Michael Lohan will make a great husband

April 8th, 2010 // 63 Comments

I seriously wasn’t trying to make this a Lohan morning, but I couldn’t pass up these shots of Michael Lohan in Philly last night as he pretends to bang porn star Gina Lynn at a press conference for some celebrity boxing dealie. Even better his new fiancee Kate Major is there to see the face of man who’s done time being allowed near a porn star and, just a reminder, he kicks vaginas for sport.

So on that note, all the best to you two. I see this working out.

Photos: Splash News, WENN


    Is he going for the “Schnieder” look from One Day at a Time?

  2. Natalie

    Wow, I never realized how chunky Kate Major is.

  3. xylus

    Who says the USA doesn’t have an aristocracy? Hail to thee King of the Skeevy!

  4. Isn’t Michael a little beneath Gina Lynn’s station?

    Kate looks terrible.

  5. Deacon Jones

    I can’t believe this guy doesnt get MORE pussy sporting the black dress belt with two cell phone holsters and tucked in wife-beater.

    His fiancee looks like a dead Brook Hogan that’s been bloating in a desert for 2 days

  6. sasha

    OMG he is not attractive. And who is he again? What has he done?

  7. antedeluvian

    toooo much lohan gohan on at the moment!

  8. Courtyardpigeon

    WHO THE FUCK CARES?????????????????



  9. Sport

    I love that he wears a tank top every day showing off his gay ass cheeseball tattoo like its something cool. His man boobs and flabbiness spill out of the sides of his shirt. FAG.

  10. captain america

    “Saturday Night Live”can always use a comedian……….


  11. T-dog

    She’s totally farting on him.

  12. Doogie

    Kate “Sloth” Majors looks like Khloe Kardashian -2.0.

    Sloth, meet Wookie.

    Wookie, meet sloth.

    Let the salad and poop fly!

  13. Jane

    #8 needs a life. And some weed.

    Highlight of his pathetic life is visiting this site.

  14. Irene Barcelo

    Just another mid-life crisis! What a loser and how gross are those pictures.

  15. abby

    Everything they do is creepy. Kate got chubby. I bet her plan is to breed with this guy, in attempts to make her own Lindsey. How do you go from being an editor of a magazine to Vagina Kicker Lohan’s sidekick?

  16. quy rossi

    I love the fact he’s wearing an Ambercrobie hat. In case you already know he’s a douche.

  17. Beeotch

    He is so a Chester the Molester….ick!

  18. lb

    Everything but the banner looks great.

  19. ke

    i just can’t stand the phone holder thingy on this belt

  20. whatinthe

    He looks like he could appear on “America’s Most Wanted” the thought of that guy dry humping me from behind makes me throw up in my mouth.

  21. Ally

    Michael Lohan is white trash. They say women try to end up with a man like their father – well it’s not easy to do better than Michael Lohan unless Lindsay ends up with K Feds older, fatter brother or something. Deadbeat dad of the year for sure!

  22. Rob

    Really an Abercombi hat, wife beater and two fanny pack phones…..Wait I think one of those runs his pacemaker, or maybe in insulin pump. BTW why is his face so damn puffy, he scares the Bejesus out of me.

  23. hateyoufornoreason

    His fiance looks totally humiliated in the last shot. Did the paps make them put on boxing gloves to look like they are fighting over him? How sad and totally pathetic.

  24. r k

    #12 is right on: Kate Majors is a slumming Khloe Kardashian.

    BTW, who the hell pays Michael Lohan to appear at anything for publicity?
    I would think it’d be better business acumen to consider paying this guy to NOT show up to your bar/venue/whatever.

  25. JJ Daddy-O

    a) was this photo call in someone’s basement rec room?
    b) every time I see Lindsey Lohan, I think she’s nuts, then I see her batshit parents and I realize that LL must have the magic power of Baby Jesus to keep from going Texas tower every day.

  26. bar room hero

    slag looks trashy…

    I think my eyes have the herp

  27. chupa

    Holy crap, that woman he’s with looks like SHIIIIIIITTTTT.

    Double chin, retard eyes. She might actually be a dead Brooke Hogan after 3 days of bloat. Has anyone SEEN Brooke the past few days?

    And, as an aside, no wonder Lindsay is completely fucked.

  28. Sport

    I love the multiple phones and PDAs worn proudly on his belt at all times.
    You are VERY important, dude.

  29. The Point!

    Why are people talking about something other than how seriously I would wreck Gina Lynn?

  30. PoisonIvyLeague

    #9 made me laugh for like five minutes straight. Oh man, I needed that today.

  31. Angela D.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but looking at these pics really make me feel sorry for Lindsay. That chick never stood a chance with this d-bag as a father and that schizo for a mother…

  32. This man is disgusting. He’s not a real man and solves his problems with his family in person but goes to Twitter to tell everyone his daughter is seek, and even does press conferences “asking for help” when everything he wants is fame.

    People like him should never become parents it’s really Sad.

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  33. netstarman

    Isn’t he suppose to be a full blooded christian ? He kept showing off the new testament around awhile back. Just wondering .

  34. bitch PLEASE

    they BOTH look like a couple of bummy bitches…

  35. Joe-Z

    the scariest thing about these pics is that, if you don’t look to closely, Gina Lynn almost looks like the blonde Lindsay Lohan in the post below. So these pics are actually showing Michael Lohan doin the nasty with a Lindsay.


  36. JasonStackhouse

    Goodness gracious. Kate Major should never pose next to Gina Lynn or anyone who is hot.

    Not… good.

  37. PostmortemG


    I don´t mind seeing pictures of this guy, if i get to see dumb, hot porn bitches standing next to him. Or something. Whatever. I think I´ll shotgun blast all these subhumans for my own fucking amusement, and then rape the porn bitch´s dead corpse while continuing to blow her body apart with more shotgun blasts. I´m in a good mood today. =D

  38. sam

    who the EFF would marry this guy. he still wears his phone on his belt WTF?
    did he time travel from 1991 just to piss us off?

  39. Ri Donk

    I just love his plastic Chiclet teefs.

  40. Holy cow

    HOLY CRAP. Kate Major looks like a blonde/American Khloe Kardashian.

  41. WTF_


  42. pdxfacehole

    Only douche bags wears a effing phone on their belt. DOH. Retard.

  43. His fiancee looks like a dead Brook Hogan that’s been bloating in a desert for 2 days

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  45. HLM

    #36: You are so right! Love the last picture where Kate Major realizes she looks like a behemoth next to Gina Lynn and tries to “shrink” down to her size. And fails.

    Douche & douchette deserve each other, and a 3 way with the Prince of Douche’s…Jonny boy.

  46. sinequanon

    the only thing that will improve this photo, or its contents, is a fatal heart attack.

  47. Flipper

    Stop wearing an Air Force ball cap!

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