Michael Lohan tried to sell Lindsay recordings for $100,000

November 8th, 2009 // 33 Comments

Because he loves her so much, Michael Lohan originally tried to sell the recently released phone recordings of Lindsay for $100,000 to various media outlets. He eventually gave the recordings to Radar Online for free who agreed to pay him for an interview from the generated publicity, according to Page Six:

Michael told us that a six-figure demand for the tapes “was a complete lie,” but when asked if he was paid for his interview, he said, “That’s in the hands of my lawyers. They deal with that.”
He insisted, “This isn’t about money or getting paid, it’s about saving my daughter.”

And what better way to save Lindsay than to profit off her embarrassing drug-fueled decline which you’re most the likely the root cause of? No, really, there’s substance abuse counselors shaking their heads right now trying to figure out why they didn’t think of it first. “Having an estranged father make an assload of cash while making a public spectacle of his daughter’s battle with addiction, of course! And all this time I was telling parents that’s the equivalent of putting a gun in their kids’ mouth. Ha, doy!

Photos: Splash News

  1. rachel


  2. It's Me Fuckers

    Michael Lohan and the Lohan family need to be put on a deserted island somewhere where they can all detox, get the Hell out of the public eye and hopefully kill each other. I also think they should have Jon and Kate go as refs. And never come back.

    They need to get their lives straightened up. Jesus, I am a nobody and my dog’s shit pile has more common sense then this family. It just shows that if you have money, you can do and say anything because you are ‘above and beyond’ real humanity. I’d rather be fat and poor then live among these people.

  3. Jango

    How in Borg Fuck is she looking so good in these pics? Are these old?

  4. Maggie

    Eeeeeek her top lip! it’s so misshapen! not to mention her doll hair.. and has girlfriend had a facelift??? or just botox? she looks like frankenstein : /

  5. Fuxyslot

    Her upper lip looks like she stapled a Pepto Bismol soaked inner-tube to her face. Ew.

  6. See Alice

    What happened to her face ?

  7. Zee Brat

    Man. You should really just name one of these posts “Lindsay Lohan might actually be doing the best she can.” Her parents suck.

  8. Lazarus "Bubba" Tubbs

    I feel terrible for Lindsay.

    That being said, in my opinion there’s not much point in posting pictures of her unless she’s flashing her tits. Hell, we might as well get SOMETHING out of looking at her.

  9. Rhinoplasty much Lindsay?
    BTW, Saints 8 and 0!
    Who Dat!

  10. On second look, maybe it is just Botox, lip plumpers, fillers and injectables.the standard hollywood femme cocktail, FOR WOMEN OF MENOPAUSAL AGE!

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  12. ppl

    At least she looks pretty again… this girl is like the girl in Seinfeld with good lighting and bad lighting

  13. What a tool

    Mark my words, Lindsay Lohan is going to OD within the next year.

  14. What a tool

    #14, she doesnt look pretty again, wtf? She looks cracked out of her damn mind. She looked her hottest when she was with Samantha, at least in the beginning of their lesbian-ship.

  15. Rachel

    i love that she is holding a bag that says church

    i know it is a brand/store but it is just funny…

  16. The bestest: beautiful, talented, cute and hot. She only needs to settle down and I think she is going in the right way. We can never forget she is too young and is still learning.

  17. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Lindzay, pleaze ztop calling me. I WILL NOT be your lessie lover. The Jonaz brotherz are getting zo jealuoz, I am afriad they will go all Chriz brown on me, not that they would, becauze they would kill themzelvez if they thought they hurt my beautiful face.

  18. Candy Alice

    sometimes I can related to Lindsay Lohan, I understand what is a father pimping and stealing you… but what I can’t understand is… why not be better than him? Why to do so many bad things instead of been a role model? It’s time to over this bad girl attitude, you’ve grown up Miss.

  19. Chole

    #18…not so simple. When a retard father and mother have messed with your life since you were born, you’re not going to have the healthiest of minds. Ideally, it would be great for Lindsay to gain the strength and overcome her addictions and health, but she basically has no real life support or close friends.

  20. Eva

    I love that coat!

  21. she looks something different from before may be because of age lol

  22. bleh…

    stop injecting that shit into your lips, it looks dumb!!

    she would be looking hot, if it didn’t look like her top lip was one big blister.

  23. wtf

    why do people mess with their lips? they ALWAYS look like shit, you can ALWAYS tell. why do they even do it???

  24. Yeah, except for the bloated lips these would be cute pics of her.

  25. Zigga

    Maybe Britney’s father could get Lindsay back on track? He worked miracles making Britney functional again (at least for now).

  26. titsonsnack

    If I had money like any of these stupid fucking assholes, I would move somewhere far away and beautiful and isolated and just fucking live my life in a cabin on the side of a mountain or some shit. Why would you stay living in some shitty goddamned condo in some shitty dirty city when you actually have enough money to get away from it all.

  27. Whatever she says on those tapes, don’t hold a candle to her tweets:

  28. Where are the Michael-Lindsay sex tapes?

  29. SO RIGHT

    Darken. Your. Hair. Please.

  30. Daniella

    She looks great in these photos! Less product, less tan, less dirt… her hair even looks clean! I have to say, I’m shocked. But the red hair… she just needs it. It suits.

  31. That’s right dad, any mean necessary, to save your child.

  32. Pinhead called, he want his coat back.

    I think she stole that coat from Hellraiser’s main character Pinhead. Also I hate those footie bootlets. They look inspired by Peter Pan.

    But I am digging the look overall.

  33. She only needs to settle down and I think she is going in the right way. We can never forget she is too young and is still learning.

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