Michael Phelps had ‘a beer’ before crash

Michael Phelps had “a beer” about an hour before getting in an accident in Baltimore on Thursday. People reports:

Investigators found that the Accord’s driver, Amanda E. Virkus, was at fault for the crash. She will be cited for failure to obey a red light, and for causing an accident.
Phelps will be cited for driving with an invalid, out-of-state license. When police arrived on scene following the mishap, the Olympic swimmer presented an invalid Michigan drivers license. According to a police source, the Michigan license was no good because Phelps did not pay an earlier fine for not showing proof of insurance. “It looks like he didn’t pay a reinstatement fee, and the license was suspended,” the source said.

As someone who’s told the police on several occasions I’ve only had one beer, I believe Michael Phelps. Now had he said he only sucked one shot of Jager out of a stripper’s navel, I’d have to call him a liar. You do at least ten of those or you have no business being in a bar. I don’t care how awesome the cheese fries are.

Photo: Getty