Michelle Rodriguez knows fashion

February 6th, 2007 // 112 Comments

Michelle Rodriguez showed up to Marc Jacobs’ fashion show during New York’s fashion week yesterday wearing a black band around her ankle that monitors alcohol intake. The court ordered her to wear it for 90 days after she was arrested for a DUI last year and she has 20 more days to go.

Somebody should also let her know she’s wearing a shower curtain for a dress. Unless that was a conscious decision to distract from her anklet. Although considering it’s Michelle Rodriguez I’m just amazed she didn’t show up dressed as a lumberjack.

NOTE: I’ve gotten some emails so I’m gonna clarify that the anklet wasn’t put on as a joke. It’s a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor to be worn 24 hours a day. It has a small pump inside which scoops up a trace amount of perspiration vapor from the ankle every half-hour and records the alcohol level. Once a day the offender has to connect the device and transfer the data online to the court.


  1. pirhan

    Perhaps something longer.. in pink?

  2. Medicated

    You just can’t buy that kind of class and sophistication. It has to be court-ordered.

  3. Do Freebird

    At first I was excited about seeing 0 for comments, but she is so nasty I really don’t know what to say.

  4. N@ughty

    come on now, give her a break. not every tomboy made her way to stardom…or something like it like michelle rodriguez. she’s a local celebrity and wants to show it off. and how would she do it? hmm…wearing a rolled sheet and an alcohol monitor. isn’t that like celebrity status?…ok, i guess not. oh well, was worth a try. :)

  5. BigEyedFish

    …and why isn’t she wearing pants to cover her anklet?

  6. sol

    i suppose it’s some sort of protest – she’s written “Orwell” and “1984″ on the ankle monitor (those aren’t the make & model). i’m not sure what that has to do with a drunk farting lesbian…

  7. PunjabPete

    Hideous beast. She has been in ONE movie I liked and I only liked it because Kate Bosworth was in it, she was young and still had tits and ass…. I think she stole that “dress” from a cafe. There is probably a gravy stain on the back…

  8. she looks like Mama Cass went on a diet.

  9. she looks like Mama Cass went on a diet.

  10. Kim Kardashian

    What’s wrong with wearing a shower curtain as a dress? You never know what might happen at the end of a date.

    Anyway, enough of this pitbull dyke – let’s all go to Ferret’s!!!

    Wait, no … I mean, let’s all go to Kok Ninjuh’s!!!

    ummm…hold on…hmmmm…nevermind.

  11. Errrika

    According to TMZ.com, it’s not an “alcohol testing” doohinkee. It was worn as a joke. She is referring to her lock up last year. I think it’s completely retarded though, what a bad fucking idea of funny.

    Is there such thing as an alcohol testing ankle bracelet? Cuz it’d suck to have to blow in it.

  12. schack

    is she pregnant?

  13. schack

    HAH. she’s sitting next to blondie.

    you know you’re washed up when you are seated next to a pregnant, neverwas-hasbeen shower-puff!

  14. EJ

    Gawd. I love how the decently-dressed woman on the left is doing a double-take at the shower curtain. Classic.

  15. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Things I have heard of before:

    Ankle Bracelets
    Marc Jacobs
    Court orders
    New York
    Shower Curtains

    Things I have never heard of before:

    Michelle Rodriguez

    Who is this person?

  16. Ardee

    Orwell? as in George Orwell? 1984 book? Maybe that’s her “clever” way to expressing her hidden secret love for reading?

  17. karifarrell

    I was going to say they don’t make devices that you wear on your ankle and blow into, but actually the fake ankle monitor is pretty funny….

    If they did make a device you put on your ankle that could monitor your alcohol consumption, mine would break on the first day!

  18. schack

    ITS BLONDIE- the decently dressed woman is BLONDIE!

  19. wedgeone

    And in other celeb news, a warrant was issued for Daniel Baldwin related to his no-show in court on his two felony counts of unlawfully taking a car and receiving stolen property.


    Today’s news NOT brought to you by the SuperFish. That would be YESTERDAY’S news.

  20. kamihi

    So essentially she is SHOWING off that she was drinking and driving, shwoing off she was a danger to other drivers and any walkers (and herself as if that matters) what a stupid pathetic cow, deserves to get knocked over I’d say.

  21. schack

    i know where i would wedge one, you fuck.

    no one cares about daniel baldwin. who the fuck is that? is he wearing something ridiculous, calling people fat, flashing his tits or making racist comments?

    Fish knows his audience. Go back to mommy, biatch.

  22. I’d like to boink her.

  23. I really don’t understand how she thought the ankle bracelet was a joke, it’s stupid. And no she has no style at all…Oh dang…and when i was younger i actually liked her.
    Ah so young and naive.

  24. schack

    well, at least you used a different word this time…

  25. whatthe

    She’s proud of a DUI, what a loser.

  26. I didn’t know Fat Bastard had a younger sister.

    I’ll bet the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

  27. fame is funny

    She should have gone with Marc Jacobs in NYPD blue…

  28. alison

    …and why does she look like she’s about to let out the biggest belch ever?

  29. Kudos on the dress. It makes her look really skinny!

  30. Bigicedaddy

    It would actually be the perfect dyke dress if it would be longer, cause then nobody would see the coochie munching teenage proomqueen slut hiding under it!

  31. Hey, I’m just glad you have a story up that doesn’t have Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan in it. Variety, baby, variety!…


  32. Lowlands

    Who is this girl?Is she a fashionmodel?On the first impression this girl looks boozed up and she’s gonna be married with a guy who knocked her up.

  33. heyheyhey

    ugh, i wish michelle would just dress studded out and call it a day…i hate looking at these famous lesbians who look so uncomfortable at awards shows and other formal occasions. put on a tux homie, i won’t care

  34. tu.lipseclipse

    i have to pick me up a dress like that to wear with my alcohol teather. i never knew it good look that good…(ick) i’m usually keeping mine covered with my ugg boots though. (not kidding)

  35. schack

    i didn’t know she was gay

  36. schack

    she told me she was straight last night.

  37. LilRach

    Since when can the law tell you not to drink unless you are underage????? That’s bullshit. As long as she isn’t drinking and driving what’s the problem? That is really weird???? That’s the kind of thing people should wear if they were in rehab not from getting a DUI.

  38. ForMeToKnow

    As in George Orwell, Big Brother…you know, the government monitoring your every move.

  39. Sheva

    Just showing her taste which is early first run white shower curtain.

  40. i’d have to be pretty damn drunk to wear that ugly dress…so did her anklet explode that night??

  41. Ms. Dilligaff

    Debbie Harry is not “Blondie.” She was in the group called Blondie. Just sayin’.

    What were we talking about?

  42. #38

    Didn’t you hear? The U.S. is now communist. Doesn’t matter if it is fair or not.

    Is it fair that I get pulled over for having the words FREE CANDY written in white nail polish on the side of my panel van?

  43. I think she has a case of the Down’s Syndrome. Someone get her some kind of medication.

  44. EJ

    I’m not a fan of big gov, either, but what’s the alternative? These famous cunts will NEVER see significant (i.e. “reasonable”) jail time for their DUIs (look at Nicole Ritchie – everyone was throwing around the term “mandatory jail time” as if it was actually going to apply to HER) and if you took their car keys away, they’d just buy another car. So an ankle bracelet and a “no drinking for 3 months” sentence it is.

  45. sexybitch

    #38 Normally it doesn’t – except this loser already had a DUI earlier last year, and she was already on 3 years probation for ANOTHER DUI and driving on a suspended license in ’03. She was ordered to undergo alcohol assesment and counseling – can’t you see what a screaming success that’s been?

    Painting her anklet with “Orwell 1984″ just shows that she thinks the problem is with the system that’s monitoring her – she certainly doesn’t think it’s SHE who has the problem. Fuckin’ great attitude, Michelle – I sure as shit hope no one I know is in your sights the next time you drive drunk. Because, hey, why should you have to stop doing that?

  46. Jesus told me I need to take a more proactive approach to Internet Pornography. coming soon…. Edna Bambrick will overcome!

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  48. jesus_christ

    48. I lied, Edna. I hate your guts.

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