Michael Lohan wants YOU to break up Sam & Lindsay

January 30th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Michael, I’m sorry MIKE Lohan is lamenting the reunion of Lindsay and Samantha Ronson. In a desperate cry for help/attention, he recently took to his blog to call Samantha a gold-digging lesbian who’s ruining Lindsay’s acting career. Enjoy some crazy:

Like I said in the past, “if I see or hear of anyone or anything causing harm or is seen as a threat to my children,” I will speak about it, and do anything I can to try to intervene regardless of the repercussions on me.
With that said, after seeing promise and thanking God for Lindsay’s freedom from SaMANtha’s bondage, I see now, that since SaMANtha has once again, weaseled her way back into Lindsay”s life, things have taken a dark turn.
While I was enthused that Ali was with Lindsay, rather than SaMANtha, I am torn to see that SaMANtha has once again manipulated Lindsay into leaving her little sister in LA, only to join SaMANtha on another DJ gig in Boston.
Was this again, a means for SaMANtha to earn more money through Lindsay”s presence? Did SaMANtha’s fee drop so much and so quickly when word got out that they parted ways? Are we so blind? Is Lindsay so blind? I know Dina and my kids aren’t because they tell me so. But then again, why does Dina tell me one thing and do another?!
When a mother or father sees their child in turmoil (losing weight, not working, and purportedly cutting herself) are we supposed to stand by , remain silent and pretend it isn’t happening? Or are we suppose to step to the plate and not care what people think, and do something about it?
Well, as you can see, I’m not going to sit back and let it slide.
I am asking everyone out their to intervene in every way possible to help Lindsay, and quite possibly, save her life. Help this wonderful, good hearted and gifted young lady to see what SaMANtha is doing to her and how she is destroying her life.
Help her to see that ever since SaMANtha came into her life, nothing good has come of it. As a matter of fact, Lindsay hasn’t used her gifts like she did before meeting SaMANtha.
Just LOOK! The proof is there! These aren’t just words, but FACTS! PLEASE HELP!

I think he’s trying to say Samantha Ronson is a man. I dunno, it’s hard to tell underneath all that subtlety.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. EveryonePoops

    Why can’t this guy jump on the bandwagon, shoot his family and then blow his brains out?

  2. Mama Pinkus

    Ms. Lohan needs a bra; that gal is swangin’…..not a good sign in your twenties.

  3. Danklin24

    I love how this guy uses bullshit the press made up, like how much Sam’s fee goes up when shes with Lindsay, as a means to get Lindsay to turn againt Samantha. Did you read that one in a magazine Mike? Congratulations, you CAN read. Asshat. Let your daughter be happy. She actually smiles when she’s with Sam and not your bat shit crazy self or your bat shit crazy ex wife or your manly younger daughter.

  4. When is Mike’s new reality show coming out!!!! ETV should get on this and have a full Lohan hour!

  5. Mike

    I say, FIST AWAY!

  6. Mike

    Obama, where’s my check?

  7. Cliff_greene

    Samantha makes an awful looking girl, but on the other hand as guy I’d say she’s actually kind of ugly as hell.

  8. Do FreeBird

    I think Samantha is VERY pretty, in a young Jerry Lewis kind of way.

  9. herbiefrog


    {mike] lohan


    got f***** in jail

    and you are going to have to come to terms withthat…

    …not our problem .

  10. Jeff W.

    Lindsay has borderline personality disorder, which means that none of her relationships will work out.

  11. sery

    holy shit. is it me or does Samantha look like the unattractive male version of lindsey lohan?

  12. He wants them to break up?

  13. Ain't going to happen

    I thought they were going to get married by the end of 2008. Well, what’s up with that……

  14. Frybread

    At the rate she’s going with the drugs and shit she’s going to be bald before I am!

  15. Posh

    They´re starting to look alike. Its like they´re morphing into the same person!

  16. friendlyfires

    Douchefather should find a new pair of balls and do the right thing.

  17. Hey Lindsay, cut this shit out girl. Get a cooler dad, too.

    I’ve done all that’s humanly possible.

  18. liz

    if samantha were a man, she wouldn’t be a lesbian. in which case michael’s problem would be solved. except for the gold-digging career-ruining part.

  19. kayla


  20. alice

    Lindsay is cute, needs a burger or too, but cute. Samantha on the other hand, is gorgeous. Stunning, Beautiful.

  21. Pathetic Worm


  22. Tyler

    Get a life and leave them be. Why do you people care who they choose to be with.

  23. clx

    Samantha is ruining Lindsay and is way too fucking ugly to be an acceptable lesbian.

  24. yes, somebody do this so I can hook up with lindsay. I want to play bondage games with her!

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  26. So much has been said about Lindsey Lohan and her love life that I am really starting to have enough of it. I don’t actually care who is she dating but she looks happy with this woman.

  27. Thanks for your good topic. Good done.

  28. Lindsay is a borderline personality disorder, which means that none of his relations with the works.

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