Michelle Rodriguez takes steroids

mrodriguez-steroids.jpgIn the shocker of all shockers, Michelle Rodriguez admits to using steroids, claiming they were responsible for her recent drunk driving and bad behavior. She claimed in court that she had been taking steroid injections twice a month to treat allergies she developed upon arriving in Hawaii and that the injections made her “manic.”

“I personally am thankful that I was stopped because of the fact that I didn’t acknowledge my own behaviour and how sporadic it was until all hell broke loose in my life.” While in court, Rodriguez also asked the judge to take into consideration that she only got her driver’s license seven years ago, so she could do a “car racing movie” and that “all of my driving experience started and was acquired from a car racing school”. The actress claims she’s “lost everything” because of her drunken driving arrest and had to sell her house and car to help pay for legal costs. When asked why she chose jail time over 240 hours of community service, she said, “I kind of have to go back to my life, go back to making some money. This sort of gave me a hard hit.”

It makes perfect sense that Michelle Rodriguez would take steroids to treat her allergies. I usually just pop a Claritin, but shoving a needle into my ass and injecting harmful chemicals directly into my bloodstream just makes so much more sense. Although I’m bit confused as to why she had to sell her car and house to pay for a lawyer. Are they paying her in fish or something? She’s an actress, not a damn dish washer at the local IHOP.