.

  47. Jen

    I think its great that Michelle got her PR people to handle the issue of the video, for the sole reason that her daughter doesn’t need to see that. Matilda needs to grow up retaining the great memories she already has of her father, and not have them denigrated by stupid fucking Entertainment Tonight.

  48. meh

    #46-I ruined my throwing up in my teenage years due to continuous drinking. I can’t throw up…it’s physically impossible for me. I’ve tried. That syrup of Ipecac goes straight to my hips. Bastards. Oh well. I will revel in my fatness for yet another day. The rice crispy treat was good by the way.

  49. Lowlands

    His outfit does remind me on Charlie Chaplin and his face on Stan Laurel.Note:this is a huge compliment.

  50. Sapphire Eyes

    I can’t bash Heath for being a reformed drug user. There’s nothing to suggest, at present time, that he was abusing drugs. A video from 2006? Hardly relevant.

    In my younger and wilder days I was known to enjoy some coke myself, so I’d be the last person to say horrible things about a dead person. None of us know the true facts.

    Pneumonia can kill people, even young people. Pneumonia coupled with sedatives is a sure way to slow your breathing rate to non-effective, thereby killing your brain.

    I hope that those of you calling this person a gay drug addict know better. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhal found happiness with beautiful women, and to tag them as “homosexuals” is dispecible.

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