Michelle Rodriguez puts on a bikini

August 20th, 2007 // 88 Comments

I’m sure somebody somewhere is interested in shots of Michelle Rodriguez in her bikini, I just sort of assumed they were too busy sitting alone in their bedroom hitting their balls with a hammer and sobbing. Although honestly she doesn’t even look that terrible here. It probably helps that I was expecting her entire body to be covered in hair. You know, like Big Foot, but with an uglier face.

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  1. lambman

    Anna Lucia is back!

  2. ox

    she looks different in girlfight

  3. Like we want to see that thing

  4. Annie Rexia

    Michelle probably just popped the tennis ball in the dog’s mouth out of her twat. She probably goes down on her doggie too.

  5. Texas Tranny

    Now I’ve got a bulge in my pretty panties.

  6. Misty

    She’s such a man

  7. Queenbuzz

    Hey Sawyer hit it…it can’t be all bad

  8. Malffy Hernandes

    People say I look like her, those people are now dead and burning.

  9. Bite Me!

    veggi’s trying to write a comment with one hand down her pants while thinking “finally they posted pictures of a real hottie!”

  10. hey guys lay off at least she’s Mena Suvari

  11. Shallow Val

    Wow, I looked like that 6 years ago….what happened? Oh yeah, I moved to Jersey.

    (picks up track shoes and heads to Bally’s)

  12. I meant at least she’s not, I’m gonna go impale myself now.

  13. jrzmommy

    Why? As if she’s a girl.

  14. p0nk

    She’s got a good body, she’s lesbian, and she’s ferociously aggressive. My favorite kind of rape.

  15. Fister44

    I heard she likes to be fisted.

  16. I wouldn’t mind poking her in the pooper.

  17. veggi

    9 = pirate hooker whore face retard. That’s all for now.

  18. p0nk

    #14 when i don’t have anything funny to say, i use other people’s names too.

  19. Texas Tranny

    #14……She can ravage my asshole with her strap-on, anytime.

  20. jrzmommy

    so #18 I guess we’ve never seen your real name.

  21. Methane Luv

    She expressed her affection for “Sawyer” by saying she wanted to pin him down and fart in his face. Now that’s sexy! Although I suppose we should check with Jimbo, maybe it’s some type of Steamer foreplay.

  22. Crap Tonight

    She does seem to be wearing some form of man type underpant -why is that?

  23. p0nk

    #20 see, now that was even funny. too bad you trolled jrz instead of owning up to that one.

  24. Texas Tranny

    #22, they’re called boy-leg or boy-shorts.
    It’s ok for a chick to wear them, but everyone gets upset when I wear panties.

  25. Never heard of her.

  26. big

    Bring it on over and I will take care of it. i love Spanish food.

  27. Looks pretty good. Thank God you didn’t post pics of Rose O’Donut.

  28. Nothing wrong with that at all. Though, honestly, I have no clue who this person is, or why I would be even slightly interested.

  29. Doomhammer

    You’d think there would at least be a camel toe from those bottoms, and nothing. Its official, she doesnt have a pussy.

  30. JM

    I think she looks alright. Her coat is shiny and she seems healthy. I don’t know about that giant fucking sasquatch behind her though, she should probably try to get away from that thing. It looks hungry.

  31. VODOO

    She looks good. She looks HEALTHY.

    You Go GIRL!!!

  32. xloxlox


    Do you hear me?!!!!!!!!!!!!




    C’mon. You do a good job. BUT not enough. We NEED more.





  33. Rosie O

    She has no cameltoe because she cheats a lot and her girlfriend had to glue her pussylips together. It’s a desperate measure but sometimes you have to do it. That, and hide the doubleheaded dildo in the sandbox at the preschool playground.

  34. Sawyer

    I miss you girl.

    I am LOST without you.

  35. FromOutOfNoWhere

    what bikini? All I see are shorts. Fish you slipping.
    By the way, didn’t she give birth to a kid. which means she had to spread’em for a dude, unless she was artificially impregnated.

  36. Doomhammer

    Cant beleive you guys are hating on her because she likes the pussy. Dont you know that pussy is what makes the sun shine?

  37. Mike

    #36, minor correction. It is pussy juice that makes the sun shine, or at least I think, because it makes my dick shine after fucking a pussy.

  38. lambman

    Wow people are being so harsh. Her body is more feminine that Jessica Biel’s, just she has an uglier face

  39. wedgeone

    Both wrong. It’s anal tearing that makes the sun shine. A nice crimson glow, like at sunset. Very romantic. Color of love.

  40. woodhorse

    She hasn’t forgotten her roots: she has the whole cholla thing going on with the sarong strapped well below the underwear and then said garment falls off and she has to retie it (again, below underwear). This is commonplace in the barrio. This is not a complaint – I fall in love at least twice every time I go to Mexico…..

  41. Texas Tranny

    Boring underwear, Ya’ll know I’ve got prettier panties on.

  42. Commonsense

    whats with the hairy bigfoot remark ? she’s always had a hot bod.

  43. Texas Tranny

    Woodhorse, are you still confused?

  44. whatever

    Ugh You people suck ! you say Michelle is ugly ? whatever

  45. woodhorse

    43: it waxes and wanes, therapy is always welcome (live and learn!)

  46. hamilton

    she does have a camel toe because there is too much hair down there to create one, you can see the darkness of her pubs

  47. mtnbiker

    Gotta go wash the eyes, started to think I was seeing some camel there…lol

  48. antonio fiuza


  49. Meisterburger

    I don’t care if she is a carpet licker, she’s dang hot. Heck, that even makes her more hot!

  50. jakeboy

    damn all the insecure female losers on this site
    make hotties like her cover their sweet a*s when they be rocking on the beach

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