Michelle Rodriguez knows fashion


Michelle Rodriguez showed up to Marc Jacobs’ fashion show during New York’s fashion week yesterday wearing a black band around her ankle that monitors alcohol intake. The court ordered her to wear it for 90 days after she was arrested for a DUI last year and she has 20 more days to go.

Somebody should also let her know she’s wearing a shower curtain for a dress. Unless that was a conscious decision to distract from her anklet. Although considering it’s Michelle Rodriguez I’m just amazed she didn’t show up dressed as a lumberjack.

NOTE: I’ve gotten some emails so I’m gonna clarify that the anklet wasn’t put on as a joke. It’s a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor to be worn 24 hours a day. It has a small pump inside which scoops up a trace amount of perspiration vapor from the ankle every half-hour and records the alcohol level. Once a day the offender has to connect the device and transfer the data online to the court.