Michelle Marsh takes her ginormous boobs to the beach

June 27th, 2007 // 131 Comments

Michelle Marsh – who I think might be famous in the UK for doing absolutely nothing – was spotted running around the beach topless trying to prevent her gigantic boobs from tearing off. And wow are those things big. My eyes cartoonishly popped out of my head when I looked at them. This must be what people feel like the first time they get a glimpse of my biceps.

I can’t tell if anything naughty is actually showing, so I’m just going to go ahead and say these are slightly NSFW.


  1. crewmancross

    mmm boobies…first?

  2. wiinja

    now that’s a real post. probably getting fired for pulling it up, but oh well

  3. Wonky


    Not a big fan of monster tit-tays, but damn if I wouldn’t bust a nut into that cleavage just to say I did it.

  4. wiinja

    I plead the FIFTH

  5. nagger please


  6. paeton

    thats fantastically nasty.

  7. crewmancross


    32FF lol…didn’t even know that was possible!

  8. bignosejew

    god what a dumb jew why do jews feel it is ok to run around the beach naked floppin their titties everywhere….WHAT IS WRONG WITH JEWS THESE DAYS PEOPLE

  9. Lola Ferrari was 54J i think….

  10. maeby

    Ok, Im pretty disgusted.

  11. gimmeimmi

    Being a 32FF is near to impossible.

  12. Hemlock Queen

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Besides the leathery, cancerous tanned skin, those tits are the worst jugs I’ve ever seen.

    Ladies, if your thinking of modifying your lady lumps, just look at her and don’t.

  13. That biatch is soooo ugly she could tree a booger!

    Damn! That’s one nasty granny!!!!


  14. Kamiki

    I am a 36G – waaaah its awful no fun at all. Anyway to this stupid tart – yes her breasts ARE real and shes just some dumb trollop who is not even famous in the UK so why TF is she featured on here? A slooooooooooow day in Hollywood methinks isn’t it about time Brangelina adopted another baby or something?

  15. Italian Stallion

    I know the life guard wasn’t keeping an eye on her. Not because he was a fag or anything, but that’s just one less person he has to worry about drowning. She has built in flotation devices……….

  16. Looks like some diabolical mad scientist gene-spliced Britney Spears, Pam Anderson, and a healthy dose of who-gives-a-shit? Seriously, Brit chicks used to be so cute and hot, with their little Mary Poppins’ accents and natural endowments. Now we have this thing and Jordan – when did trannies become all the rage?

  17. Donkey

    I don’t blame her for squeezing them. I’d be doing that too.

  18. Lauren

    that just isn’t natural. when she’s 80, they’ll be resting on top of her feet.

  19. star69

    Who the fuck is this person?

    I think big breasts are sexy but in her case that’s all she’s got going for her.

  20. doodie

    somebody photoshop a bag over her ugly face.

  21. Italian Stallion

    I hope Hulk Hogan doesn’t pull a ‘Benoit’ after he sees these pictures of his daughter. HUH? What do you mean that’s not Brook?

  22. havoc

    Them’s some tig ole bitties!

    Ah, they’d be fun to play with. Beats looking at her face.


  23. Mia

    I search on google, cause i don’t know who she is. And these things are natural. That is disturbing…

  24. Jimbo

    I think the SuperFish is trying to compete with Berns web site. THis is a hell of alot better than that smelly bitch Paris

  25. SuperFreak

    there is only ONE thing to say about this picture. and as graphic and disgusting and maniacal as it may sound, i beleive it HAS to be said:


  26. Jimbo

    @24 Mia – why are boobs that big distrubing? If a guy has a 12″ slong, guys don’t say that is disturbing. They are just pissed they don’t have one that big

  27. those are disgusting.

  28. Texas Tranny

    Nice tits, I hope the doctor can make mine look like that. I’d make a lot of money giving blow jobs and titty fucks with those babies. I wonder how big her cock is?

  29. djfred

    Don’t show anymore pictures of her, okay?

  30. Superfish

    #19 i totally agree with you. but let’s just focus on right now where they’ll be resting in…well, my hands. EXCERSISING

  31. Jimbo

    @31 I think they would be better off resting in my mouth

  32. Kamiki

    @27 12 inch schlong really sucks my boyfriend is 10 inches and its really way too big for most things, so if you have 7 inches – be thankful.

  33. bignosejew

    her website is run by her father (who is a jew) and “has a gallery of soft core pornographic images of his daughter for fans to look at” great one jew whoring out his offspring figures…


    hahahah that photo is hilarious, they must of went to home depot and bought 4 rolls of duct tape to bond those fat titties up

  34. Texas Tranny

    Nice bikini bottoms. But I bet no one even looked at those.

  35. RichPort

    I’d like to knock her out by forcing her to do topless jumping jacks on a trampoline. I give her three… four bounces tops…

  36. Texas Tranny

    Damn, my pretty pink panties are now full of hot sticky “sissy juice” I can picture her coming up behind me wearing a nice strap-on and me on my knees wanting it sooooooooo bad.

  37. bobo

    and she’s pregnant?! she looks good

  38. bobo

    and she’s pregnant?! she looks good

  39. no1justminda

    she look-a like-a man!

  40. Mia

    27 jimbo

    Disturbing can mean a lot of things. I’ve never said i’m not jaleous. I don’t say I am. I’m disturbed. Thats all.
    In fact, i have big breasts too. Just not THAT big. And I know that big boobs can be uncomfortable sometimes. So, i don’t know, i’m speechless. I can’t say it is not pretty. I can’t say it is. All I can say is that this is disturbing. Thats all.

    By the way, I thought 12″ was usual. Poor guy..

  41. Zug

    Too bad her face would stop a charging rhino at 100 yards…typical brit, nice from the neck down, but face took a dump at 35yrs old….ugh…..

  42. Jimbo

    @33 you said “its really way too big for most things” what isn’t it really to big for?. Just wondering incase I have that problem some day

  43. wastedOne

    My eyes did the same thing!

  44. Jimbo

    Mia – just giving you a bad time:)

  45. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow. I want to lay my head down on those things and take a nice, peaceful nap…and then get on my hands and needs and hump them like a lion.

  46. Mia

    It wasn’t bad.

  47. JBH

    Hey lady, if you’re going to drown those puppies, I’ll take the one with the brown nose.

  48. meow

    It looks like she is clutching two gigantic lumps of dough to her chest… ew.

  49. Superfish

    #32 sure. Go right ahead and put them in ur mouth…although i wouldn’t really advise you to since…well, i nutted on them.

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