Michael Lohan tried to sell Lindsay recordings for $100,000

Because he loves her so much, Michael Lohan originally tried to sell the recently released phone recordings of Lindsay for $100,000 to various media outlets. He eventually gave the recordings to Radar Online for free who agreed to pay him for an interview from the generated publicity, according to Page Six:

Michael told us that a six-figure demand for the tapes “was a complete lie,” but when asked if he was paid for his interview, he said, “That’s in the hands of my lawyers. They deal with that.”
He insisted, “This isn’t about money or getting paid, it’s about saving my daughter.”

And what better way to save Lindsay than to profit off her embarrassing drug-fueled decline which you’re most the likely the root cause of? No, really, there’s substance abuse counselors shaking their heads right now trying to figure out why they didn’t think of it first. “Having an estranged father make an assload of cash while making a public spectacle of his daughter’s battle with addiction, of course! And all this time I was telling parents that’s the equivalent of putting a gun in their kids’ mouth. Ha, doy!

Photos: Splash News