Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros are zombies

December 5th, 2005 // 23 Comments

Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were arrested within 15 minutes of each other last Thursday in Hawaii on DUI charges. I ignored the news when it first appeared since we only write about celebrities here, but then the lovely Sarah sent in their mugshots and I couldn’t resist. Because if there’s anything better than a second class celebrity getting arrested for drunk driving, it’s a zombie pretending to be a second class celebrity getting arrested for drunk driving.

Two ‘Lost’ Stars Charged With DUI [Washington Post]


  1. Mother of God, I just spat my Von Stiehl’s out.

    That is hilarious…and sad…and tragic…but hilarious.

  2. Michele deserves an emmy for her work on Lost…She plays a cop…What a stretch that must be for her.

    Ladies give me a call if you need these charges taken care of. I’m sure we can work out some way for you both to repay me at the same time. I was reinstated by the bar a few weeks ago. :)

  3. HollyJ

    I have absolutely NO IDEA who these people are, as I’ve never been bored enough to watch shit TV like “Lost” but they look like a lesbian serial-killing duo …

    It’s “Monster–The Return”..and no need to make Cherlize ugly again… we’ll just use Watros instead!

  4. julie

    does the look on michelle’s face ever change? she always looks that way! grrrrrrr!

  5. I can’t tell whether the Iraqi guy is gonna shoot her in the face, or get in her drawers.

    Maybe both.

    In that order.

  6. jacobu

    Oh man, my celebrity role models, caught for drunk driving, I’ve never felt so, so, LOST.

  7. Linnea

    If I knew who they were, I might shed a lone tear.

  8. poopookatchoo

    Michelle is still hot, dont care what you say. Whats up with the seethrough shirt though? I mean, is it wrong to be turned on by a mug shot? Oh yeah, Shive shirley just got replaced in my dirty jailbird fantasies.

  9. Belle

    What the heck?! If these two can make it as celebrities, why can’t I? Wait a second, these girls are celebrities?…

  10. Actionable Mango

    Zombies need love too.

  11. dhampir

    Does this mean zombie Michelle WASNT killed off in Resident Evil?!?! The whole fabric of my existence…eroding….

  12. Kg

    I’d be drinking if I looked like a zombie, too.

    Hell I’d drink if I was just Cynthia watros, she looks like she just ate someone and now is thinking about eating whoever’s taking the picture. And his dog.

  13. Mary45

    They both look a little more than drunk if you ask me…

  14. Xanthia

    What the hell are they smiling about??? Do they think this is the paparazzi taking their photos? If so then how do they explain the fingerprint ink????

    Wait – I don’t think I really want the answer to that.

  15. How unfortunate. This could have ended better. Better as in hot-Carolina-Panthers-cheerlesbo-bathroom-makeout-session. But no, they went and decided to drive home.

  16. Binky

    They both look pretty ‘lost’. How do you think they cast these shows ?

  17. ebayfan414

    Oh man, has anyone ever seen Michelle’s appearance on Conan O’ Brian? It was Hilarious! She came out, and Conan goes, “so where are you from?” and she goes…and I swear I’m serious..”my mother’s vagina.” The audience just stared at her like she was insane. I was rolling from that comment…I mean, what the hell!

  18. TheLuciousDeluxe

    I know Michelle but not the other one. Michelle doesn’t look too bad but the other one looks like a before shot in a makeup or hairstyle book.

  19. gemini

    First, I would like to ask the writer of this article why he is so cruel? Michelle and Cynthia might have been stopped for a DUI but has the writer of this article ever been stopped? If not, has he just been lucky? Secondly, if this writer really had a meaningful life – not just one that depended on the misfortunes of others for him to get attention, wouldn’t he be doing something better with his time than just demeaning others? Both girls are really beautiful girls and none of us know what problems they may or may not have. None of us know why they were drinking or how much either of them drank. None of us know if they will ever do this again. I think what we do know is that they are celebrities and they made a mistake as many of us do day in and day out. Why are we so quick to jump on the bandwagon to tear people apart? Why don’t we instead try to understand and to help if we can? By writing this, I am in no way trying to make the writer look bad either. I am just trying to say that if each comment I read were more loving and positive, the world would truly have a chance of becoming a better place. If we consistently find negative things to say and negative ways to bring other people down, we will never be happier for this. Pray for people who are having problems and ask God to help them and to help you. I have just began to do this and have found it to be far better than the other way. God loves us all and wants us to love each other. Can’t we start somewhere to do as we should????

  20. gemini

    I am sorry for the way I worded my comment above because the writer of this article is obviously a very intelligent, knowledgable person who has their own problems and pressures to contend with that none of us are aware of. I was just trying to say that I just wish there was more compassion in the world today because I think we could all go a lot further and be a lot happier if there was. If there is one thing that I truly believe we should do is to treat others the way that we want to be treated. If we could all do even that one thing, we would all be so much happier! If you don’t believe me, just try it for one day and you won’t believe the difference it will make! Happy New Year to all!!!

  21. Florezfan

    C Watros used to be the Evil Annie Dutton on Guiding Light..she was great in that role. This particular publicity shot is more than a little unflattering. BUT… who among us can claim to look our very best while driving under the influence? Maybe The Others made them do it?

  22. ATX

    I’d hit that shit.

  23. ATX

    One in the pink and one in the stink…

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