Michelle Duggar Pregnant With 20th Baby

November 8th, 2011 // 279 Comments

Michelle Duggar and her last baby – number 19, by the way – barely survived the pregnancy, so of course she let her husband cram another one into her 45-year-old uterus. Because, seriously, what the hell else is she going to do? Raise the other 19 kids. Think for herself and not let him use her birth canal as a Jesus Cannon? AHAHAHA! Healthy and non-submissive reproduction. You kids say the cutest things. TODAY reports:

The kids thought family patriarch Jim Bob was joking when he broke the news that they would have a new brother or sister, Michelle said. They lined the family up on the staircase for a photo, she recalled, and Jim Bob said, “Smile — Mom’s going to have another baby!”
“Their mouths dropped,” Michelle said, laughing at the memory. “They all looked at me to see if he was joking.”
Jackson, age 7, immediately started rooting for another boy. They’ll find out the gender around Christmas, Michelle told TODAY Moms.
Jim Bob told TODAY Moms that he’s thrilled for their 20th child. “Michelle and I both feel like some of the most blessed parents in the world. Our children are so sweet… we are so grateful to God.”
And, he adds, “We didn’t want to stop on an odd number.”

“Hey, dad, why was I born?”
“Because odd numbers are the work of Satan, son.”

That should go over well. But on a serious note, sincere kudos to TLC for making the most fucked up, insane form of spousal abuse a sugar-coated reality show that glosses over the fact these people are essentially Nazis for Jesus. And don’t Godwin’s law me, because the Duggars belong to the Quiverfull movement which on top of treating women as nothing more than perpetual baby oven housewives who can’t cut their hair (Yup.), preaches continually reproducing so large Christian families eventually become the majority and can marginalize heathen shitbags like myself who don’t continually knock up women because an invisible friend told me to. So if you take one thing away from this post it’s this: Jim Bob Duggar‘s cock is Hitler.

Warn the allies.

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  1. cc

    I can’t believe this execrable family is breeding AGAIN. What the hell is their problem?

    • Napoupi

      You can actually check videos of Michelle Duggar delivering on youtube…

    • Derp

      It’s called money. You’d be naive to think they don’t get charitable donations from the Church, while their paycheck from TLC goes up with the more kids they have to promote their ridiculous lifestyle on their channel. Also, the more kids they have, the less work the parents need to do. Go read up on these people, they don’t raise their kids, their kids raise their kids.

      • Lori

        I do agree with that! You always see the older girls doing everything. Michelle takes care of the “baby of the moment” and then the older girls are the mothers for the rest of the children’s lives until they get old enough to do for themselves. And poor Grandma Dugger is always washing their clothes!

    • Karl

      hey at least their children are nice people, they are not using the welfare to live and are self sufficient so whats the problem?

      • cc

        Well, sentient people realize that we live in a world with limited resources and that one family inflicting 20 children (and counting) on the planet is irresponsible. Also, she and her 19th child had severe problems last time, so having another is putting them both at grave risk.

      • jenyjenjen

        CC is right. I can’t even imagine what a 4 month hospital bill costs for that last baby. These people are utter morons but TLC should be ashamed for encouraging them. It’s only a matter of time before someone on these reality shows gets killed and sadly it looks like it may be this brainwashed woman or their 20th child. 20….

      • Min

        Yeah, you’re right, Karl, wonderful, productive members of society. Oh, until all these little fuckers grow up and have no REAL skills because they are home schooled and their parents use them as glorified babysitters.

      • teetee14

        you dont know that. you only know what is being put out to the public…sighs!!!!

      • teetee14

        comment from me is directing at Karl…

      • Mike

        The problem is the same one that Kate plus 8 has. Sooner or later the show is going to get cancelled, and sooner or later the donations from the church are going to dry up. It’s fine now while the money’s rolling in, and they have unlimited credit from the TV network, but sooner or later the bottom is going to drop out and it’s not going to be pretty. Can you even imagine how much it costs to support 21 people in this economy without jhe gravy train pay check provided by the show. Check back in 2 years when the shows been cancelled and 1/2 of the brood has bolted because they are old enogh to see what’s happening to them [plus they're broke].

      • ThatGuy

        They can’t think or interact with other people on a functional level… that would be the problem.

      • John

        Well for one thing it is damn irresponsible on their part. Can you imagine the strain on the planets resources if every family wanted to do what they are doing. They are recipients of private welfare.

    • Jim Jones

      What a selfish fucking family. Just think of all the resources they’re denying other families and children because of their arrogant selfishness. Assholes.

      • WOW,WE HOME SCHOOLED OUR CHILDREN AND THEY WENT BACK TO THE PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR THEIR JR. AND SR. YEAR AND THEY WERE ON THE A HONOR ROLL. So to say these kids will have no skill because they were home schooled is very ignorant on your part!!

      • dna1 is a fucking idiot.

        Honor roll doesn’t mean shit. I know plenty of people who were on honor roll in high school and ended up doing nothing with their lives. Stupid bitch, high school doesn’t mean shit. I partied my ass off in high school and now I have a Master’s degree, while my friends who worked hard in high school burnt out and didn’t even finish college. Fuck you, stop yelling.

  2. Cock Dr

    Boycott TLC for bankrolling the continuation of this insanity.

    • TaT

      I’m guessing you don’t bother to research before commenting, it’s not like they just had 20 kids for TLC to film.

      • Cock Dr

        IMO the Duggars are irresponsible religious nutcases.
        We live on a planet with finite resources. Double digit breeding like this is the act of profoundly stupid selfish people.
        If they love children so much they should start taking in some of the many needing foster care placement.
        TLC provides attention and money to this mess. Shame on them.

      • not a fundie


    • J

      If they loved their kids so much they would stop HAVING kids so their EXISTING kids could actually have a childhood. All they’re doing is producing more children for their older children to raise. You think these two do all the work and are able to give each child the kind of attention they deserve and need? YEAH RIGHT. They have a little army, and the older army is responsible for raising the younger army. I feel bad for the children who don’t have a say in all of this.

      • Casey

        I second J. My mom had five siblings, and even then, the older kids helped take care of the younger ones. Even with six, they rarely got individual attention from my grandparents.

      • Mike

        Not only don’t they have a say in it, they don’t have a life. Every kid old enough to work is working for the family full time. Mom simply gives orders to a couple of the older kids who delegate to younger ones, and so on. There isn’t one kid in the pile with a normal childhood. How screwed up are a majority of these kids going to be when they hit their later teens and they realize they’ve had almost no contact with the real world, outside their particular cult and family. It’s really sad…

    • cc

      Exactly…these family of religious kooks probably has an environmental footprint the size of a small African nation. It’s sickening.

      • Schmidtler

        why don’t you go rant against the arab ‘refugees’ living in Gaza that have 4 wives and 35 kids, all the while living entirely off your tax dollars via the U.N.W.R.A.? They have loads of kids so they can force non muslims out of the middle east through demographic change. this one Christian family is merely responding to that reality. At least the duggars are raising all these kids on their own dime.

      • Cock Dr

        The “two wrongs make a right” argument. Jeez.
        The human species needs to get a handle on it’s population growth. The planet just can’t take this. The consequences will not be pretty.

      • Meanwhile in Mississippi, Proposition 26 is going up on ballad. What is prop 26 you ask? Its a proposition that will go into Mississippi’s state constitution that says…drum roll please…..a definition of what a “person” is and the person is defined from the moment of fertilization of the sperm and the egg in the womb. Yup these religious nut jobs want to change the definition of what a person is to say a person begins when the woman’s egg is fertilized. No abortion, not to save the mother or rape or incest.

  3. SIN

    They created their own cult. Wy recruit when youcan create your brain dead followers,

  4. She’s worshiping his sperm.

  5. JG

    have a rubber dugger! I bet that “thang” looks like that blue waffle pic by now

  6. By now, she could probably donate her meat curtains to the Kennedy Center so they can decorate the stage.

  7. Capitalist Pancake

    Her flaps must look like the opening to a circus tent by now.

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Maybe this is an elaborate Punk’d – when she comes to give birth a line of circus clowns driving those tiny cars are going to come out instead.

  8. Down with Jim Bob's Penis!

    These people and their children should be sterilized.

  9. Allie

    I love TLC.

  10. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a vagina. Not a clown car.

  11. Rico Jones

    Hopefully she dies during delivery. Can I say that?

    • j-sin

      Your mother should have done the smart thing and aborted your ass or swallowed-whichever was more convenient,

    • Casey

      I don’t think it’s too out of line at this point.

    • D-chi

      No, that’s definitely still a horrible thing to say.

    • cc

      I thought it, so feel free to go ahead and say it.

    • ajlg

      she should of died well b4 her 10th kid

    • Christina

      Ha, yes!

    • bb nurse

      This is outrageous. You should be ashamed of your post.. God is Blessing this family. You seriously hope she dies during the delivery???? you are one sick soul or you are extremly immature.

    • Pat C.

      Well, she might die. Obviously that would be God’s will. So why should you be chastised for essentially saying, let God’s will be done ?

    • Rico Jones | November 8, 2011 at 9:39 am
      Hopefully she dies during delivery. Can I say that?
      Sure say it,but really it shows how mental you are…..and these kids act way more mature than you!! I hope you are very young with SAYING that comment!! or maybe,just maybe you will die!!! WE CAN ONLY HOPE!! NOW HOW DOES THAT FEEL TO YOU!!!

    • Lori

      That’s totally not right to say! While I think they do have toooo many kids, I would never say something so wrong and mean and hurtful.I think with all the problems she had and having to deliver the last one so early,that it was a sign that she shouldn’t have anymore. She was in very bad shape herself and the baby still has health problems almost 2 years later.On the last show, it showed how they had to stay overseas because the baby was sick and couldn’t fly home. I think this was the 3rd or 4th time that child was sick this past season of the show.Something is going to happen to her or the next child and then what? I guess the older girls will really get to be mother then! I really think they should take the last pregnancy and it’s problems as a sign from GOD saying it’s time to quit!!!

  12. MInky Wail

    That’s not a trench coat. She’s actually wearing her vagina.

  13. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    If 20 kids isn’t enough proof that this dude doesn’t know how to jerk off, just add this shot to the pile.

  14. Deacon Jones

    That face she’s making just screams “kill me now”.

  15. I find it hard to believe she hasn’t pumped out a downs syndrome baby yet.

  16. ethermonk

    I love how you people have to denigrate these parents, call for their sterilization and suggest spousal abuse simply because they are weird and bizarre. Yeah, they are weird. But (gasp!) a non-divorced couple that appears to love each other. Let’s pile on!

    These people don’t take a dime of taxpayer money, so they can do whatever the hell they want. They don’t even take up space in what is probably another underachieving American public school with overpaid teachers.

    But liberal shitbags like Fish would NEVER suggest the same thing about the scores of women who live on 100% public assistance and pump crack babies out of their vag’s (ed. note: what is the plural of vag?) so they can get a bigger check.

    I guarantee these kids will have better childhoods and be better parents than all you bitter, lonely and utterly unfilled assholes (read Fish). Although, to be fair I am sure Fish’s asshole is regularity filled with dirty hobo cock when he can afford it.

    • what’s the over/under on how long this comment stays?

      • TomFrank

        Fish is cool about comments calling him an asshole (or that TCWM is so much jerking off, etc.). It’s the spam and the irredeemably racist shit that gets yanked.

    • Rico Jones

      These people do NOT have a happy marriage. Only a sick guy would knock his wife up 20 times. She almost died the last time. Knowing how dangerous it was the last time he knocked her up again. It is probably a very abusive relationship behind closed doors. Also those kids will be unleashed on us as a nightmare. They home school all 19 of them. The mom literally attempts to teach 19 kids of varying ages. And you think they will grow up properly?

    • Blubbo

      You sir are an idiot. The Duggar clan are members of a RELIGIOUS CULT called “quiver full.” It is yet another twisted reading of the old testament where these FUCKING NUTJOBS are trying to literally outbreed the rest of us. And the Duggar cultists are not alone…they are the only ones with a show on TLC.

      Further, Jim Bob is ripping off all of us because he has declared his little cult a CHURCH. That’s right, this gawd fearin republican asshat pays NO TAXES WHATSOEVER.

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Well, you forget this is a satirical ‘celeb’ gossip site, not Fox News. The Duggars get a lot funded via TLC – they may have been able to scrape by with 12 kids, but you can’t tell me that old Jim Bob is making enough without tv money/free crap from companies to feed and clothe 20 kids. That makes them fair game, along with MTV’s teen mom horde, and Octo Mom – who, I do believe, is on public assistance.

    • cc

      He would have if they churned out 20 kids and showed up grinning like idiots and acting as though they’ve accomplished something. Don’t confuse a blend of ‘introspection’ and ‘satire’ as being left.

    • V

      “(ed. note: what is the plural of vag?) ”

      it’s vaginas, Jethro. And while you’re at it, please keep in mind that plurals don’t have apostrophe.

      • Jack Ketch

        + 1

      • ethermonk

        And all sentences should be capitalized (i.e. it’s). Here are a couple of ideas, dipshit:
        1. If you are grammar checking comments in the superficial you are a retard.
        2. If you do perform said grammar check on someone, don’t be a double idiot and make a mistake as well.

        Thanks for the entertainment!

    • twzzlrgirl

      Oh, hey! I’m one of those overpaid public school teachers who actually KNOWS the plural of vagina, knows how to spell “unfulfilled,” and has enough of a vocabulary to argue something on its merits and NOT resort to stupid insults about people paying for anal sex. So, maybe, you should have learned something from school, stop using apostrophes to make words plural, and figure out that having your 20th baby over the age of 45 has serious health risks.

    • Jeff

      U mad bro?

    • Christina

      Someone loves God!

    • Prolapsed Liver

      “But liberal shitbags like Fish would NEVER suggest the same thing about the scores of women who live on 100% public assistance and pump crack babies out of their vag’s (ed. note: what is the plural of vag?) so they can get a bigger check.”

      I’m a liberal and those fuckers should be sterilized too. There are 7 billion of us. 6 billion too many.

      • Pat C.

        Hey, if any of those scores of women had a reality show, I’m sure they’d be getting knocks from sites like this.

    • overpaid teachers…. Shut your mouth and do not bring teachers into this whole mess. I for one am a teacher and I work my butt off everyday trying to educate the students I love and earn a mediocre salary. Even with my masters degree I earn as if I only received my bachelors. Guess what there are some non-divorced couples who do weird things with their children and so marriage has nothing to do with what that woman is doing to her health and to her stressed children.

  17. I’d just like to reiterate how much I fucking hate quiver full shit-stains like the Duggars. That is all.

    • I guess I just don’t understand why. What business is it of yours how many kids they have? Don’t watch their fucking show if it bothers you that much.

      • I never said it was my business. I said I hate them and those like them. Would you be asking what business of mine it is if I was speaking about someone who beats there child? I’m of the opinion that their family structure is intellectually abusive and prevents their children from truly having a childhood.

      • That’s absurd.

      • No, having 19 children that you don’t have the time to actually raise yourself, having a 20th despite the fact that it may leave 20 children (19 if the new one dies in the process) without one of their parents due to the fact that age and overuse have taken their toll on the mother’s womb, and claiming that it’s both responsible and reasonable is absurd.

      • Jeff

        Probably because they’re only doing it to overpopulate the earth with religious nutbags. We have plenty of those already, thank you very much.

  18. Hoyage

    She needs to learn how to do anal

  19. ElDiablo

    One child policy sounds like a good idea lol.

  20. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    Conservative douchebags in politics, but not in the baby making department.

  21. OK, smartass comments aside – who cares? So long as they can support these kids on their own without food stamps or some other kind of government assistance, it’s none of my business how many kids they have.

    That’s what living in a free country is all about. If you want restrictions on how many kids you can have, move to Communist China.

    • The last kid almost killed her + the last kid had major health issues. She going to leave a liter of kids without a mother so she can keep reproducing. Now it’s all for the freak show effect to stay in the media. I’m sick of this bunch!

    • This is why I’m pro-choice. Choice also means choosing to have a shit load of kids.

    • JC

      Eric’s just bitter because he’s one of the Satanic odd-numbered Duggar kids. Come clean, bro. Are you number 13? That one’s got to be especially evil.

      • I think the kids all have numerical middle names, but sadly, no. And I’m not bitter. I just can’t grasp how, in America, we can have so many people opposed to freedom.

      • Napoupi

        I don’t think anyone here is genuinely opposed to that woman’s freedom to fart 20 kids out. I think it’s actually quite the opposite : as vehement as fish’s reader may sound – and even fish himself – they are all elated to see Mrs Duggar exert her constitutional right to retardation for their viewing and speculating pleasure. Octomom just doesn’t reach these heights. And also these jokes about that woman wearing her vagina as a skirt simply never get old ! :)

      • not a fundie

        In this day and age, with 7 billion people on the planet, there’s no reason to have 20 kids. Think about the planet’s future.

      • R.A.

        You shouldn’t argue for freedom for freedom’s sake alone – this kind of thinking is irrational and downright irresponsible. I am not saying that they should have some kind of quota passed against people having fucking litters, but I do think that at some point the state needs to check in to see if any family with 5+ children born close together are actually feeding them.

        Yes, we can argue for the rights of the parents to make their own decisions, but the children born into that situation also have the right to not be used as a means to a political and/or economic end. This is exploitation, plain and simple.

      • Christina


    • TaT

      Pretty sure most of the people saying these things have no idea how devastating it is, to have miscarriages.

      • Having a miscarriage is awful..I dont wish that on anyone.But,just because a couple CAN have that many kids,it doesnt mean that its fantastic that they do..kwim?

        As a mother of 3,I can tell you a kids needs (and Im just talking about the emotional ones here) are a full time job..one on one time,education (not just maths and english..),etc etc etc
        A parent has to be able to tend to all of these needs 100% when ever needed..the Duggars push these responsabilities onto the older kids,who raise the younger ones…THIS should not happen.Yes,these kids will probably be very responsable,the girls will know how to cook and sew and be wonderful mothers themselfs,whilst the boys will be hard workers etc,but their youth and childhood is the price they will have paid.Have these kids ever been allowed to be kids? They are nothing but the workers that collect the eggs from the queen ants ass..and thats disgusting!

      • “the Duggars push these responsabilities onto the older kids,who raise the younger ones…THIS should not happen.”

        The Babysitters Union will be outraged.

    • Blubbo

      THEY ARE A CULT. GOT IT? TLC’s little show fails to mention this.They also fail tomention that Jim Bob has declared his oversized family a CHURCH and he pays NO FUCKING TAXES.

      If you don’t have a problem with that you are as bad as these overbreeding rednecks.

      • Clarification: The house was declared a church, so there are no property taxes. They do pay income tax. If you have a problem with that, you can start going after Catholics too.

        You liberals who hate the Constitution are really annoying.

      • Satan's bitch

        “Liberal” is not an insult, and arguing the Constitutionality of these people’s right to puke out a fucking army of little Christians doesn’t negate the fact that it is, in fact, irresponsible in the extreme to neglect the children who already exist (which we all know actually occurs), to risk her health (to the point of death) for their religious views, and to foist all this cultish behavior off on the American public by glorifying it on television.

        Jim Bob Duggar should be neutered in the town square. That’s my opinion and I’m guaranteed by the Constitution the right to express it!

      • TomFrank

        Last I checked, the Constitution also gave us the right to criticize the Duggars. Just as we also criticize the Kardashians, the Lohans, and the Hiltons.

        Also, there’s nothing in the Constitution that provides tax exemptions for churches. As Chief Justice Burger noted in a 1970 decision upholding the constitutionality of tax exemptions for churches, “New York, in common with the other States, has determined that certain entities that exist in a harmonious relationship to the community at large, and that foster its ‘moral or mental improvement,’ should not be inhibited in their activities by property taxation… It has not singled out one particular church or religious group or even churches as such; rather, it has granted exemption to all houses of religious worship within a broad class of property owned by nonprofit, quasi-public corporations which include hospitals, libraries, playgrounds, scientific, professional, historical, and patriotic groups. The State has an affirmative policy that considers these groups as beneficial and stabilizing influences in community life and finds this classification useful, desirable, and in the public interest.”

        Now, I don’t know a lot about the Duggars, but I have my doubts as to whether their “house as church” fosters the “moral and mental improvement” of their community, and is not, in fact, a tax dodge.

    • J

      Seriously Eric, STFU. The only point you’re making is about constitutation and freedom. Yeah, we got it. No one is going to outlaw this chick from making more damn babies. But freedom is the ONLY thing on your side of the argument. ONLY THING. That doesn’t make this human puppy mill called the Duggard family right.

    • Derp

      Eric, take your own advice and get a life. Stop reading articles and comments posted on an obvious satirical website if it offends you so much.

    • D-chi

      Eric, I totally agree. We don’t have the right to come into someone’s home and tell them how many children they can have, as long as they’re being provided for. It’s just not the government’s place. All these ad hominem attacks don’t help anyone’s arguments, btw.

    • V

      this goes beyond the whole “they can do whatever they want, they have money, who cares” bullshit. no, you can’t do whatever you want in your life. Search on youtube the video of the 19th baby when she was a newborn. nobody gives a person the right to think they can breed like mice to the point where they risk another human being’s life. they are greedy for babies, money and fame. let’s not forget these assholes have a reality show.

      If everyone was chewing kim kardashian for her tacky fake wedding, and then the divorce, we can also complain about this, which in my opinion is much worse. do you think all the siblings have the attention they need from the parents? do you think it’s fair that the older siblings have the responsability of raising the little ones?

      It’s not right. just because you have reproductive organs doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to be a parent. that’s why the world is so fucked up. people think children are property they are entitled to have.

    • Prolapsed Liver

      China isn’t communist anymore you fucking retard.

      • Hello?

        What the fuck are YOU talking about, you fucking retard! Of course China is communist. As is Laos, Cuba and N. Korea. Read a book, moron.

  22. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m most offended by the look on her face! Just makes me want to scream “WAKE UP WOMAN!” – but she’s ‘Happy’, jesusfckingchrist, if that’s what happy is, I’d rather be miserable.

  23. TLC has gone the way of MTV in it’s programing. But the demand must obviously be out there. If someone lived by the same rules as this family and did these things because Cornholio form lake Titicaca told them to would it still be ‘wholesome’ TV or does the reason completely trump the actual actions.

  24. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    They are awesome. I’m very impressed by the positive effects on their family and our world. I don’t judge them. Stay positive and busy.

  25. Duggar Family
    Someone Else
    Commented on this photo:

    I would rather have them as neighbors then any other reality stars. Their kids seem decent and polite and not future tragedies like Kate’s kids are bound to become. Would i let a daughter marry into the family? No f’ing way, but a son? Sure, if he wants an obedient wife who believes its her obligation to give it up regularly. Why not?

    • These assholes live about 40 minutes from me. This is really getting old. Seriously. The last kid almost killed her…..so let’s have another and put the nail in the coffin.

    • you think this doesn’t affect you? Do they get social assistance? food stamps? Tax deductions? Hell, their litter is going to choke the local school system for at least another 20 years to come.

  26. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    She obviously doesn’t like sucking cock or anal. After twenty kids you think you would learn to like one or the other.

    • Expert on Everything


    • Peacegirl

      She worships “him”… they are like a cult… did you see the look on her face? Either she totally worships “him” or she is “afraid” of him…. did you see the looks on the faces of the children that are now growing up? The older ones are “brainwashed”…. the younger ones had some doubts…. but when asked …. they reluctantly said…”something like this is good”… with no enthusiasm…. why are we glamorizing this cult? Just like the Kardashians? Reality Shows have really been the crapper of civilization…. these families could live their lives in obscurity except for neighbors and friends…. and they probably wouldn’t be doing this crazy stuff…. except for Michelle… which she so worships “what’s his name” that her whole life depends on the fact she gives him another offspring to tell the world he is “The Man”….

  27. Napoupi

    This gave me mental images of a jelly-covered canned chicken falling effortlessly right out of the can with a big slurping sound. And I’m not even talking about the fact that she probably suffers from total urinary and fecal incontinence by now. Thank u god !

    • ajlg

      yes she probably has her kids pik her up adult diapers when she sends them 2 the store 2 buy all the other baby diapers!and hav u ever heard of a hung uterus?it happens when someone has too many children(it probly happened 2 her like 12 babys ago)& it means there uterus literally hangs out of there vagina&has to be tucked bak in-how does he even hav sex w/that??these ppl are sick!

      • LD-RN

        It’s actually called a prolapsed uterus. And every time she has a c-section they probably just tack it back up where it belongs. With this next c-section it needs to just be removed.

  28. Blessed

    I am amazed at the negative approach of the article, and the comments. These people are supporting their family, and have not been on welfare at any time. So what is the problem? Because they believe in being natural, and not putting a birth control device in her body, they are “weird”. Weird is the responses here. This family is to be admired, they have well behaved, healthy, happy kids. I have seen people who have ONE child and cannot do what this family has done. And need I mention Nadia Suliman? THAT is an example of someone who is not doing the right thing. All of you with your nasty comments are a reflection of how sad our society has become. You espouse freedom- as long as the other person is doing what YOU think is right. How sad. Kudos to this family and may God continue to fill their quiver.

    • Rico Jones

      You’re sick. A sick religious nut. Why can’t you just face the fact that this guy has no self control? They may be against birth control and that is fine. But that doesn’t give them a pass to produce endless amounts of children. Currently they don’t ask for government support. It may never change or at some point they might need help. The sad thing is that there are tons of kids in foster care that they could be helping.

      • “But that doesn’t give them a pass to produce endless amounts of children. ”

        Says who? It’s a free country. You don’t get decide what these people do with their reproductive organs.

      • Anon

        I can’t imagine doing what they have done/will probably continue to do. But seriously, it IS freedom of choice. Why is it that when a commenter has a viewpoint that agrees with your own, you have to go apeshit and call him/her a sick, religious nut? I don’t have anything *against* this family… Although I doubt I’d like to spend time with them. But seriously, don’t blame the family; blame TLC.

        Also, your comment “The sad thing is that there are tons of kids in foster care that they could be helping.” is so pretentious that at first I wan’t even sure if you were trolling. So you begrudge a family for having their own children when there are kids in foster care that they could be helping? Do you ever plan on having kids/do you have kids? How dare you even consider that, when there are kids in foster care whom you could help! Do you not think you’ll have kids? You egotistical prick. As if you couldn’t make room in your life to give a child a happy existence.

        Sorry, but that last sentence really delegitimizes anything you might say.

      • Anon

        Also, I’m not religious, not am I a Republican. I do believe in choice though, whether it be to have no, few, or many children.

    • not a fundie

      Get an education, please.

    • D-chi

      I agree with you, and clearly Rico doesn’t have an appreciation for “freedom of choice.” You have to pick one: either this woman has rights over her reproductive organs or she doesn’t. You can’t have that only apply to abortion and birth control. If she wants to have 20 kids, then by golly she’s going to pop them out. I personally don’t believe in the Quiverfull POV, but if someone feels convicted by God to stay away from birth control, then who am I to tell them otherwise?

      • Rico Jones

        D-Chi. The sad/funny thing is that this woman doesn’t have rights over her own reproductive organs. Her husband probably makes her get pregnant in order to follow his cult bullshit.

    • J

      We’ll see just how happy these kids are as they grow up, realizing that they were completely and totally robbed of a childhood.

      No one has to use birth control, but try pulling out! No device needed! Problem solved.

      And no matter what you think of birth control and God’s will, anyone who thinks their own personal health and the health of their unborn child is less important than “following God’s will” is completely backward. And sick.

    • Mandy

      Have you ever watched the show? On the day of their son’s wedding, they openly talked about how his wife-to-be was being passed from under the authority of her father to being under the authority of her new husband. I hate to sound like an annoying feminist, but something is not right with some of the people in that family ..

  29. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    The infamous black microphone. Let a Kardashian show your wife how to use it.

  30. Herman the Kid

    Goddamn these fucking hillbillies.

  31. Oscar

    All I can think of is that scene in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life with the woman literally dropping kids out while she is standing at the sink…. I can only imagine her birth canal at this point is a well paved highway.

  32. absolutely disgusting parenting

    i wish for them a vegetative doorstop that will be a physical, emotional and financial drain and fill their lives with regret. pushing their luck well past responsible parenting, calling it ‘god’s will’ is tantamount to asking for it.

  33. I just cant stop roughing you (Ray Charles)

    Congratulations to the Duggars for reaching a milestone for our spicies. Take that multiparous animals. You know why America is behind? We stop competing.

  34. not a fundie

    I’d wish the government would step in. Enough is enough. With 7 billion people on the planet now, there’s no excuse for this.

    • OK, so you want the government to tell people how many kids they can have? That sounds OK to you?

      • not a fundie

        Eric: Yes, it does. More people (we’re now at 7 billion) means more overpopulation problems for the future: depletion of our finite resources, dimishing the quality of life, more poverty, and more wars. There’s only one Earth, we have nowhere else to go.

        Do you know why Brazil is doing so well right now? They’re empowering their women, and the women are having less children as a result, stabilizing the population. Less people = better quality of life for the country.

      • freaky

        Dude, when last I checked, overpopulation wasn’t our main concern in the good old U. S. of A. Now, if you want to get Brazilians to shut their legs for Jeebus, that’s another thing altogether. That being said, this whole story is obscene and I agree in principle that the bitch should just stop. However, I’m not willing to let Uncle Sam tell them when.

      • V

        Eric, stop defending these assholes. Either extreme is WRONG. What part of “the previous baby almost died” do you not understand? 20 children for the sake of keeping a reality show is NOT RIGHT.

    • I’m not saying I approve or disapprove. I personally don’t have 20 kids, but it’s their right to have as many as they want. I’ll defend that right all day long, so long as I don’t have to support them.

      • actually, their right to have more children ended when the last one almost died due to complications from the mother’s age and the sheer number of previous births. it ended because the children have the right to be free from abuse and neglect. a parent that is so obsesses with having additional children that they endanger themselves and their children( the unborn child) is by definition, neglectful.

      • NoMan'sChattel

        What’s legally right is not always the same as what’s morally right, and squeezing out more kids than you can care for yourself (and relying on the older kids to do the job for you, foregoing their own childhoods) is not, in this day and age, and in a world that absolutely is overpopulated, is not morally right.

        It’s also monstrously hypocritical to hold that any and all forms of contraception are thwarting god’s will, but then to thwart god’s will by turning to medical science when your clown car of a uterus cannot carry to term.

  35. Duggar Family
    Charlie Hodge
    Commented on this photo:

    This woman’s vagina must look like a taco that was regurgitated….20 times over.

  36. stratacat

    free jinger!

  37. TRON

    I like this bitch because I know she puts out.

  38. At least it’s not another Gosselin…

  39. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    What I dont understand is,where on EARTH does she find the time to keep having sex!!?? I have 3 kids (totally done here) and its freakin hard to be intimate with my husband when one kid or the other is always awake and wanting something or other…they´re always around the house,I keep tripping over one where ever I go..sometimes I have to count and make sure I only have 3 because I swear it seems like more sometimes lol.
    This couple is completely out of their mind…look at those faces.From what Ive read,she pumps out kids like a queen ant,and her kids literally raise each other amongst themselfs whislt she gets busy riding her husband to make the next one.I bet her vagina resembles the star gate by now..kids just walking out (Gotta love Dane cook stand up comedy lol).

    I was kinda expecting this though..I mean,she needs #20 to even out the number of babies that the 10 older ones have to raise.

    Michelle honey..when you obligate your older kids to raise the younger ones because you dont have the time or energy,ITS TIME TO STOP HAVING KIDS!

  40. forrest gump

    he is a very very tricky american with the likes of “MADDOF”, folks!!

    • forrest, I understand that you probably live in some shitbag outpost where you wipe your dysenteric ass with your hand and maybe comprehend one English word in ten, so the only “American” names you know are Madoff and Forrest Gump. Understandably you couldn’t work your own “name” into your lameass commentary, so you had to go with Madoff. Who, btw, has not even the remotest connection with a story about a couple who decided that a woman’s role in life is to be a human Pez dispenser.

      Why is why, forrest, your comment is so relentlessly, leg-humpingly imbecilic that it qualifies you to be retroactively aborted by the end of the day, so that the latest pre-born Duggar kid will have a chance to grow up funnier than you ever could.

      Think of it as taking one for comedy, son.

  41. freaky

    A lifestyle that has the sole aim of keeping women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen where they belong? How the fuck can you not admire that? Bring me a sammich, Michelle!

  42. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    This should be illegal.

  43. Rico Jones

    Look at the expression on her face in that photo. Says a lot.

  44. m

    Given what happened last time, the next season of the show may well be titled “20 kids and a dead mommy”

  45. Duggar Family
    Commented on this photo:

    I seriously want to hit her in the face. Wtf is up with that look of pure adoration? STOP BREEDING.

  46. D-chi

    Wow, way to be open-minded about someone else’s beliefs, Fish. *remembers where I am* Oh, right. I ask for too much.

    • cc

      Someone took control of your browser and forced you here?

      • D-chi

        I just keep forgetting that I don’t like Fish’s sociopolitical commentary. Everything else is pretty hilarious though. Where has Tila been lately?

  47. Hope she has twins, so they’re back to an odd number and need to pump out some more!

  48. Vik

    These people are sick!

  49. Dinosaurland

    She’s done this twenty times and she’s still only making babies? With that much practice, she should be shooting out fully armed warriors for Christ. Until then, I remain unimpressed.

  50. smh

    this one is just going to swim out.

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