Michelle Rodriguez: Both a joy and a pleasure

April 21st, 2009 // 56 Comments

Michelle Rodriguez, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. And here’s why via Page Six:

At the welcome dinner at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez pushed fully clothed guests into the pool. The next night, she broke up the bachelorette party yelling that the stripper was “fat and had a small [bleep].”
Rodriguez was ticked off when the dancer asked for a volunteer at the beginning of his routine and then made the willing babe kneel down. “That’s bull[bleep],” the sexy star yelled. “He should be kneeling for her; this is a bachelorette party.”
As the stripper began gyrating and pushing his crotch into the bride-to-be’s face, Rodriguez yelled, “This is the kind of thing that brings out the bisexual in me.” She left in a huff.
On the wedding day, Rodriguez made an angelic bridesmaid in her lilac chiffon-and-silk, empire-waist gown — but that lasted only as long as the church ceremony. The star went to the reception sporting skinny jeans and a tank top and danced till the wee hours with men and women alike.

Wow. It’s like a magical scene out of Cinderella. But with simulated fellatio. That’s how you make a timeless classic, Walt Disney. That’s how you make a classic.

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  1. doug


  2. kitty

    who was the bride?

  3. Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  4. Her dress belies her always unladylike demeanor.

  5. Shift

    Gay, Bi, or crazy as hell…She’s still hot as hell.

  6. spindoc

    And by “Bringing out the Bisexual” in her she means that she is actually looking at a man. This chick is such a lesbians, that even Rosie and Ellen look at her and go “Damn, what a Dyke”.

  7. ph7

    Sounds like a fun girl to party with. Not knowing which way she’ll swing that night until everyone ends up in beds like musical chairs makes it more interesting.

  8. Sauron

    Gay or Bi,her mouth is big enough for straight.

  9. Darth

    Was this the horse Madonna fell off?

  10. Jrz

    I wonder what she does at Bar Mitzvahs?

  11. salawhite

    Recently I found a hot club — SeekingTall . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  12. Chelsea Tulin

    Who the hell is Michelle Rodriguez and why should I care? If she’s hot, these pictures don’t illustrate the point.

  13. Shame on you fools who spend your time on negro loving gossip sites.
    The only reason why these exist is to further the reptilian agenda of their handlers who know of their savage ways. Kepp in mind no matter how
    civil they might behave, in the end the ape lies within their primitive cortex.

    Prepare for the coming years as Obama will have to make a decision between the American people and the apes that voted him in for the
    almighty handout. For the sympathizers, I’d like to see you walk/live
    in a black area and then make your decision before you deride my words.

    To hell with the apes that respond, you were only trained to utter the
    words that YT taught you and think with the program that was fed you.
    You are irrelevant. You already know the truth.

  14. Anon

    Thank god she’s gay.
    A man wouldn’t know what to do with a woman that treats men with so much respect.

    Actually from how she acted it sounds like she is a straight woman.

  15. I agree with Michelle. Stupid fucking amateur stripper…

  16. Fuck U

    Fuck that heman…
    I agree with #12….who the fuck is this tranny and why the fuck should we care?
    That things shoulders are wider than a linebacker with pads.
    Listen bitch, don’t we have enough so called celebs with fucked up attitudes and death wishes…go fuck YOURSELF, since you clearly can’t make up your drugged out mind, asshole.

  17. Vince Lombardi

    Seriously… you couldn’t just HOLD your sunglasses in your hand? Or ask a handler to hold them? That’s about as Kentucky trailer park as I’ve seen in a celeb in quite a while.

  18. BestBob

    I think she’s hot. nothin beats a bi bad girl!

  19. Fun game….

    and agree with #293.

  20. sim

    Who is she?

  21. James Martineau

    Even though she doesn’t get much play (and when she does it’s usually in a shitty movie), I’ve always liked watching her onscreen. This news of how she is in real life makes me like her more.

  22. Shockalator

    Rodriguez, huh? Did she stick around to help clean up after the party?

  23. Jrz

    Actually, I wonder what she does at a bris, with all the small dick jokes she seems to like to make.

  24. Yes

    I’d go down on her. Provided she has a vagina.

  25. sure I'll have the marmelade

    she sounds cool as hell to party with.

    #16, do you need a hug? I’m sorry mommy didn’t love you enough, but damn, take a pill.

  26. Beth

    “yelling that the stripper was “fat and had a small cock.”"

    Ok, which one of you male superfish commenters was it?

  27. Don

    She is scary.

    #13 is a douchbag.

  28. Fati

    Is someone surprised? I guess that bitch she played in LOST was a very clear reflection of who she really is.

  29. jenh

    I hate it when male strippers start acting like they are in charge–michelle is exactly right about that part. Male strippers like to pretend they are a. straight and b. in charge when they are just paid to strip.

  30. spinal

    There is no “bisexual” in Michelle Rodriguez, unless she’s talking about the bi-curious bridesmaid who fingered her that night. She is 100% dyke.

  31. #30 Damn straight, that stripper better be ready to give me what I want!!! Cake and my dishes done. While nude of course..

  32. Anon

    #jenh then you miss the point of strippers?
    do you want them to stand there and ask “what do I do now?”

    They’re there to entertain and like most entertainers need to be in charge because if it was left to the clients, in this case the sexually frigid women they’re stripping for, then nothing would happen.

    Ask any entertainer, as much as they want the paying crowd there they know they have to run the show to give them their moneys worth.

  33. Anon

    and if you think male strippers are bad you should see female ones. At least you get to interact with yours.

  34. Richard McBeef

    roid rage. she should hook up with c. brown.

    31 – indeed

  35. themorrison

    why the hell is she still around? oh, yeah…Mexcan demographic

  36. Whod invite MR to an event like this, shes a loose cannon!

  37. Kitty says

    I love this crazy bitch!

  38. Its the Bride and Groom’s fault, they know shes a big “star”, why didnt they have a Sapphic show for her…

  39. titsonsnack

    I love this chick.

  40. Nella

    She sounds pretty kick-ass to me, a lot of fun!
    And she’s quite attractive.

  41. RaraAvis

    The sunglasses hung on the front of your dress – is that some sort of dyke signal?

  42. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She just needs a great big fat cock stuffed down her throat to shut her the fuck up.

  43. lola

    She looks really pretty and demure here. Her makeup artist did a great job! I don’t care if she is bi/straight/lez whatever. She can come off as an asshole, but at least she made the party more fun

  44. Jean-mi le roi de la patate

    Friggin Dyke… she aint Bi, she’s a Big fat Dyke. She has Penis envy.

  45. …………….FUCKING CAN BE FUN INDEED, folks!!

  46. The chick is a psycho. Also, the chick is far prettier than she used to be and since people tend to get uglier as they get older im assuming she’s had her face re-worked, but much less painfully than she re-works her girlfriends’ faces. Google the bitch – she aint cool.

  47. g_girl

    i like this girl.

  48. FACE

    What a dumb ass spic bitch. But get used to it because greedy white men are going to let them take over this country.

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