Michelle Rodriguez already out partying

January 14th, 2008 // 56 Comments

Three days after being released from jail Michelle Rodriguez was photographed partying at several L.A. clubs. She told TMZ “I got some New Year’s celebrating to do.” Of course if I knew I’d only have to serve 10% of my DUI sentence due to overcrowded prison, I’d chug a keg on the courthouse steps then steal a cop car. I figure that’d get me, what, four days? Maybe six? But let’s say I only used the siren to get out of paying at Taco Bell. Just probation then?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. Bigheadmike

    She another one that would be great to party with…….

  2. DUDE

    FIRST, HOES!!!!!!!!!

  3. Julio

    boobs got saggy in prison then again mine would be too if I had helga and greta hanging off them

  4. DUDE


  5. TS

    DUDE, what an idiot.

  6. TS

    That goes for you too, bear.

  7. We missed you at the Donkey Show. Hustle on back.

  8. bear

    first bitches

  9. JM

    I think it’s justice. The kind that was bought and paid for. How many days would a 23 year old black man from a bad neighborhood have gotten taken off his sentence?

  10. thamitch

    Let’s all be thankful this guy was locked away from the nearest motor vehicle for 18 days. That’s 18 days that local motorists didn’t have to worry about a drunken maniac knocking them into next week. That kind of time in jail for a celebrity in LA is an eternity, and… hang on, is that a picture of a woman????

  11. pointandlaugh


  12. MADD

    I am so sick of all of these drunk driving celebrities they all have more than enough money to call a cab, hire a limo, hire a Mormon designate driver, or find another mode of transportation when they a plastered. Because of all these drunks on the road, I won’t drive after dark on weekends and holidays since they don’t care about who they run over and they know that there will be no jail time to pay.

    She needs to be sent back to her Mexican border town and work as a hooker for the rest of her life.

  13. pointandlaugh

    (or eleventh)

  14. The Office Whore

    12- MADD- hmmm, you wish her to go back to her mexican border town and be a hooker for the rest of her life because she drove while intoxicated? wow, can you be a bit more hypocritical or self-righteous?

  15. I Loves The Hip Hop

    Hey Michelle, can you come over & clean my house & do my landscaping?

    Dumb burrito cunt.

  16. jrz

    As long as she ain’t driving, who gives a fuck if she’s partying?

  17. Does anyone even care about this? She had a small role in Lost. My dog has bitten more important people than her..

  18. steve

    fucking jrz with your fuckin, like, logic.

  19. Macio

    There are only two legit Michelle Rodriguez stories – drinking and driving, and public displays of bulldike lesbianism. If her “partying” included smelling her own hairy sweaty armpits before diving into some girl’s muff, then that’s a story (but there have to be pics).

  20. MADD

    #14 -

    Just so you know, most people don’t drive while drunk! But, obviously you do, so you think it is OK. Well, I just hope she runs into you next time or you are one of her passengers, and then you will think differently. However, you are right, being a hooker in a border town is really too good for her, she should really be sent to a Mexican prison for the rest of her life. I heard that if you drive while intoxicated in Mexico that you have to do some real jail time.

  21. Whats up with the comment rearranging order again. It’s freakin me out..

  22. Binky

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s – always get the person who just got out of prison to order the frist round. Then just go :
    ” I’ll have what she’s having.”

  23. PunkA

    Not sure why she wanted to get released from prison so early anyway. It is rug-muncha-palooza in there, which is right up her alley. She digs herself a nice furry carpet, a good rack and cages. She had it made.

  24. BigMan

    # 12 -She is NOT mexican, stupid,she’s Puertorican
    Why some people think is brown skin is mexican,don’t you know another country?

  25. Spicky Spickerson

    Fucking alcoholic.

    12 – Mexican. Typical unoriginal dumb white person comment. ther are so many good, nay, better insults but you gotta choose mexican. Soooo unoriginal.

    She’s Dumb-in-a-Can and knife carrying Puerto Rican mix, ya dumb cunt.

  26. Office Whore please a word?

    I want her to take all those taco nibbling bean farting lawn mower mutherfukkers back. All of them. They do not belong here. they are non-american and have no desire to be. That this criminal administration likes has no bearing whatsoever. Hell they are trying to open up a new war front as we speak.

  27. it seems there is somekind of curse in the “lost” film location…

    who´s next? hurley driving his ferrari completely stoned? :P

  28. Liz

    Your racist remarks just show how unhappy you are about yourselves. You people are just jealous that she is non-white person and she will have more money ,fame, and more success than you EVER will. In other words, that hate is coming from you hating yourselves and your life. SICK-OS!!

  29. The Office Whore

    @20- uggg, just because I find your racist/sexist comments irrefutably ridiculous doesn’t mean that I drive drunk, you moron. And now you’re wishing for me to be injured in an accident. You are much more self-riightous than I previously thought. Go fuck off and whine to your sponsor.

    @26- yes?

  30. minniememe

    Jimbo, my dog humps important people. except me. i’m so not important. i’ll bet he’d hump you, though.

  31. @30 Thanks for the offer. I prefer women.. Maybe if you give your dog a treat, it would hump you.

  32. Spicky Spickerson

    28 – SHUT UP LIZ

  33. Fox News Watcher

    She’s brown with a brown-sounding name so she’s a dirty mexican, dammit! We’re proud Americans, we don’t have the time or inclination to find more than Canada or Mexico on a map. You are whatever we fucking say you are, and if you don’t like it, we’ll fucking nuke you! Fuck yeah!


  34. Guy


    Nice lazy eye

  35. Spicky Spickerson

    33 – yawn…..

  36. This bitch has more hair on her armpits then Bigfoot……………..

  37. Dumb

    #33 i am embarressed that you are an American because you sound as dumb as they get….almost like your saying your dumb because you think you can be….let me guess…or be as dumb as you….. you have a 8th grade education and your name is either Rusty, Travis or Dexter and your wife’s name is Crystal, Tiffany or Amber. Oh and last name is Ricketts…the IV.

  38. LayDeeBug

    36 – STALLION??!! Where you been bro?

  39. Healer

    She’s tough to figure out because I usually don’t associate dykes with spics. Dykes make the most sense when they’re jews, because jews are so ugly (and hairy! Yikes!). Spics are ugly too, but they’re also fat and lazy, and dykes are usually hyper-aggressive and in your face. Most spics can’t be bothered to get out of the lawn chair for all that.

  40. #9

    Hopefully long enough to become sterile.

  41. The Beer Baron

    The reason why all the actors are nabbed with “drunk driving” is because the Hawaiian police know when and where shooting locations are. They stake out the night spots around there in hopes of nabbing high profile cases to show the regular islanders that they mean business. And even if you had one beer, they’ll nail you for DUI. They are a outback nazi law organization if I’ve ever seen one.

  42. me


  43. @38 Chilling, working, busy……..

    I’ve been bored with this place lately. I’m still around though………

  44. @37

    Psst… it’s irony, dude.

  45. big

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  46. Anonymous

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  47. LayDeeBug

    43 – me too, not like the PapaHotNutz/ManUnited days, eh?

  48. First_Timer

    Really sad to see all the hate, no wonder why this world is so shitty God it really worries me that my kids are growing in such fucked up place. Come on ppl when 9\11 happened do you think that the terrorist sent out an email or a memo to all none-white and told them get out of the buildings because we are going to crash some planes into it. HELL NO!!! that day white, hispanic, asian, black, even middle easterns die. Do you all think that right now in Irak and Afghanistan only white solders are dieing. Please before you make a racial remark stop and think we all came from a different place may be it was a decade ago or a century ago unless your name means sitting bull and you have a feather in your head than you can tell us all to get the fuck out.

  49. Shallow Val

    48 “IRAK?” Are you fucking kidding me? Get lost newbie, you’re in the wrong place.

    No, instead, why don’t you go on a rant about how the school system has miserably failed you that you cannot even spell “IRAQ” correctly. Ass!

  50. First_Timer

    49 Val what a fucking looser, I do agree the school system has failed but not me it has fail you Irak is the original name look it up, you dumb fuck. And stop hating on ppl that actually want something good out of life. You sorry excuse of a man.

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