Michelle Bombshell: ‘I did it all for the money.’

To the surprise of absolutely no one familiar with prostitution, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee rode Jesse James hog to make “a better life for her family.” RadarOnline reports:

And the way “Bombshell” is making a better life for her family from the affair is by raking in the cash. If she had ended up with Jesse, she undoubtedly would have gotten some of his money. And now that the affair is over, she sold her story to a tabloid magazine and RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively she is working on more deals to make cash off of revealing even more details of her affair.
It appears that her relationship with James was premeditated to profit for her children’s future. McGee apologizes for hurting her family, expresses sadness over “hate mail” she has been receiving and goes on to say she “did it for my family”.

Quick question: Is Michelle Bombshell allowed to use the family excuse for both porn and having sex with Sandra Bullock’s husband? Can we get a ruling on that? I seem to have left my Book of Whore Law at home again.

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