Michelle Bombshell: ‘Stop blaming the whores!’

April 14th, 2010 // 140 Comments

Michelle Bombshell has an urgent message for America. Via PopEater:

“I want to say to the rest of the country, ‘Stop taking it out on the mistresses and start taking it out on the men who are cheating on their wives,’ ” McGee told Inside Edition. “Why are these men getting off scot free while the mistresses are considered whores, and we’re stepped on and we’re booed and we’re called nasty names?”
“It’s the man’s responsibility, they’re the ones in the marriage, they need to keep their vows. It’s very easy to say, ‘You know what I’m a married man.’ They can easily walk away,” McGee said.

Yes, clearly the entire blame lays on the man and none at all on the naked woman pointing to her tattooed vag and saying “You can stick your married penis in here.” That’s just how she does laundry.

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  1. Que

    Que whore words por living by.

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  4. kevin


  5. The Bear Jew

    I’d hit it. I’d go yard on it.

  6. The Bear Jew

    I’d hit it. I’d go yard on it.

  7. Ladybug

    As a woman, and as a former mistress, I’d just like to say that the “whore” is usually mostly to blame. Men are very basic creatures; eat, sleep, have sex, and shit. We’re grown women, we know how to get a man to do what we want regardless of if he’s married or not. He might not even want to cross that line in the first place but we’ll wear him down, we’re women… it’s what we do.

  8. Pussy Galore

    Poster #2&3
    Do you really think the readers of Superficial.com are going to visit your shitty spammer site?
    You’re delusional.

  9. xylus

    She is a delicate flower in America’s garden….

  10. OTP

    She’s a filthy, slutty whore, but she does have a good point.

  11. doogie

    It’s also easy to say “I’m not going to sleep with a married man”.

    But it comes as no surprise that this giant slut back is also really f***ing stupid.

  12. susan

    You’re so right nasty ass! But did you ever hear of the word NO! It’s universal scank!

  13. doogie


    That isn’t what women do. That’s what whores do.

    Real women don’t sleep around let alone f*** married men.

    No wonder STD’s are spread so quickly.

  14. doogie


    What point does she have exactly?

    Jesse James is going to end up divorced.

    Stories of him sleeping around and being a cheater have been released

    Nazi pictures have been released.

    Seems like he is getting it worse than these whores… this whore just continues to make stupid comments to keep her name and pictures out there. This b**** fucked him to be famous(make money). That’s called a prostitute.

  15. Jetfire

    Let see the man keeps it quiet.

    The whore blackmails the man to keep it quiet and when it’s made public wants to make money off it too.



    Jesse James has gotten off “scott free?” Really? And I suppose the destruction of his marriage, the sabotaging of his chance at keeping his daughter, the ruination of his business/tv show thanks to the NAZI SHIT is getting off “scott free” to this stupid whore?

    Hey Michell Dudshell, shut yer yap and stop blaming everyone else because you’re a STUPID WHORE.

  17. wtfwtf

    So, like. Jesse James being married to Sandra Bullock was a mystery to this bitch? She could have easily walked away, too.

  18. chizzy

    SHE’S RIGHT. But I still hate her.

  19. mia



  20. Mandy

    She has a point, yes, but it would be waaaaay less difficult for these jerks to cheat if they didn’t have tattooed vagina being thrown in their face like some sort of Scooby Snack! I’m going to say it… men are weak! Besides, I don’t see anyone really ON Jesse’s side and I am more annoyed about the fact that they are making a difficult time for Sandra EVEN MORE difficult by constantly throwing all this PERSONAL information out there. Just like with the Tiger saga, it makes me start to feel sorry for him because, YES, he messed up BIG TIME, but why make matters worse for him and his ENTIRE FAMILY by selling text messages to the paparazzi? These guys have kids who, 10 years from now, are going to be able to Google their dad’s names and see how disgusting they really were and, no matter what, a father doesn’t deserve that.

  21. doogie


    YOU’RE STUPID. But seriously, you’re still stupid.

  22. Erica

    Actually she’s right. The idea that a a man’s sexuality is a delicate thing to be swayed and manipulated by any woman who shows him attention is degrading to both men and women. Unless she blackmailed him into having sex with her, she is blameless. I’m sure she’s still a slut, but that’s beside the point.

  23. doogie


    YOU’RE STUPID. But seriously, you’re still stupid.

  24. Rough for hire

    That’s one of the great perks of being a man 98.5% of women will not bang you, until they are absolutely sure, you are already hooked up. Any man who take advantage should be stone, regardless of the circumstances. I’m serious.

  25. I’m pretty sure that the guys ARE the ones taking the blame in the media and taking the heat from their wives.

    She should just slip back into obscurity.

  26. Matrim

    “As a woman, and as a former mistress, I’d just like to say that the “whore” is usually mostly to blame”

    Ok, first, go fuck yourself. Once that is out of the way, I’d like to point out that your broad generalization of men is both insulting and baseless. “It’s not their fault because they’re simpletons who can’t say no” is fucking bullshit, and you’re a dick-cheese for claiming otherwise.

    Now, to the bigger point. It is COMPLETELY the fault of the person doing the cheating. I hate to agree with Bombshell, but she’s right. A mistress (or male equivalent) has made no promises to anyone involved…the spouse has. It’s the SPOUSE that is violation someone’s trust, it’s the SPOUSE the is choosing to ignore his/her partner’s feelings, and it’s the SPOUSE that does the cheating. The other man/woman has nothing to do with that, it’s not his/her job to enforce YOUR marriage. Now, there may be plenty of reasons to hate someone that facilitates cheating (such as them being a gold-digging fuck-pipe), but making someone else cheat is not one of them. They’re not using mystical voodoo to trick anyone…it’s the person’s choice to cheat.

  27. Movieskank

    Can’t believe this slut thinks that nobody is blaming Jesse James. Seriously???

    It’s both of their faults. He’s a nasty disgusting pig for vowing to be faithful to his wife and breaking those vows, and she’s a disgusting homewrecker who is obviously taking pleasure in all of this.

    [/end rant]

  28. SO RIGHT

    She’s right. If my husband cheated on me I would be devastated. But I would be devastated because HE betrayed my trust and put our relationship in jeopardy. I would be heartbroken by HIS infidelity. Yes, it would be great if women would respect each other enough to NOT line up for every married man who’s about to fall, but maybe if the wives would actually for once blame the men, hold THEM accountable, and made it almost impossible to get them back, men might actually be less inclined to take such risks.

  29. rummydummy

    Pencil those eyebrows IN girl!!!!!!

  30. Attention Whore

    Lay off the whores, at least the good looking ones. That means this ugly ho is fair game.

  31. the only opinion that matters

    @26…I agree, Ladybug should go F*@#! herself.

    Here’s a code I live by, I don’t, never have, never will, sleep with a married man (unless he’s my husband). Ever. Not when I was single, not when I am married. Ever. I think way too much of myself to be someones “bit on the side”, and so should all women. Yes, Jesse James is the one who owes Sandra fidelity, these women owe her nothing, that is true, but how about being a good person and doing the right thing. Novel idea, I know, but we women should stick together by NOT sleeping with each others partners.

  32. GoonieGooGoo

    You know what….she is right.

    I’ve said this for years….the person cheating is the person that is breaking the rules….The single person is doing what single persons are supposed to do…..which is get LAID.

  33. GTFO!

    LMAO @ the chicks here siding with this transexual racist.

    So it’s ONLY Jesse’s fault that SHE hopped on his dick KNOWING that he’s married? So now you’re telling me that women can just throw themselves at married men with a clear conscience? Since when? What ever happened to having dignity and respect? Unless Jesse raped her, wich he didn’t, they are BOTH to blame. And NOBODY is taking Jesse’s side on this making him out to be the victim. They’ve both been crucified by the media and they deserve it.

    Plus lets not forget that SHE was the one let the cat out of the bag, and she ADMITTED that she did it for money! I guess she thought that all the blame would be on him and she’d just walk away rich and famous. Stupid fucking whore. GTFOH!

  34. Willie Dixon

    This chick is realizing that her plan is backfiring.

    What was supposed to be quick and dirty money for paid interviews and a reality show is turning into her being the ultimate whore who *chose* to accept a married man’s advances – repeatedly – who happened to be married to pretty great gal.

    Nothing worse than being famous for all the wrong reasons *and* making no money at it. Epic Fail.

  35. GTFO

    @ 31 AMEN!

  36. GTFO

    @ 34 AMEN!

  37. name withheld

    what’s disturbing is that Jesse James and i suspect other men get an erection from this tattoo side show carnival.

    No doubt her first sexual experience was with her dad, and probably, her favorite.

    Jesse James and others like him are more puzzling? Street whore, she looks like a dirty street whore, blow jobs only, and don’t swallow bitch, my sperm is by far the most superior drink you’ve ever had.

  38. Koi

    The fact is: she’s right.

    It’s not like hooking up with a married person isn’t wrong, but the main problem is obviously on the other side. You know, the person that made vows, has responsibilities etc?

  39. @34

    I see what you are saying, and it would be nice if it were entirely true. However, she will get a reality show. She will get paid for the initial ratings. You have to think: What will cattle do if you yell at them? They will stare. And stare. And stare.

  40. I think most of the time both parties involved get equal disgust from the public — she seems to be trying to rationalize her actions, though, at this point.

    Jesse James and Tiger Woods experienced equal backlash; their mistresses did too. Why? Because their mistresses had total disregard for their marriage — both of which are notable, because of their fame. In doing so they were selfish and sadistic. Michelle Bombshell’s “apology” shows how sorry she is — that, of course, the public doesn’t like her and that she won’t get her own reality show.

    I’m tired of whores complaining that nobody likes them. If you weren’t whores who sold your dignity to fuck a married man and make a couple bucks off the story, maybe people would feel bad for you.

  41. John Prime

    Later bombshell goes on to say don’t blame Albert Speer, he didn’t know why Hitler wanted a whole bunch of man sized ovens. He just thought The Third Reich was opening a pizza chain. She also said don’t blame the priests, blame those sexy altar boys.

    Last i checked if you know you are fucking a married man, not to mention a “celebrity”, you know exactly what you are doing. In this case she was whoring, so being called a whore fits.

  42. ing

    Yeah ok “bombshell,” we’ll get right on that.

    In the world of cheating, females blame other females and men blame the other men …

    Either way, you still wind up a skank.

  43. Jade

    She’s right — to a certain extent.

    She’s wrong of course, because if you knowingly enter into a relationship with a married person, you are just as bad as them.

    But she’s right, because really the focus of attention here should be Jesse and what HE did, not what a person purposely using her cheating relationship does with her 15 minutes.

    She had her 15 mins, she mouthed off, and now she’s realized how stupid she’s made herself look and is in the contrition stage. Let her fade away into nothing.

    Focus on Jesse and quit giving women like this the time of day. All that really matters is that Jesse carried on multiple relationships while he was married to his wife — the women he did it with are inconsequential.

  44. Maximus

    She’s not right. Any relationship depends on both parties. Jesse and Sandra on one hand, and Jesse and Michelle on the other. She cannot for one moment disclaim responsibility for what happened between her and Jesse. Was he wrong to cheat on his wife? Yes. Was she wrong to sleep with a married man? Yes. They both made choices. Stupid choices. But to say that we should lay all the blame on the cheating man and pity the homewrecker is self-serving. Jesse’s getting treated better because he has a history with the public and with the press. She’s getting spat on because she’s a nobody who made a bad move into the limelight.

    Oh, and please stop posting pics of Heidi. They’re giving me nightmares.

  45. Tracy

    Didn’t realize the cheating males are getting away with cheating without getting harrassed by the media. Hmmm… who’s the victim here? (Me for having to listen to it. This shit goes on all the time. Yawn!)

  46. Um, let’s see, 9000 vaginas for every one penis?

    NO WONDER it seems like people shit-talk the skanks more than the dicks. Stripper-school take a budget-cut in the math and logic departments?

  47. SO RIGHT

    I understand what everyone is saying here, but Jesse is the one who’s married and the one who made the vow. Who knows what he said to the women he had affairs with, but I’m guessing it went something like this: “I’m getting out of my marriage because I’m not happy. I am no longer in love with my wife and I’m going to leave. Just give me some time”. It’s not up to all the single women in the world to play detective to figure out what’s true or not and it’s not up to them to play the moral police either. It’s up to Jesse James to present himself as a married man who is not interested in cheating on his beloved wife. Now, when these mistresses figure out they’re being lied to for sex, they really can’t get upset about it either.

  48. It’s easy for men to walk away when you dangle sex in front of them? LOL

    Bitch, you’ve been around the block FARRR too many times to try and act that dumb and naive. You zoned-in on your prey, and you probably would have stopped at nothing until you caught it.

  49. Sport


  50. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    When did Jessie go blind?

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