Michelle Rodriguez does chin-ups

July 3rd, 2007 // 41 Comments

Michelle Rodriguez was spotted in LA doing chin-ups on a beam at Teddy’s Thursday night. She managed to do seven, and when asked why she was exercising at a bar she replied:

“I’m a dork.”

Although a more appropriate response would’ve been to just pull out her penis. I know lumberjacks who wish they were as manly as she is.



  1. jOheki


  2. RAMistheMAN

    Damn, so close to being number one for a second time.

  3. lind

    numero 1

  4. go for kate

    shes playing air guitar in #6?

  5. ssdd

    Who is this bastard?!?!?

  6. Doug

    Who’s the blond who looks like she needs to pee in pic 4? Why is the Sherminator behind her?

  7. Shinanigans

    She doesn’t need to pee but she is definately DESPERATE to get a picture

  8. She raped a guy I know. He was about 6’6″, 275 lbs.

  9. I thought she was kind of hot in “Fast and the Furious.” Now she scares me a little.

  10. DancingQueen

    Yeah, the blonde trying to get his picture is WAY scarier than Mickey. The look on her face is just pitiful. And who the hell dressed that bitch? Britney?

  11. B. A. Baracus

    Who??? [Cares]

  12. yukadoozer

    Why are they reporting on my cleaning lady.

  13. LB

    she’s hot!!!!

  14. wedgeone

    SHIT, FISH!! This was first “reported” on Thursday, yet you’re now posting it on Tuesday??!?!?!


    You could have broken up the Paris monotony yesterday with this one.

    On the bright side, your comments about lumberjacks & her whipping out her schlong were funny.

  15. AndresV

    #9 : Do you find yourself aroused watching gladiator movies?

  16. jrzmommy


  17. Michelle Rodriguez does the stupidest stuff.


  18. I have two requests for idiot celebs out there.

    I know it’s difficult to figure out where to put your hands in a picture, but…

    1. Stop making idiotic hand signs in photos

    2. Don’t ever use the word “Haters” it was old in 1992.

    Thank you.

  19. thiz He=man zhould
    have a zex change operation???§
    I’ll bet zhe would look better
    az a man§3§§?????§?

    actually thoze eyez and noze
    remindz me of zome guy§?????
    can’t think wh-?§§§?

  20. lambman

    Don’t mess with Anna Lucia!

  21. wiinja

    you fools, that’s Carlos Mencia in drag

  22. Jimbo ∞

    I’d suck her cock. I bet her jizz tastes spicy

  23. damn Jimbo, really
    itz probably zo dark
    down there, U couldn’t
    find it?????

  24. Italian Stallion

    This bitch has Buckweat in a headlock………

  25. Jimbo ∞

    I don’t care what anybody says. I’d lick every one of the hundreds of dark curly hairs on her butthole

  26. bri_fari

    over acessorized on the neckwear some would say.the one thing looks like an electromagnetic filter. whats up with cap 2 the leather jacketed dykes on bikes looking somebody.is that her pistol packing bootyguard?

  27. Jimbo???
    U R making me zick…
    dark hairz R nazty…
    U love nazty..
    zick fucker??????

  28. Chauncey Gardner

    Did she paint fake eyes on her eyelids and close them during this picture? Why don’t they look real?

  29. Yule Log

    She always gets my dick hard

  30. Michelle why do you call your self lke that?

  31. woodhorse

    I usually think men in Mexico are hot but this one looks like a bullfighter.

  32. Caminador

    #12 – ROFL, best on the thread.

    I think the most important thing to focus on here is the dude behind her in pic #4. Seriously, what the fuck? I can’t decide if he collects human skin to make suits or if he’s Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

  33. miss oblivious

    Um, lesbian much Michelle? Anyways, those fans in the background are scary. It must be seriously scary to be famous. The fans waiting on you always look kind of insane and retarded…like retarded zombies out to eat your heart and soul.

  34. Madonna

    She looks like she has a tight little pussy. Which makes sense since there are never any cocks in it.

  35. Aerialgreen

    Whatever people, if it ever came down to do any of you dogs or her, I would take her.

    Don’t you mess with Ana Lucia, I’ll cut you, I’ll cut you faster than Paris Hilton does jail-time (I’m so clever).

  36. #12- actually sat here laughing at your comment. Nice one ;)

  37. coco

    #12 that was hilarious, even though im hispanic i still found it funny.

  38. kelli zukz and zwallowz

    boring as bat shit. kelli walk under a truck and give us a worthy story.

  39. Cardinal Ximenez

    Anyone notice the similarity between her and Steven Siegal? spooky

  40. nice photo ok………..

  41. Steven

    Babe love u till the watch. stops ??????]

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