Michael Lohan: Just a reminder, I’m Lindsay’s dad

April 17th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Michael Lohan is pitching a fit in the media because he’s not seeing his kids. He blames his ex-wife Dina for blocking access to Cody, Ali and Lindsay. He’s mostly concerned about Lindsay because, according to his interview on Showbiz Tonight (video after the jump), she needs a father figure to put his foot down or else she’ll end up drinking all the world’s booze. SWEET NADS OF THOR! We gotta get these two together pronto! A girl needs her daddy and all that shit. Listen up, I’ve got some duct tape. I’m pretty sure it’s flame-retardant. *checks* Yep, we’re golden. Okay, someone needs to make a trail of blow leading into my trunk…

Photos: Flynet

  1. ken


  2. kaeley

    ohhh lilo

  3. Burger

    Lindsay who?

  4. Of course he misses Lindsay most of all. There’s nothing quite like fucking your firstborn.

  5. ph7

    I miss the drunk, coked up, banging-any-guy- to-get-through-the-night Lohan.

    Party girls who love to fuck always get my attention.

  6. sandwich maker

    all the worlds booze? Try to take it Lindsey, from my cold, sweaty, shaking, lack of circulating fingers!!

  7. Ted Mosby

    She’s 21, no need for parental consent to see Lindsay. More likely she doesn’t want to see his angry drunk ass.

  8. havoc

    Well, thank you Captain Obvious……


  9. BunnyButt

    Too little too late …

  10. Hick-up

    Screw you Lindsay and you too Sandwhich Maker. I’m at the bar down the street and I’ll be dameed, damned if you beat me to all the booooozwq. Damn alcohol.

  11. sandwich maker

    Well, I be damned…..

  12. Jesus H. Christ

    I think he’s repented his ways and is truly a changed man. He only wants to spend time with Lindsay so that he can see her in t-shirts and shorts, preferably when there’s a little bit of a cool breeze. It will revive his memories, and as long as restricts himself to masturbatory reliving, it’s no-harm no-foul.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    All the world’s booze? Please. Lindsay is a poseur. She’t got nothing on my gal Tara Reid. Lindsay bow to your Sensei!!

  14. Lindsay got fingered

    #4, crude but classic. And probably true.

    Do you know that at one point he actually threatened to sue Lindsay for alimony? Not Dina, mind you, but Lindsay.

  15. Kat

    absolute should go die. :D

    Happy thoughts.

  16. deacon jones

    Lame week so far Fish, get your shit together

    I wanna tits and ass. Let’s get some bikini pics of Jessica Biel and Elish Cuthbert going, cmon now!

  17. deacon jones is an idiot

    Then go surf porn ya jackass. Anyway, nobody gives a shit what you think…..

  18. Ike

    What’s with these bad resolution pics?

  19. Ike

    haha 18

  20. Bigheadmike

    Bighead sandwich
    Lindsey on one side and Tara on the other.

  21. Zee Brat

    How exactly is Dina keeping Lindsey away?

  22. Harry Ballzack

    He’s whining because they left his drunken ass out of the loop.
    Time for acting all “father-like” was about 10 years ago when he was busy spending his last buck at the local tavern.

    The only one in that freaking brood with any sense is the eldest boy Michael. Who opted for a college education instead of dumbing down for the
    glitz-n-glitter of Hollywood

  23. McGee D

    Lindsay’s looking unbelievably white trash these days. Check the hair. The jeans. The shoes!

  24. FromOutOfNoWhere

    gee, she’s looking really good here. Hey Fish out about some butt shots.

    I could really hook up with this chick. She’ll be a home maker in no time.

  25. Sadie

    She looks like a European in them tight ass pants and high top sneaks.

  26. Sadie

    Oh man, this shit is SO entertaining, makes me feel so much less pathetic reading all these dumbass postings, i mean the guy who runs this site, he’s one funny ass bastard, reminds me of my inner monologue, and anyone who disagrees is a big liar liar European pants and high tops on Fiah!

  27. Anon

    I think her hair looks great

  28. adoe

    #24….just thinkin’ the same thing…she dresses like she’s in the 80′s and her roots look like trash. Blonde hair does NOT match her pasty complexion and orange cheeks. Somebody please tell her.


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  30. GG1000

    Dude, the girl’s 21 years old! Her mother can’t “keep her away.” She doesn’t want to see you, OK? And, might I suggest, that it just might be because you are the world’s biggest jerk!

  31. Anal Fistula

    @30…can I also file a complaint regarding complaints about the SPAM? just curious.

  32. herbiefrog

    yeah spam !


  33. Frank martin

    I saw that Michael Lohan is in this rather freaky horror movie. The Deed To Hell. He preaches in it

  34. Frank martin

    I saw that Michael Lohan is in this rather freaky horror movie. The Deed To Hell. He preaches in it

  35. Frank martin

    I saw that Michael Lohan is in this rather freaky horror movie. The Deed To Hell. He preaches in it

  36. Frank martin

    I saw that Michael Lohan is in this rather freaky horror movie. The Deed To Hell. He preaches in it

  37. Frank martin

    I saw that Michael Lohan is in this rather freaky horror movie. The Deed To Hell. He preaches in it

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