Michelle Duggar Had A Miscarriage

December 9th, 2011 // 158 Comments
Michelle Duggar
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Michelle Duggar
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Michelle Duggar is a 45-year-old mother of 19 children – the last one, Josie, born prematurely just two years ago, almost killing both mother and daughter – so medically speaking, a 20th pregnancy should’ve gone awesome. Except it didn’t, so just assume one of her children angered God by bringing a Harry Potter book into their compound which may sound terrible to say about a woman who just suffered a miscarriage except it’s no more crazy than her statement to People:

The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.

“Sometimes God kills babies, and that’s okay.” That’s what Michelle Duggar just said. In 2011, if you haven’t figured out that sometimes shit just happens without the aid of supernatural forces, you might as well live in a cave and stir a pig’s entrails with a stick to divine the weather because clearly modern society has nothing to offer you with all it’s logic and reason. Or Satan’s sloppy, loose concubines if I’m free to speak your language.

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  1. Carles

    I’ll think it’s cool to pick on a woman that just had a miscarriage when…no…I won’t ever think it’s cool to pick on a woman that just had a miscarriage.

    No matter how much you hate Christians, it’s just not cool.

    • rantatonne

      I think its cool to state when its not cool to joke when…. why people think everyone should be held to their ‘when it cool’ standards is odd. how many things do you laugh about that others consider not cool?

      • Rock on

        God the abortionist… yep, as an atheist, I think it sounds like what I’ve come to expect in terms of excuses from the Christian wrong.

    • Richard

      yeah look at all you hateful idiots on this site. commenting on here because Fish is just like fools. a sad bigot with no life.

    • Grand Dragon

      If you don’t make fun of everything then you shouldn’t make fun of anything, I say. It’s the only 100% fair thing.

    • D-chi

      I agree. It is deplorable to make fun of a woman who just had a miscarriage, even if you disagree with her life philosophies. That’s awful, Fish. Seriously.

      • D-chi

        Let me add, I think a lot of what Fish says is funny (albeit mostly the messed-up kind of funny). He can exercise all the free speech he wants. I’m just saying that in this particular instance he crossed a line.

      • Richard McBeef

        I agree. Let’s just stick to making fun of women that just had abortions.

        Fucking pussies.

      • Jim Jones

        How is making fun of someone being a batshit crazy Christian any different from making fun of a batshit crazy Scientologist? Just different flavors of Kool Aid.

    • Colin

      Except that Fish already pointed out when they announced the pregnancy that it was probably a bad idea. And he’s not picking on her as much as her husband is by using her as a baby factory. I mean, her last baby spent four months in the hospital when she was born… maybe that’s the point where you stop.

      • kimmykimkim

        The point where you stop having babies should come way before your family becomes so large that it requires its own zip code and post office. Besides, how the hell could anything inhabit her womb anyway with all the babies that have been in there? Sometimes, you should quit remodeling the fucking building and just tear it down. In other words, she’s too damn old to be having babies and anybody who thought this TWENTIETH baby would actually make it to term, is just as crazy as the fucking Duggars. They have 19 goddamn children! Like they really needed another? Sometimes, this “god” character just knows best.

    • EricLr

      No, but it is cool to pick on her husband for treating her like a human soda machine because he thinks Jesus wants him to create an clone army of wild-eyed religious zealots.

      • Jackie

        Parents who are willing to try and bring a child into the world when they had more than enough warning that the baby’s chances of good health were slim to none even before conception absolutely deserve more than to be made fun of. This woman is turning a blind eye to the fact that her body is worn out and no longer capable of healthy pregnancy because the freak show that is her uterus continues to make her family a nice income. For the babies’ sake, and for the sake of the children they already have, I hope all of her future pregnancies wise up and abort themselves.

      • Bane

        She just wasn’t trying hard enough.

    • Reading is Sexy

      You’re wrong: It’s fucking hysterical.


      Because they believe that what she just did is murder. Life begins at conception for them. They want to put all women like her behind bars, so the fact that she miscarried & is walking free should be the source of constant mocking & derision.

      • “They” believe nothing of the kind – just that God had a reason to take the baby. If you want to troll it helps if you don’t have a room temperature IQ.

    • dotmatrix

      I have no problem with this item. When you stick yourself in the spotlight like these two have done, you become a target, so if your, or anyone else’s, feelings get hurt, then tough shit, it’s part of the game. It’s a free country, we all have every right to make fun of such attention whores.

    • Sliver

      I just want to respond to that “modern society with its logic and reason” comment. Modern life has its own quiet desperation. It does not feel logical (sending aid money to countries who don’t need it while our own people are homeless) or reasonable (endless rings of pedophilia). I’m sure you have your own examples. Despite some of the good things about this precious modernity, there are times I really loathe it. And people don’t value life anymore. They don’t know what it is worth.

    • Heyzeus Hosay



      Baby’s die all the time. Women miscarriage quite often. Get the fuck over it. These people are a pestilence on the planet and should procreate more responsibly and in privacy.

  2. JC

    The Lord sayeth, “Seriously, cut it out. Do you really think I designed your uterus for this kind of shit? And stop blabbing all the time about stuff I supposedly said. You’re getting it all wrong, and it’s just embarrassing for the both of Us.”

    • Jim Jones

      Yeah, you’d think between this and the last kid, they’d take it as a sign from their god that he didn’t want them to have any more damn kids.

    • Sliver

      My mother had 9 miscarriages…it is typically caused by nutritional deficiencies (65% of the time) nothing more. It is not generally a sign of anything else. I would never have 20 kids…it would be overwhelming (not to mention the affect on your body…your female parts would be dangling outside their structure, annoying and very uncomfortable). Plus, kids are loud and require a lot of attention. 2 will be enough for me. Nature does reward a woman when she has kids after 40. I am not saying I agree or disagree with the amount of children they are having, however, for each child you have after 40, your chances of living to 100 or older shoots up by about 400%, something around that. Yes, it is scientific. Nature doesn’t care about morality, environmental concerns, or any of it. Yes, nature is a whore.

  3. Rico Jones

    They will no doubt try again.

  4. Yeah, umm. I don’t hate Christians, in fact I am one. However I can say this, this family is crazy and they represent so many things wrong with this world. I hope she is never able to conceive again. 19 and counting? REALLY?!?!?

    • Plurp

      So whats the problem Rob? Is the family poor and mooching off the government? Are her kids criminals? Is she an uneducated hood rat whose kids have 10 different fathers? Oh, are you upset that she hasn’t had any abortions? This family is raising the kids on their own, not bothering anybody, not taking welfare. There is one father and he is part of the family. The kids are educated and responsible. There is nothing to be pissed off at, unless you are either jealous and hate the fact they can make it on their own, or you are a retarded liberal that has to hate on anything related to God. You are no Christian.

      • You are another piece to the ‘wrong with this world’ puzzle.

      • cc

        The fact is that a) these people are not mooching because of the revenue from their reality tv show….God knows (pun intended) how well they’d be doing if it were not for that, and b) 21 people (almost 22) living in a western economy have a HUGE environmental footprint. Having that many kids it irresponsible.

        The fact is, they are religious zealots.

      • Plurp

        Of course, libtard rob has no reply. Just more of his “Im a Christian” hatred.

      • what?

        plurp, i believe you just got zinged.

      • Plurp

        CC, the family was doing just fine with ~14 -15 kids before they were put on TV. The husband has made a mint in real estate, I believe. But hey, it doesn’t matter how well the family is doing, they must be killing the planet with their CO2 output. Typical “tolerant” libtard.

      • Candee

        @Plurp The problem is Michelle almost lost her life having the last baby So you think its ok for her and her dumbass husband to get pregnant again and risk leaving 19 other children motherless ?How self centered can you be. If that’s good Christian values you can keep it.

      • Jim Jones

        The reason these people deserve derision is because of the sheer selfishness in having such a huge family. Over-population is a serious issue in today’s world, and for one family to be so egregious and take so many resources from other families is an offense to all of humanity. Or something like that.

      • @Plurp – I hadn’t commented all day because unlike some, I have a job where I am unable to troll forums all day. Cheers

      • Alyssa

        Um, PLurp & CC:

        She almost DIED last time and the baby too. Then all those kids, I believe there are something like 14 of them that are under 18, would be denied a ‘mother’ figure. Then who raises the kids? teh eldest daughters? How about they go about being kids?
        It’s a zoo, and im sure the daughters are currebtly being brainwashed into being baby cannons too instead of being individuals.

        I wonder what the population of teh earth would be in 20 years if everyone had 20 kids…

    • Meridian

      Notice how it’s always the “Christians” like Plurp who throw out vile and baseless names like “tard”.

      • Plurp

        Notice how it is the tolerant left who throw out hate and violence to everyone who doesn’t agree with them or lead their lives like they believe they should.

      • KateinVA

        @CC This couple had 14 kids and no debt before the first TV special was ever done on them. They have several businesses, real estate licenses, and own several commercial properties they rent out. Yes, they generate income from the show – like every other person who makes a television program – but the Duggars’ financial house was in order long before their last name became notable.

      • Skinny

        @Meridian I’m not a christian and I also like to throw out the word ‘tard’. Sometimes I also add the prefix ‘fuck’. Does that mess with your theory?

      • James

        Environmental footprint? Some people are sooooooo frigging STUPID!!! You make fun of people for being Christians and you bring up the hokus pokus environmental and overpopulation bullshit???? Go shoot your fucking selves in the head.

    • Reading is Sexy

      Well, since most Christian philosophy says that everyone should live like them, yeah, I’m intolerant of that.

      • timmy the dying boy

        Wow, Plurp, what are you doing hanging around a site like this? You’d be far happier at someplace like Godtube, don’t you think?

        PS. I am not a Christian. BOOGA BOOGA!!

    • "Theres no crying in roughing" Tom Hanks

      Sexy reader? Would that be a charge of involuntary of fetus slaughter?

    • Tempo36

      Yup James…all that overpopulation stuff is just bullshit. The liberal media trying to scare us into not having children and using fewer resources…

  5. welldoneson

    anybody who pops out more than, say, 4 or 5 kids is really, really fucked in their mind. and it takes two, so mommy and daddy are BOTH fucked in their minds.

  6. michelle

    I feel badly for her and her family.

    • Plurp

      Again, why? Her family is just fine. If she is not a moocher or a criminal or abusive, why do you care if she has 19 kids?

      • They are INSANE! Have you even seen the show?!

      • Cock Dr

        We live in an overpopulated planet with diminishing resources. This kind of “pursuit of happiness” is just plain stupid and irresponsible.

      • Plurp

        Are you going to have a family, or are you going to abort them for mother earth? If you are sooooo concerned about this family killing the planet with their kids, why don’t you kill yourself and make a difference?

      • Richard McBeef

        You should feel happy. God has a way of sorting out chromosomal mismatches into a truck stop toilet.

      • Cock Dr

        You comment like a good true Christian.

      • JC

        Dear Plurp,

        Here’s why you’re an idiot: This has nothing to do with whether they’re on welfare or have enough money. They have 19 kids and are trying for more because they believe they should blanket the Earth with their own seed. That’s stupid, but even that’s not the problem. How much time do you think these parents spend one-on-one with any of these kids on a daily basis? Even if Mrs. Uterus Cannon cut out all sleeping, eating, shitting, and showering, there’d stil be no time left in the day. That hurts their kids, and that hurts all of us, because we’ll have to deal with it when one of these fuckwits decides to shoot up a shopping mall. And let’s face it, with 19 kids, the odds are pretty good one or more of them is going to have problems.

        They’re selfish assholes who clearly don’t care about their kids all that much, or otherwise they’d have had a number in the single digits that they could have actually put some emotional investment into instead of continually risking their own health, particularly the mother’s, but desperately trying to crap out more kids.

      • kimmykimkim

        Plurp, telling people they should kill themselves is soooo funny and what a good point you make! Now, get back to class before the principle finds you roaming the halls again, you little rascal. You don’t want detention, do you?

      • blah


        Not everything is about your retarded politics.

      • Alyssa

        It’s not like they even have children out of love, it the quiverfull movement which believes in OUTBREEDINGH the shit out of other religions – have 20 kids, they each have 20 kids, and ina few generations you have exponential numbers -

        except the children who come out of this probably would probably kill themselves before having 20 kids.

        I bet they’re most likely turned off by it

  7. Miss Moppet

    Wow I’m really uncomfortable talking smack about someone who just lost a child. I’m an atheist but if there is ever a time to cling to your religious beliefs, it’s after you’ve lost a child (even a potential one).

    When you are raised to believe that everything is orchestrated by a magical man in the sky it’s not weird that you’d assume that he must have some kind of plan and then cling to that when tragedy strikes. If I believed in a magic man living in the clouds and jamming on harp music, I probably wouldn’t want to admit to myself that maybe, just maybe, he’s winging it. That’d be too scary. I’d cling to a belief that he has a plan and that this is part of it.

  8. Jack Ketch

    Probably merciful. Time to lay off.

  9. Hugh Gentry

    he needs to learn how to pull out and aim for her eyes.

  10. God is Black

    To the 1st post, hating the Duggars is no way linked to Christianity. I was raised a Christian and I don’t hate the Duggars due to their religion. As far as I’m concerned they could be Scientologist/Nazi Supporters I would not give a shit but to have 20 kids and nearly die trying is FUCKED UP! Poor shit families who have 5+ kids in 3rd world countries do so because a few of them die before reaching 5 yrs old due to shitty conditions etc. No social services, medicare in a dirt village. All the kids count as an extended family to work and look after the parents when they get older, a cultural thing. A slim chance of going to school ,let alone high school so they work on the village farm until you drop dead. No Fucken way related to the Duggars!

    • Sliver

      I know about poverty…poor people don’t have those kids so much for the thought-out reasons you listed. It’s simple, really. When you’re poor, there’s nothing to do except work and fuck. The availability of birth control, let alone the impetus/knowledge to use it is low. The simplest reason is usually the truest.

  11. ahmacrom

    Yeah you might go to hell the religious say. That’s like a hippy getting angry at you and punching you in the aura

  12. Deacon Jones

    I’m staying out of this thread….

    Seacrest, OUT.

  13. Donald Trump

    Sorry to be cruel, but really, who gives a shit? This bitch has bread more babies than an Ethiopian mother. Sew up her snatch.

  14. CreepyThinMan

    BOO FUCKING WHOO, I guess these fundie Christian fanatics will have to console themselves with the other 19 fucking drones she shat out of her filthy sewer of a cunt. To bad this cunt didn’t die.

  15. Michelle Duggar has been pregnant for 14.25 years…..That’s 32% of her entire life. The last child nearly killed her, and now she’s lost this one. Call it devine intervention…..she was not meant to carry.

    19 is enough.

  16. To Fish (or whoever authored this post): I think you’ve lost sight of why people come here.
    We’re here for the boobs and celebrity bashing. If I wanted religion bashing I’d go to Bill Maher’s site.

    • Well, if you come here for the boobs, then this post isn’t entirely irrelevant. Remember how Kelly Brook’s boobs swelled after her miscarriage? Maybe that’ll happen with Michelle Duggar now. She’s kinda cute, I can see myself ogling her a little.

      Fish, stay on this important story—will Michelle Duggar’s breasts balloon up?

  17. Bane

    Love the “I’m going to heaven and you’re not” smiles on their faces.

    Other than that, I don’t give a shit if she draws another breath let alone has another baby.

    We need more pics of hot girls in bikinis, side boobs and upskirts. Not Adam and Eve. Unless Eve is Halle Berry with her legs spread.

    • What? Bam!!!

      No Bane — that’s Heaven ;)

      • What? Bam!!!

        Well, Trish, I totalled my car today, whilst working.

        Some asshole with a “WWJD” sticker decided to come to a dead stop in the middle of a three-lane highway instead of merge into traffic.

        Apparently, “WWJD” did not take driving lessons.

  18. Trish

    So you’re saying it’s unreasonable for her to turn to her faith for comfort and to find a reason for the loss of her unborn child?

    She’s not telling you to agree with her. It’s just what she believes and what helps get her through something that is obviously tragic for their family.

    Let me know when you’re going through something tragic so I can shit all over whatever helps you get through it. I’d love to.

    • Fish Is Angry Inside


      I like the humor in this site, but when it turns into constant attacking off people’s beliefs, and it does, it comes off as bitter and from a very angry person- not light-hearted, as we enjoy.

      Also, since I bothered to type, I’ll add that if you are so cool as to attack “religion,” I want to know why you never attack anything other than Christian. Reaaaaaalllly brave of you, Superficial. Attack only the religion that it’s PC to attack. Where are the Allah jokes? Where are the posts about those fanatics to mock? Pu$$y.

      • Oh, “PC” amd “Pu$$y” my fuckin’ ass. BTW, only a pussy puts in dollar signs when they type “pussy”.

        When Muslim fundies get their own reality show and pump out 19 little potential hadjis, Fish will be there. So far the percentage of Hasidic, Buddhist or Muslim extremists that have attempted to influence our laws regarding basic civil rights, prayer in schools, marriage and other legal arenas has been pretty low – it’s primarily been fundamentalist, evangelical Christians who want their beliefs to extend beyond the pulpit and be reflected in the courts, schools and everyday life.

        Everyone should be allowed to worship according to their beliefs, but when you start waving a copy of whatever scripture drives your particular bus and start declaring that we should all follow it and your particular God’s laws should be our secular laws because YOU know it’s right, then don’t go whining about how unfair it is amd how other religions should be attacked first when people try to shoot out the tires and try to run your bus into a ditch.

      • Alyssa

        Dude, all religions are crap, adn have caused nothing but trouble.

        The only thing they’re good for is a) justifying behaviours that are totally contrary to common sense and b) makig yourself feel beeter about having to die some day.

        Seriously, we’re all going to die some day. Accept it, then move on with your life…

    • Matrim

      “So you’re saying it’s unreasonable for her to turn to her faith for comfort and to find a reason for the loss of her unborn child? ”

      Unreasonable? I suppose not. Fucking stupid? Absolutely. Aside from the fact that it is completely unsupported by evidence, it paints a picture of a reprehensible god.

  19. Car Thief

    Every sperm is saaaacreeed…

  20. "Theres no crying in roughing" Tom Hanks

    With 19 kids, you realize there’s enough lineage to witness earth’s next collide with an asteroid? She’s so much close to science than she thinks.

  21. I would be far more impressed if these people helped disadvantaged children than continue to hit COPY on their genetic copy machine.

  22. Frank Burns

    Your views interest me, and I’d like to read your brochure. Specifically, more about the sloppy, loose concubines.

  23. Satan's bitch

    Oh, those Duggars. The blessed purveyors of God’s word, filled with Christian beneficence. Angels should sing every time one of them opens their mouths. Or legs.

    Seriously, people. The reason they went on this littering the earth with offspring spree is because she had a miscarriage way back 20-some years ago. Clown car vagina woman and the sperminator are going to keep trying until her uterus literally falls from her vagina with a big, wet, juicy plop. Then I wanna read the story on Yahoo’s front page and hear them tell me it’s “God’s will.”

    Fuck you righteous fuckwits. Keep on keeping ‘em honest, Fish!!

    • Richard McBeef

      If your man wasn’t, you know satan, I would come and try to steal you.

    • milomilo

      the sad thing is her uterus has prolapsed three times before, so that won’t stop them

      • no fool

        That’s seriously gross. It’s shows how unimportant her husband thinks she is. Just a baby-maker, that is all. I read she used to be normal and was a cheerleader, but religion got the best of her.

      • I’m sure when she stands up, it’s literally almost to her knees. Her last baby was in the hospital for a good length of time (and who knows what developmental problems it’ll have) and I’m sure there are complications regarding her own health by trying to pop out number 20.
        They obviously read the bit about “be fruitful and multiply” but it appears they sort of glossed over the part about not tempting the Lord by putting yourself in really foolish situations and expecting Him to take care of you.

      • Richard McBeef

        I had your coordinates from day one.

      • Sliver

        her uterus has prolapsed 3 times? Not that I find it hard to believe, but get it straight…unless it was repaired, it would have simply prolapsed and that is that.

  24. mrsmass

    sorry, but it’s fair game. if these dickwads didn’t put their shit all over tv, they wouldn’t have to tell the world they had a miscarriage.

  25. it had to be said

    Weak sauce, Fish. Just move on. Miscarriages are manifestly not funny or entertaining.

  26. They can always adopt.

  27. S

    Pretty horrible you would make a joke out of miscarriage.
    No one deserves that kinds of hurt.

    • no fool

      Come on, with the mega-litter of kids she’s got, what’s a little miscarriage, really? When you have that many kids, you’re already showing the world that you don’t give a damn about children. You just want to procreate without birth control and claim it’s God’s doing.

      • S

        Better to be thought a fool and then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Sorry, I don’t fight on the internet, so you’ll need to comment on someone’s post.

      • no fool

        Oh, don’t worry. There’s no doubt about your stupidity.

  28. Johnny P!

    At this point, banging her must feel like kicking a hotdog down a hallway…

  29. no fool

    Diehard Christians, such as Michelle Duggar, are a weird bunch. God is the reason for everything, good and bad. Why can’t they just make peace with the nature of life itself and stop attributing things to a rather silly (and obscenely spiteful, if you read the Bible) invisible, magical being? And why must they continue having so many babies to please God? Can’t Michelle just be happy with the children she already has? She has so many, there’s no way in hell she’s devoting enough quality time to each one. Poor kids.

  30. At what point are they going to move into a giant shoe?

    “By God, we’re gonna have 25 kids, or die tryin! Praisejesusholynameamen.”

  31. nah, i got nothin

  32. Sheppy

    Could this be considered abortion? Given a priori knowledge of the situation.
    I think so. Pretty much inevitable outcome.

  33. I am sorry for her loss..but,why on earth would she even go for the 20th kid after what happened to number 19?? Is she going to die trying? Seriously? Her husband should be tied down and FIXED.

    In my honest opinion,I have no idea why *any* couple would want to put such a huge amount of pressure and strain on their own relationship by having so many kids anyway.
    My husband and I have 3,and we LOVE them to death (obviously lol)..but with each kid,the relationship has to adapt.You have less time and energy for intimacy,and every moment of every day begins to revolve around the kids (if you´re doing it properly of course and not just dumping the responsability fo the younger kids onto the older ones).Date nights?? What´s that? Where´s the time? Quietly watching TV,having dinner or just walking quietly around a store?? Forget that.Leaving the house quickly? Nope.Treating yourself to something nice every now and again? No way.
    Kids = CHAOS!

    I dont see how any one in their right mind would want 19+ kids..it sounds insane to me.Mrs Duggar is going to go from popping out her own kids to breastfeeding her freakin grandbabies..that doesnt sound like much of a quality life to me.So she´s had alot of sex?? Big whoop.The poor woman has done nothing but lay on her back since she was 20.Barefoot and pregnant is so 1960´s…

    • falling uterus

      I bet she has an addiction to birthing babies and uses the “I am a God believer and must not use birth control” card to cover for her addiction.

  34. Oogidyboogidy

    The BEST part about this stupid “quiver full” CULT is that, statistically speaking, at least ONE of them is gay (probably more).

    I can’t wait to see what kind of schism this causes in Jim-Bob’s little tax-exempt cult/family.

  35. Oogidyboogidy

    Oh and for all of you wondering “why would they go for another child”, stop what you are doing and google “quiver full” right now.

    They are a CULT. Their purpose is to OUT BREED the rest of us. And the Duggar cultists are not the only family doing this. But I guarantee you that every one of these cult/families are Republican and tax-exempt because they declare themselves a “church” (just like Jim Bob Billy-Bob did).

    • falling uterus

      Too bad atheists actually care about preserving Earth. Otherwise, we’d be out making lots of babies, too, just for vanity’s sake. Quality over quantity rules, people!

      (And note for quiver full people: just because you raise your kids in your religion doesn’t mean they’ll stick with it as an adult.)

  36. Quiverfull:
    Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
    and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
    As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
    so are children of the youth.
    Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:
    they shall not be ashamed,
    but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
    To me? Sounds like a bunch of bullshit thought up by a man..or “mighty man” as this stupid little poem says.
    You know,because the more kids he has,the more “macho” he is.
    Being as its appropriate for a man to walk around with his dick stuck to his face for all to see,having 75thousand kids is just the next best thing right? Hmmmm….I smell testosterone.I must have this man inside me!


    • It’s not a poem, it’s Psalm 127, and for fundamentalists, it’s the word of God and it’s meant to be followed literally.

      Of course, back then God, if he was speaking at all, was speaking to a tribal system, and it helped if you could breed your own army – or nation. The big disconnect here is that back in the day a “mighty man” accomplished that with multiple wives and concubines. And he had to be wealthy enough to support them. A good number of them would die in childbirth, and you’d also have a good number of miscarriages, stillbirths and a high infant mortality rate while you built that family-dependent army.

      A man who didn’t have herds and an income couldn’t afford a lot of wives to start with, so he tended not to pump out a buttlload of kids to begin with, but if he got lucky and his wife was a baby Pez dispenser, and he had a lot of male kids that lived, they could be put to work and his “house” might get somewhere economically.

  37. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    At first I thought this was the poor man’s version of Jack McBrayer and Tina Fey doing a bible-belt rendition of 30 Rock. But now that I think about it, she’s more Judah Friedlander than Tina Fey.

  38. EricLr

    Upon hearing of the Duggar’s plans, Jesus was quoted as saying “Jesus fucking CHRIST!”

  39. kimmykimkim

    Whomp, whomp, whooooomp!

  40. Bane

    How old is their oldest daughter? He could start working on her or double up and nail them both to reach 21 quicker.

  41. Venom

    This family is psychotic and sick.

  42. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s been pregnant 21 times in 23 years, and we’re supposed to be surprised she had a miscarriage? At this point the babies just fall out when the umbilical cord can no longer hold their weight.

  43. Grand Dragon

    I’d just like to say that Jessa Duggar is a hot piece. Thank you.

  44. What a joke. This family actually follows the Quiverfull movement. Which is insane and cult-like. Not only that but the only reason they’re able to “”provide”" for their family is through the two books they’ve “”written”" and the fact that they get a TON of hand outs. I’m all for people following their own religion and doing positive things but I think the Duggars got steered the wrong way into loonyland.

  45. TheListener

    I don’t care if you’re an atheist, agnostic, or religious person, it’s in bad taste to make a joke about someone’s miscarriage. Not funny.

  46. Donald Trump

    We need to stope these types of people from breeding anyway. They degrade the gene pool.

  47. Donald Trump

    For fuck sake, they look related. Are we sure these two are not bother & sister?

  48. AngusParvo

    Did she just call God an abortionist?

  49. Terry

    I hate to say it but that baby found out that it would have been numero 20 in a broke ass house with not enough titty juice to go around. It said fuck this shit and made a noose out of the umbilical cord. That hoe is deranged. Worse than fucking octo mom.

  50. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    Take it easy … I love this website but miscarriage is a terrible thing, for anyone, no matter your situation.

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