Michelle Rodriguez Doing Backflips In A Bikini

The last post was kind of a (Robert) downer (Jr.) – Kill me. Break into my house and kill me. – so here’s Michelle Rodriguez drinking and doing backflips off a yacht in Sardinia. And without the presence of Boner Boy or Cara Delevingne who never understood her passion for falling recklessly off a sea vessel. Because it’s not who we are that defines us, it’s how much rum we can chug before hoping the ocean will snap our neck before Vin Diesel holds another cast meeting where he makes Paul Walker’s corpse talk like a puppet. “Guys, Brian and I just weren’t feeling it from you yesterday. In fact, we get the impression some of you are questioning Brian’s commitment. — *moves jaw with hands* Yeah, guys, I can’t help it my arm fell off back there, but that’s why Dom and I will be best friends forever. I’ve got his back, and he makes sure mine’s not flaking all over the cars. Sorry about that by the way. — Brian, you don’t have to apologize to these people. Family means never having to apologize. Now get your sorry asses over here and hug your brother for making him self-conscious. I said HUG HIM.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, CIAO/AKM-GSI