Michael Lohan’s paternity test delayed

Michael Lohan has a while to go before he finds out if he really did father a love child. The paternity test has been delayed and awaits a court order to proceed. Michael has admitted to having an affair with Kristi Kaufman who is the mother of the supposed missing Lohan, Ashley Kaufman. Michael had written the girl letters while in prison and basically said, “Shit. She’s mine.” However, he seems to be changing his tune, according to E! News:

He adds that their relationship was brief and that Kaufman moved in with a new boyfriend shortly thereafter. It’s that man, Michael alleges, who is the likely father.
“The timing is just off,” Lohan said. “If she’s mine, I’ll take responsibility. But I wasn’t with her nine months before Ashley was born.”
Lohan said he’s disappointed the test results will take longer than he initially thought.
“But I’ll do whatever it takes to find out,” he says. “Everyone will know the truth soon.”

Michael’s probably sweating things now because he’s staring down the barrel of an assload of child support and can’t get his hands on that Lindsay money. That said, typically, most guys start praying to the God of Doin’ It* that they didn’t get a woman pregnant right after intercourse, but 13 years later is better than never, I suppose. Though one time I said “I hope I didn’t get you pregnant” to a chick before we even had sex – and then we didn’t, so Mission: Accomplished. I win!

*Lorenzo Lamas.

Photos: Splash News