Michael Lohan’s ex used recorded calls to have him arrested

December 15th, 2009 // 23 Comments

Seen here posing for his mug shot, Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for criminal contempt of court after calling ex-fiance Erin Muller who was apparently smart enough to use Michael’s favorite tactic against him. TMZ reports:

Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend fears Lindsay Lohan’s dad “will do bad things to me and my family” — this, after, Michael allegedly called her in a jealous fit.
According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Erin Muller claims Michael first called her at 11:30 AM on Sunday and “started harassing me, questioning me who I have ‘been with, who’s car was currently in my drive way,’ things like that.”
Erin told Suffolk County Police the first call lasted two minutes and the second lasted five — and that she recorded both conversations.

Somewhere Lindsay, Dina and Jon Gosselin just pissed themselves laughing – then tried to sell the story to Extra. “It was yellow and warm. GIVE ME THE MONEY!”


  1. Dude

    This guy sucks

  2. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    Nice gene pool in that Lohan family.

  3. chupacabra

    he’s a dumb fuck AND an ex-con. where does he belong? in prison.

  4. dos

    what an ugly family.

  5. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    Nice gene pool in that Lohan family.

  6. fldgjds

    talk about “what goes around comes around”

  7. Sport


  8. Dave ain't here, man

    Can I just say… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. jjdaddyo


  10. 1derwoman

    I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  11. r k

    Nice to know that this douchebag is on the receiving end of what he has been giving.

  12. Apkar

    @ 8
    I’ll co-sign on that BWAHAHAHAHA!

  13. Mr. Johnson


    Fucker got what’s coming to him!

    Not that I’m on anybody’s side here, but still, karma is a BITCH!

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  15. That is a sad story. For celebrities its a very common thing breakups and new hookups. He should have been smart enough to see it coming.

  16. Tuppy

    Throw away the key!

  17. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  18. spicy

    wowww he really deserved that. go girlfriend, lovin this trend of powerful women snapping back. mm mm mm

  19. EPIC.
    Slam dunk Erin.

    No, really, they shouldn’t persecute this fine Christian minister. They’re attacking him because he loves Jesus!

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    His forehead looks like that thick red penis a woman can only barf on

  21. donnerpartyoffive

    #17, you are a fucking idiot. That aside this dude, who I know next to nothing about, I would really like to kick in the face. He seems like just a total parasite, not like the lose weight and feel better about yourself stomach parasite, but one of those brain parasites. I hope that this is some kind of parole violation that lands him back in prison. Not jail, prison. Where if you’re white and not a nazi you’re fucked.

  22. Treen

    “posing for his mug shot” hahahaha

  23. Yikes … this guy is spooky!

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