Michelle Lewin Is The Crap I Missed

Alright you guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Fish is out sick, and you know it must be bad if he couldn’t even white-knuckle it for the Hilary Duff rejection story. (Do I send all this pubic hair at once, or just half now, then give her the rest as a wedding gift? I’m new to this.) And if you’re here a lot, you know that also means The Crap We Missed didn’t happen today, because I was busy helping Obama ruin America by suggesting everyone not be a bunch of cunts to each other all the time. Pretty progressive stuff, I know, so to not confuse any of that at all, here’s female body-builder Michelle Lewin’s butt and brea–pectora– pectits? in a bikini. Leaves comments section right there. *walks away whistling*

Photo: Fame/Flynet