Michelle Duggar Had A Miscarriage

December 9th, 2011 // 158 Comments
Michelle Duggar
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Michelle Duggar
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Michelle Duggar is a 45-year-old mother of 19 children – the last one, Josie, born prematurely just two years ago, almost killing both mother and daughter – so medically speaking, a 20th pregnancy should’ve gone awesome. Except it didn’t, so just assume one of her children angered God by bringing a Harry Potter book into their compound which may sound terrible to say about a woman who just suffered a miscarriage except it’s no more crazy than her statement to People:

The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.

“Sometimes God kills babies, and that’s okay.” That’s what Michelle Duggar just said. In 2011, if you haven’t figured out that sometimes shit just happens without the aid of supernatural forces, you might as well live in a cave and stir a pig’s entrails with a stick to divine the weather because clearly modern society has nothing to offer you with all it’s logic and reason. Or Satan’s sloppy, loose concubines if I’m free to speak your language.

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  1. No way he’s had sex 20 times

  2. dotmatrix

    “The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.”

    Wow. This means God is surrounded by millions of miscarried fetuses. Eeewww.

    • “The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.”

      I´ve never understood that concept so I sure is hell cant find comfort in it.When people use these shitty “catchphrases” to justify all the crappy things that happen to them and others,I have to wonder if these people are right in the head.
      I mean..”yeah,god just took my child away,but I still love him”.WTF!?
      These freak shows make “god” sound like an abusive ass hole who,no matter what,gets his ass kissed.. and then THEY wonder why WE laugh at the Christian religion o.0

      Stop using god to justify everything you idiots! Shit happens.

  3. Mama Pinkus

    give it a rest, Michelle

  4. TiredOfDoubleStandards

    So…you must be anti-abortion? Because how can you rag on her for thinking that the loss of her child was God’s plan but condone the murder of children by mothers who just don’t feel it convenient to birth a child.

  5. Gigos

    These people may be fools, but that fucking sucks.

  6. bo

    As far as I can tell (granted I don’t know much about them) this family takes care of themselves on their own without outside assistance, so it is up to them how many kids they have. That being said….they have chosen to put themselves in the spotlight so they can’t really expect people not to have opinions on their situation. It’s sad she had a miscarriage, but it’s even sadder that she believes the only good way to live is to put your body into that much stress and risk your life because it’s what god wants you to do. I mean what would happen if she died and all those kids were left with no mom? That’s what god would have wanted? Sad.

  7. Blessed Mommy

    Wow!! only some of you say dont make fun out of miscarriages!!! I’m going through one… my second child. i was 7 weeks & 3 days. its not fun nor funny! its Horrible! i pray that each & every one of you do not go through the loss of an unborn later then 4 days later having it come out of you then popping it right in front of you while the emboroyo starts coming out! making sure it was the gestational sac! & it was!! i rest assured knowing my unborn is in God’s hands! I only plan on having one more! i wanted 2. i got my boy! but seriously its not funny! & God will get you back for making fun of her! what?? like I’m scared of this comment bullshit??? you guys need too knock it off. yeah i agree she needs too give her body a break but do you guys have too hurt her more then whats shes going through? leave her alone!! & Abortions are not funny either! & God Is not an abortionist! He gives Us Life & brings us Home! too get us away from this corrupted evil world!

    • kara

      thank you for saying this…i have lost 6 children 3 miscarriages and 3 I had to bury…..its about time some people learn a lesson

  8. TracyJ

    I always thought religious people where supposed to be the close minded ones. Hmmmm…

  9. Oopps

    Have you ever heard the Duggers comment on overpopulation? Jim Bob said that it’s a myth, that the entire world population could fit in Arkansas……………………………….. It’s not a question of area, but resources! These people make me want to scream!! And some people think they are educating their kids? They are brainwashed.

  10. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    Has no one noticed that Jimbob Duggar is the real life Kenneth of 30 Rock?

  11. tele

    A womb is an organ, not a factory1

  12. kara

    how many of you putting in your two cents worth actually live in near or around the Duggar family??? Well I do, they have their believes and that is that!!!!! Losing a baby is never any thing to make fun of it just shows that you have never experienced the loss of a baby or had to lay your beloved child in the ground…It is not funny it is LIFELONG pain and heartache….I have had losses from stillbirth to miscarriage so dont talk about something you have no first hand knowledge of…And if i ever carry to term and continue to do so I may have more kids than you think is “right” but you know what when you want what you have and you lose it…it changes your heart and mind and yes I have lost 6….So be careful who you make fun of…And it has always been my opinion and belief that everyone is put to here for a predetermined amount of time to touch people and do a certain job and some just get that job sooner….And she is right “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord”!!!!!!

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