Michelle Rodriguez gets 180 days in jail


Former Lost star Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced to 180 days in jail for violating her probation and falsifying community service documents. Reuters reports:

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered the former “Lost” actress to jail after she admitted failing to complete community service obligations contrary to a signed document stating otherwise, city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said. She must start her term by Christmas Eve.
Rodriguez, 29, was also found to have consumed alcohol on at least three occasions while wearing a monitoring bracelet around her ankle, in violation of a probation requirement she refrain from drinking for 90 days, Mateljan said.

Michelle Rodriguez is a drinking machine. When it comes to alcohol, she makes Lindsay Lohan look like a nun. I guarantee Michelle will snap at least three guards’ necks, jump out a third story window and crash the prison laundry truck into a bar. Then she’ll guzzle her own weight in whiskey. Now that’s how you have a drinking problem. None of that princess fu-fu cocktail bullshit for Michelle Rodriguez. Wow, it’s almost like she’s a female version of, well, me. At long last we’ve found each other, soulmate!

UPDATE: So I met Michelle at a bar and when I failed to chug a bottle of rum in 30 seconds she threw a barstool at my nuts and questioned my sexuality. Is it wrong to be turned on by that?