Michelle Branch

The latest trends in Hollywood seem to be the increasingly popular see through shirt and the infamous trucker hat. I’m all for the see through shirts, but the whole trucker hat thing has got to stop. How do these celebrities not see how ugly they look? Whoever started this fad needs to be punched in the balls and have “Ashton sucks” tattooed onto their face. Nobody looks good with a trucker hat. Not guys, not girls, not celebrities, not even truckers. The only thing a trucker hat says about you (besides what horrible taste you have) is that despite how rich you are, you enjoy looking like you just woke up from your trailer park.

Sadly, Michelle Branch thinks she can pull off the trucker hat look by combining it with a see through shirt. While normally this tactic might work, having awkward breasts and disgusting nipples only worsens the image. Christina Aguilera on the other hand, would probably be able to pull it off, as nobody in their right mind would be looking at her head if she was wearing a see through shirt.

Michelle Branch Trucker Hat 1
Michelle Branch Trucker Hat 2
Michelle Branch Trucker Hat 3 < -- *sigh* Britney Spears Normal Hat
Britney Spears Trucker Hat

You do the math.