Michael Lohan’s ex used recorded calls to have him arrested

Seen here posing for his mug shot, Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for criminal contempt of court after calling ex-fiance Erin Muller who was apparently smart enough to use Michael’s favorite tactic against him. TMZ reports:

Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend fears Lindsay Lohan’s dad “will do bad things to me and my family” — this, after, Michael allegedly called her in a jealous fit.
According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Erin Muller claims Michael first called her at 11:30 AM on Sunday and “started harassing me, questioning me who I have ‘been with, who’s car was currently in my drive way,’ things like that.”
Erin told Suffolk County Police the first call lasted two minutes and the second lasted five — and that she recorded both conversations.

Somewhere Lindsay, Dina and Jon Gosselin just pissed themselves laughing – then tried to sell the story to Extra. “It was yellow and warm. GIVE ME THE MONEY!”