Michelle Hunziker should never stop playing beach-related sports

September 8th, 2008 // 93 Comments

Swiss supermodel Michelle Hunziker played some beach volleyball today in Rio De Janeiro and I’m starting to see why she looked way hotter in the pics from last week: Sunglasses. She’s kind of got the face of Kimmy Gibler from Full House. Of course, one must ask themselves, why am I even looking at her face? I’m drunk, folks.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Liz

    There’s no way I’m first…

  2. who am i?

    obama sucks

  3. Blowup Doll Lover

    My blow up doll doesn’t have an overly long torso like this girl.

  4. Wow! She looks amazing. Well, I guess that is why she is a super model :D

  5. Obama bin Laden

    Obama is qualified for President because he was a community organizer and smoked crack while in highschool. Dreams of a crackaddict

  6. Mike Rackhabbit

    *drools all over keyboard.
    Superficial writer: you owe me a new keyboard. preferably a brightly colored kids keyboard. i want her top on my knightstand.

  7. paunchy balding Republican

    I’ll be honest, I prefer boys.

  8. milf hunter

    Hottest MILF alive?

  9. metrosexual obamist

    I like to toss a man’s salad

  10. mike rackhabbit

    politics suck take em to your shitty ass political blog sites. here we talk about boobs butts and what stupid stuff celebritys are doing .

  11. ph7

    Very hot chick, but she isn’t playing volleyball. Just posing lamely, like a hot chick with no desire to develop any real skills or actually do something, like learn a sport.

  12. Lt. McCain

    McCain is qualified for President because we all know that what we need is to spend four additional years making war to any fucking oil-producing country, and since he is militar in third generation, he bombed VietNam, he was POW during five years and he cheated on his wife, it stands to reason that he will continue the expansion plans of the American Empire, being physically, and emotionally fit to do one hell of a job.

  13. Barack Obama

    I prefer to fuck goats like my father did in Africa before he impregnated my slutty progressive white mother and abandoned her and then she abandoned me.

  14. al n


  15. ph7

    I would like to follow up my post to say I would be the first to lie and tell her she is an excellent volleyball player.

    ‘Cause hot chicks deserve to be lied to. It’s the great equalizer. That’s why they get used and end up dying a miserable death like Marilyn Monroe, or so jaded by men they only like dogs in live in seclusion like Bridget Bardot.

  16. Enquirer wants to know

    Will Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter abandon her child like Barack Obama’s parents abandoned him? Even his own parents couldn’t stand being around jugears. Enquirer wants to know

  17. Melissa

    She looks like Monica Potter…

  18. havoc

    You just know she’s pink in all the right places…..



  19. Enquirer already knows

    Sarah Palin abandoned her pregnant 17-year-old to the national press and jumped at the opportunity to NOT spend time with her special needs infant.

  20. rough daddy

    she nice! but a supermodel? thats quite a stretch aint it…..

  21. Republican "man"

    I feel uncomfortable looking at this nearly naked grown woman. Where are the hot teenage boys who need father figures?

  22. Suck

    We are here to talk about BOOBIES and STUPID ENTERTAINERS.

    For fuck’s sake, if you can’t respect that and just have to come to pick fights with other politico losers on a celebrity blog site, you should really just put a bullet through your forehead.

  23. Alicat

    She’s cute. I approve.

  24. Suck This

    Sarah Palin was FOR “The Bridge to Nowhere” before she was AGAINST it.

    I thought Republicans hated John Kerry?

  25. Sarah Palin

    I don’t approve of her tattoo. My son got a tattoo and I was furious, but then I learned that it was a “Jesus fish” and I was so happy!!! I should have trusted God and the only science that matters: creationism. Let’s teach it in all the schools so that our sons and daughters can be truly competitive in the global technology competition!

  26. “We are here to talk about BOOBIES and STUPID ENTERTAINERS.” And physical appearance, and other superficial things, I agree with you.

    I freakin’ hate tattoos in women, the sacral tattoos are the worst for me.

  27. Truth

    From a speech Gov. Palin gave this year at a church:

    “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending out on a task that is from God. That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

    Thank God she was chosen to help continue the Crusades, Part 2 (founder: Dick Cheney, semi-unaware co-founder: George Bush). There’s no way this can go wrong!

  28. my comment

    Nice bikini top.

  29. WANKER

    Palin and McBush are absolute retards. I can’t wait for the debates.

  30. Janette

    Where did she get that bikini top? Anyone?

  31. ali

    i’d fuck the shit out of her…if my penis wasn’t so small.

  32. jt

    bikinis look good on her
    whoever she is

  33. meh

    Pic #10 VERY weak back end, hot but dimee-a-dozen-ish

  34. Freddy

    That there is an example of an ubermensch.

  35. biteme

    She throws like a girl.

  36. obama the bastard chimp

    Only retards vote for Barack Osama and Joe BiteMe

  37. Binky

    Cute gal.

  38. Robert Zimmerman

    Bob Dylan wrote a sound about this chick.

    “Michelle Hunzkier killed poor Hattie Carroll
    With a cane that she twirled around her diamond ring finger .”

    you know the rest….

  39. Oh. My bad. Forgot a link.
    So, like # 37 etc. – any comments ?

  40. Kate

    Staying in true Superficial fashion—-This girl is fat. Really fat.

  41. #39 Bob – that tune didn’t make it over here to Hong Kong.
    (17th floor Chung King Mansions)
    Blonde on Blonde ? Hibbing ? Did the guy never see the bright lights of Duluth ?
    Or was that a cut from his new ‘Blowing in the Wind Brought Down the Towers – Inside Job’ ? album.
    Looking forward to that one.

  42. kissrosa

    ************************I am just a bit curious………………..the magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profile was found on the famous rich men seeking affairs site http://www.Sugarmatchmaker. com last week and she was seeking her sugar daddy there………….. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. kissrosa

    ************************I am just a bit curious………………..the magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profile was found on the famous rich men seeking affairs site Sug armatchmaker. c o m last week and she was seeking her sugar daddy there………….. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Oh Kate. Gr8 points all.
    Inside job ?

  45. Same goes for you #43-44 ?
    Inside job ?

  46. Phony Gay Republican with low IQ (typical)

    I say we bomb the Russians after we attack Iran when and if we ever get done in Iraq and how’s them there poppys doin’ over there in Afghanistan?

  47. So ‘Phony Gay Republican with low IQ (typical)’
    Inside job ?

  48. dude_on

    Fish if you are drunk on a Monday afternoon you have a problem and should seek help. If I were you I’d hire someone for minimum wage and have them write the posts in the afternoon, that way work wouldn’t get in the way of a good buzz. This skank is hot – haters are gay/fat etc.

  49. Right on Dude.on
    Inside job ?
    (Trying to confirm some sort of consensus here) (etc)

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