Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay has AIDS. Or just Perez Hilton.’

“Somebody” allegedly “hacked” Michael Lohan’s “Twitter” and “tweeted” that Lindsay Lohan slept with Tommy Mottola at age 17 and is HIV positive. The tweets have since been removed but not before prompting Lindsay’s dad to get Biblical on Perez Hilton:

NOTICE,There is an imposter on Twitter,and whoever the imposter is that posted that disgusting comment about my daughter, is now on notice.
My attorney ,Lisa Bloom will be contacting the authorities to find out who is responsible for this “criminal act” of ID theft,/imperaonation
Stop stirring up trouble Perez, you’re disgusting.Hell awaits you.You are only getting a taste now.U R the one who is likely to get AIDS!
@perezhilton and you are also the one who wishes you slept with Moguls! leave us alone. Or are you that obsessed?!
@perezhilton… for all I (we ) know, you hack accounts and make most of this stuff up yourself, you sausage jockey

Wow. I honestly don’t know who I feel bad for the most in this situation: Lindsay Lohan or homophobic Christians who just got a new spokesman right off the heels of Carrie Prejean. Talk about a kick in the Jesus-nuts. That being said, I’m sure they’ll catch whoever did this. Because it was Michael Lohan.