Gather ‘Round Michelle Lewin’s Butt, Children

First off, huge thanks to all you thoughtful bastards for the ideas to keep The Crap We Missed alive yesterday. We’re definitely weighing our options, but in the meantime, you may have noticed Photo Boy man-handled all the writing today, and that’s because I just found out yesterday we’re getting a new site as early as next week that I had to start QA-ing today, so it’s been a fucking whirlwind past 24 hours to say the least. But the small (and possibly growing) light at the end of the tunnel is that the radio toolbar that everybody hates might be gone, so fingers crossed. The important thing is that we’ll going to be putting some form of dick jokes underneath some form of boob photo(s) on the Internet until someone wises up and realizes they’re paying us to put dick jokes under boob photo(s) on the Internet. I literally have no idea how that hasn’t happened yet.

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