Michael Lohan is a legal expert now

Since he can’t go to the Lindsay well two days in a row, Michael Lohan is in the press again blaming Jon Gosselin’s current trouble on his poor choice of legal counsel. RadarOnline reports:

“From a legal standpoint, I don’t agree with anything being done right now,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com about Jon’s situation.
“First of all, I listened to Kate and I understand exactly where she’s coming from when it comes to paying the bills and taking care of the kids,” he told RadarOnline.com. “I also believe that Jon will not have his kids living with no roof over his head so I think they’ll work something out. However, and this is a big however, whoever his counsel was who advised Jon to do what he did are the ones who should be put on the chopping block.”

Wow. So is it me or did he basically just admit Jon Gosselin took the $200,000 thus contradicting Jon’s public statements of innocence regarding a not-yet-decided legal battle? Mike Lohan, everyone: ace attorney.

Photos: Splash News