Michael Vick’s reality show is actually happening

In case anyone needed further proof that reality TV is the seventh cockring of Satan, Michael Vick is getting his own reality show on BET. But don’t worry, it’ll be totally serious considering it’s essentially a giant PR move so he can get back on some Wheaties boxes. The LA Times reports:

“I just want people to really get to know me as an individual,” Vick said last week in an interview from his home in Philadelphia. “What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being. I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I wish it had never happened. But it’s not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up.”
Producers of the Vick series emphasized the program should be considered a docu-series — not a typical reality show like VH-1’s “The T.O. Show,” which revels in the excesses of its flamboyant star, wide receiver Terrell Owens. The tone of Vick’s show, say producers, will be serious and somber as it focuses on his personal struggles since his release, including the strains on his relationships with his fiancée, Kijafa Frink, and his children. It will also revisit the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., where Vick spent 1 1/2 years behind bars and the Virginia property where he ran and financed a dogfighting ring.

Michael Vick says it’ll be a “blueprint for kids” in dealing with adversity. Because I can’t remember how many times in my childhood I was peer pressured into gambling thousands of my NFL dollars on dogfights. No, really, it seemed like every time I tried to do my homework on the bus someone’s whipping a pitbull out of their backpack and I end up getting yelled at for losing my Super Bowl ring. Again.

NOTE: Scope out The Onion on Michael Vick. It reads like fucking Shakespeare.

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