Michelle Hunziker in a two-piece swimsuit which accentuates her breasts and buttocks

September 3rd, 2008 // 169 Comments

There’s been a lot of political tension these days: Red vs. Blue. Logic and reason vs. abstinence-only education. So, I felt it was time for some neutrality. And you can’t get more neutral than the Swiss which brings us to international supermodel Michelle Hunziker in a bikini whose butt is practically a beacon for world peace. It’s moments like this when I realize I should work for the U.N. I would solve shit!

Photos: Flynet

  1. Slut hunter

    yowza! First

  2. Deacon Jones


    Like I said before, we would have world peace if everyone’s wife looked like this and they didnt talk.

    They’d be too exhausted from fucking her, and too carefree (from not having to listen to constant bitching) to give a shit about anything else other than eating and watching tv.


  4. Spanky

    I wonder if she is a virgin? Dat ass looks awfully tight.

  5. rough daddy

    ohh damn id like to swipe my credit card between those cheeks! who is this ho again?

  6. BadCopNoDonut

    I can’t even remember where I work right now

  7. Sarah Palin

    I’ve got better tits.

  8. SATAN

    i’d let her shit on my cock

  9. Jack

    I’d fuck her ass so hard she’s spray diarrhea all over the bed and then pass out face down in it.

  10. WTF

    Holly Molly!!!
    I take back the Anne is fuckable…
    Now THIS is what I call a PAILS!!!!!

  11. Mike


    Then Id lick it up!

  12. steve

    I’d ram her until her pussy lips started ripping.

  13. Eddie

    I’d stuff my cock so far down her throat she’d puke, and then I’d make her suck my puke-covered cock until gobs of ropey thick salt-snot semen started spurting into her mouth.

  14. rough daddy

    dont tell me those degenerates went back to do some work,,,or are they checking the “dicktioariyyyyyy”

  15. mark

    geez…I can’t believe she had a kid with one of the biggest clown-shoes ever…oh you know…when she was 19

  16. Ew

    How can it be that the posts on this site are so clever and funny and the comments are so stupid and ignorant? It’s not a mystery why you disgusting jerks can’t get laid IRL.

  17. SATAN

    i’d eat her ass reverse pile driver style until the flow of my saliva eventually reversed her entire digestive system and she shit out her mouth

  18. Matt

    I’d squat over her and shit into her mouth, then rub shit all over her face, then urinate in her eyes.

  19. WTF

    who’s the ugly guy with the red shorts??? he just doesn’t fit in the picture!

  20. Chris

    Unlike you other sickos, I’m a normal hetero guy. I’d fuck her missionary style. While pulling her teeth out with pliers.

  21. SATAN

    hahaha, very good #18, but i don’t think she’d feel the love as much since there’s no sexual gratification involved… that is, unless she somehow gets off on that

  22. Eric

    I’d rape her with a wire brush then rub salt into her torn-up pussy.

  23. rough daddy

    boy they sure know how to grow em in switzerland, danmark, some part of japan!!!

  24. #14 yes, some of us actually have jobs.

    #17 &18 you’d make a cute couple..

  25. Quinn

    I’d do her doggiestyle while pushing her head into a clogged toilet.

  26. rough daddy

    yea some jobs

  27. rough daddy

    i got my penis caught in a dog’s vagina? somebody help before my parent’s get home,,,,will be hard to explain!!!

  28. big teeth

    @2 for president!

  29. rough daddy

    fuck everybody on this website,, i love to suck wilderbeest dicks.

  30. blind date

    I’d lick her until she was right about to come and then suddenly bite down and rip out her clit by the roots.

  31. rough daddy

    I am an attention whore

  32. rough daddy

    Ill bet #27 is beef eater himself,,,and julia bella’s hero!

  33. julia bella

    wow! I didn’t know a clit had roots!!!
    I guess I’ll have to take a closer look!

    aren’t you in bed yet?

  34. monkeyfightclub

    nothing wrong with that

  35. Sarah Palin


    I gave birth to a retard! My daughter’s a slut! See, I’m qualified!


  36. who is this gomer she is rubbing down?

  37. Richard McBeef

    @32 – i think 27 is YOU pretending to be someone that is pretending to be you, so that you have comments to respond to.

    your clever commentary is just too much for me to handle. you win rough daddy.

  38. rough daddy

    bella? you cant make the distinction between me and my fans who plagiarize my name?

  39. HuckyDucky

    Funniest. Posts. Ever!

  40. rough daddy

    yeah beef eater keep believing that if it makes you sleep well!!!

  41. julia bella

    I just thought that for once, you were being true to yourself!!!
    I guess you’re just not mature enough for this. Not mature enough for me to have a conversation with you either!
    Ciao and please, when you commit suicide, don’t leave a letter behind.

  42. rough daddy

    aww come on julia bella i was pinning away for you…lol she thinks shes a prize!

  43. rough daddy

    hey beef eater? its time for your exit too!

  44. HuckyDucky

    #35. Shame on you for making fun of that poor little child. I don’t care how you vote. That is a horrible, miserable thing to say.

  45. rough daddy

    base on the fact your not contributing to anything on here or at work!!

  46. Run n Gun

    I’d assfuck her with a broken bottle and then curb kick her

  47. Sarah Palin

    Yes yes, vote for me. I believe every blood clot has a right to life, screw the well being of the rape/incest victim carrying it.

    to hell with Polar Bears, who needs em.

    Instead of looking at alternative energy sources, lets stick to the oil thing. In about 10 years we may be able to use oil thats in Alaska, so for now, don’t look for anything else to use for energy/fuel… even though the Alaska oil would also eventually run out and destroy the beautiful undisturbed land.

    Hussein ( hehe see his middle name is like the dead evil dictator ) Obama’s silly Harvard degree and 8 years in the state senate, 3 in the U.S Senate mean nothing. So what his degree from Columbia was in international relations.
    I was a mayor of a city that ( at the time ) had a population smaller than many public high schools. I managed to take the debt free city of under 5000 people, and give it a debt of over 22 million dollars.

    So what if I have 5 children, one a baby with Down’s syndrome,another with a baby on the way. I will have plenty of time to really focus on making the best decisions for the country, and running it if 72 year old McCain falls ill.

    I like guns and eating moose, and I look like Megan Mullally.

    I am great.

  48. jobbo

    “the aristocrats”!

  49. NY Ted

    I wonder if she would let me bury my nose between her bum cheeks…?

  50. Randal

    Really like the style of overalls you’ve got going on there Michelle, with the open sides to allow sun to continue to tan the harder spots on the body.


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