Michelle Bombshell, I’m listening.

March 26th, 2010 // 97 Comments

Seen here in San Diego yesterday, Michelle Bombshell fired off the following missive on Facebook last night in which she addresses the entire blogging community her tattooed tits completely buoyed this week:

For all you internet warriors on here talking shit…it’s easy to place judgement when your sitting behind a keyboard. Get off your God dam high horse, your shit don’t smell like roses either. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…in other words FUCK YOU

Damn! She quoted scripture. Now we have to listen. Here I was about to write this off as the rantings of an attention-starved Nazi who banged a married man for whatever cash she could get her hands on, but then I would’ve missed out on the teachings of Jesus who, as we all know, loved him some inked Hitler vag. True story.

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  1. Valerie



    Nice. Classy. She writes like a trucker.

  3. Kirk

    She is a pig. With bad spelling and bad grammer. What a loser.

  4. Dude Love

    Why is she making sense? She’s supposed to be stupid.

  5. TekMoney

    Yawn. I exposed my self to the world for money and attention, but now I hate that attention.

    Cry me a river or kill yourself. :)

  6. Del-Co for life

    This entry is why I love you Fish

  7. PunkA

    Wow, if she is what “white power” is all about then I say down with whitey, and I am one. What a messed up, skanky bitch. I mean, she raises the term trailer park trash to a whole new level.

  8. Beeotch

    Dear Michelle:

    Damn is spelled with an “n” at the end. Maybe you should tattoo the freaking alphabet to your ass next!

  9. Beer Baron

    Let she who is without proper English grammar, misquote the Bible via social media network. Hate to be the Grammar Nazi correcting a white trash wanna-be Nazi, but the quote is “he”, not “him.”

  10. small asian penis

    She is a bad person.

  11. Strarzzenberry

    Yuck…just Yuck.

  12. TekMoney

    Not to mention I broke up a marriage for attention and money, but now the world is against me? Woe is me…

    … GTFOH bitch!

  13. Ariana

    oh god… this piece of shit trash is after nothing BUT money…” dont judge me dont judge me”

    how could you NOT know he was married????? that is the most dumbest statement i could ever have read. We live in a world where all we fucking here is celebrity this, celebrity that… she knew exactly what she was doing.

    what a moron, go away you nazi loving trailer trash.


  14. Jesus

    I’d jizz up that tattooed vag. Fuck all y’all.

  15. Harold^Sick

    No no, fuck YOU… cunt! Somebody might could should smack that bitch upside the head with a keyboard. Eat keys, ho!

  16. Middleman

    No, she fucking butchered scripture. There’s a difference. Racist tattooed white trash aren’t allowed to properly quote it for a reason.

  17. Middleman

    No, she fucking butchered scripture. There’s a difference. Racist tattooed white trash aren’t allowed to properly quote it for a reason.

  18. silverduece

    Everyone knows she’s dense, relying on her ass for attention.
    You know like all other Gold digging whores.
    Then these whores open their mouths and remove all doubt.
    Just crawl back under your rock and wait for the next opportunity to be another fame whore.
    I used whore quite alot in that paragraph………
    oh well if the shoe fits!

  19. Sport

    skank – are we surprised by her behavior?
    Good choice Jesse.

  20. Man with no Name

    Fish, Why are you wasting your Fucken Time with this Sub-Human thing? Thank God she’s got a Shit coloured jumper on covering her X-Files, freak-like tats. Get back to the Supermodels showing their tits and asses via extreme close-ups by the Paparazzi ! Final Thought…….. WTF does Jesse James see in shit like this? Sandra doesn’t do anal, BDSM , pissing or fisting your little girlie arse ? Same goes for Tiger.. If you had your way with Jenna Haze or Sasha Grey or the truly nasty Annette Schwarz, then I could understand the reason for fucking around …. “faccia di merda”

  21. Kangaroo

    Dear ugly tattooed racist whore lady,
    Sorry !
    - The interwebs

  22. pimp

    this whore is not attractive…she must have a cute asshole…

  23. Gryndyl

    How much of a loser do you have to be to decided that tattooing your forehead might be a good idea?

  24. uiwghuwe

    She still is more famous, richer and in better shape than you
    triple chinned, stretch marked sacks of shit

  25. Alex

    She’s just extending her 15 minutes.

    Its fun to sit behind the keyboard and read about the dregs of society….just keep her out of my neighborhood.

  26. abby

    #24 When did you decide, or how do you know what everyone else looks like?
    Also, what gives you the imprssion that anyone wants HER fame? Or money the way she has earned it? And especially her body, I think it is clear that she is not desirable.

  27. truth

    that thing used to be a man. There is no doubt in my mind.

    Now it’s just a tranny looking, uneducated piece of utter hellbound shit. Btw whore, it’s spelled “judgment”.

  28. small asian penis

    She is a total SLAG!

  29. Evil

    Ok, I am not a nice guy. But we aren’t being graded on a bell curve and I have to think ‘Nazi Whore’ still is up there.

  30. Notice how #3 says “with bad spelling and bad grammer”? It’s grammar, with an “A”…just so you know for future reference. Anyway, at least this creepy jawed chick is clothed for these pictures.

  31. P.S. I’ll get off my high horse and keyboard once you get off your back. Whore.

  32. Rob

    Sieg HA!

    Poor baby – if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of someone else’s kitchen.

  33. Screaming GUNT

    She is like any other pathetic cunt in the area of “entertainemnt”, she is nucking futs!

    Loser, cunt, vag-a-tunist, tramp, trollop…many a name fit her. Yeah, sure, I have my skeletons but by no means do they compare to hers.

    Like Dad always said “ya order shit, ya eat shit”…

    Also, what dipshit actually names their kid Jesse with the last name James…huh, go finger?!?!!?


  34. Jenni

    I’d rather stick my dick in a blender. It might come out shredded and covered in bacteria but that’s 10 times better than what will happen if you stick your dick in that thing.

    What does it expect? You look trash and sleep with married men. How do you think people are going to view you and treat you? Sandra Bulluck better get tested.

  35. Screaming GUNT

    @#24….no she’s nnnnooooooooooootttttt…I only have 2 chins.

    I bet you’re a skank, tatoooed, slut who’s daddy didn’t pay enough attention and mommy whored herself for lines of coke! Public assistance for lunch tramp who fucked her dance instructor at age 13 and felt like she was 21 because you smoked cigs aqt age 14. Oh, and had at least 1 abortion and was GAPED last night…

    Look at me, I need a ttention….hey, look at me, I need attention…HEY!

    Nailed it!

  36. Boy oh boy…What man wouldn’t want to wake up next to this things every day…Ha Ha Ha.. Hello, if you can’t take the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen or your case you shouldn’t of ever said you messed with Ol’ Jesse James. No one cares about you or what you did with Jesse James. Get a life..Hope your 15 minutes of fame was totally worth it. If you had any talent at all or beauty you would of made it with out having to sell your story or talk about what you did with a married man…So now you are getting what you deserve. Doesn’t feel good does it. Trashy girl..

  37. justifiable

    Gee, must be a total fucking bummer to find out the rest of the world doesn’t share your limited view on how completely and utterly awesome you are, Michelle.

    On the other hand, consider this as training – because when you hit your 50′s and those neck tats start sagging to meet the chest tats that are sagging to meet the waist tats, by then you’ll really be used to people turning away from you in disgust.

  38. gigi

    they’re giving her exactly what she wants…. look at her little nazi mona lisa smile in some of the shots…. just giddy for attention!! double feh….

  39. MizScarlett

    I will give her $1, if she will STFU!

  40. Harry Doyle

    It’s “you’re” not “your”.

  41. Pussy Galore

    Nothing says class more than quoting bible scripture followed by a big “FU” at the end of it.

  42. Losers and Skanks aplenty

    As to the nazi thing, get over it. There are millions like her who have her “white power” mentality. America aint got no more white power left – it’s been shipped out along with our jobs as we have shipped in millions of mexicans to outbreed us. Deny if bitches.
    We have nothing left here but our hatred of each other. Not to mention Wall Street’s monstrous debt for us to work like slaves to pay off.
    Until the end of time.

  43. CG

    Spoken like a true White Supremacist

    What a worthless piece of shit

  44. JesseJimmy

    The only way I’m giving her $9.95 is if the website contains video of Sandy Bullock felching Tiger’s creampie out of Michelle’s angry brown spider.

  45. Evil

    @24 you think after reading this blog you’d realize fame is as worthless as it is fleeting.

  46. Stephen Hawking

    Stupid fucking backwoods trailer park racist meth whores don’t get the privilege of having opinions until they can prove they aren’t worthless trash.

    Fucking skag sells her half-assed story to the media and expects the whole wide world to embrace her sad tattooed ass.

    Bitch, you get NOTHING, you deserve less and you like it!

  47. markonius maximus

    Dumpster Fire

  48. Crabby Old Guy

    God called while you were out Michelle. He said that actually, you were a Cosmic Mistake of the Universe – sort of like the dinosaur – so, yeah, well, let’s just say that you shouldn’t start reading any long books.

  49. The Apostle Shemp

    Michelle Bombshell said “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…in other words FUCK YOU”…

    She must be a theology student, because in the original Greek, that’s EXACTLY how the verses (John 8:6-7) translate…Jesus was great with the expletives…

    here it is in another translation (NIV):

    John 8: 6-7 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, “Fucketh Ye!”

    Remember, Knowledge is Power!!! (deedle-le-dee)

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