Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay has AIDS. Or just Perez Hilton.’

April 27th, 2010 // 51 Comments

“Somebody” allegedly “hacked” Michael Lohan’s “Twitter” and “tweeted” that Lindsay Lohan slept with Tommy Mottola at age 17 and is HIV positive. The tweets have since been removed but not before prompting Lindsay’s dad to get Biblical on Perez Hilton:

NOTICE,There is an imposter on Twitter,and whoever the imposter is that posted that disgusting comment about my daughter, is now on notice.
My attorney ,Lisa Bloom will be contacting the authorities to find out who is responsible for this “criminal act” of ID theft,/imperaonation
Stop stirring up trouble Perez, you’re disgusting.Hell awaits you.You are only getting a taste now.U R the one who is likely to get AIDS!
@perezhilton and you are also the one who wishes you slept with Moguls! leave us alone. Or are you that obsessed?!
@perezhilton… for all I (we ) know, you hack accounts and make most of this stuff up yourself, you sausage jockey

Wow. I honestly don’t know who I feel bad for the most in this situation: Lindsay Lohan or homophobic Christians who just got a new spokesman right off the heels of Carrie Prejean. Talk about a kick in the Jesus-nuts. That being said, I’m sure they’ll catch whoever did this. Because it was Michael Lohan.


  1. LOL


  2. Seriously, if you follow ANY celebrity on Twitter you are just a total wad.

  3. Amanda-La

    It makes me sad that people like that claim to be Christian. That’s not a Christian way to act. Not all Christians are like that though, promise.

  4. Valerie

    Dude, DRAMA! Bleh, it’s embarrassing ME for even reading it

  5. Taz

    no more about this guy

  6. Sport

    How does a worthless fuck like him even have a lawyer?

  7. Lohan is right on a couple things: Perez IS disgusting, and he does stir up trouble. He’s wrong about one thing though: Perez isn’t likely to end up with AIDS because no one would touch someone that fug. Most gay men have FAR better standards and taste to sink as low as Perez/Mario. As for Lohan’s homophobic slurs, what can one expect? The guy is a total nut job.

  8. xylus

    Twitter – the last refuge of the damned….

  9. Dude Love

    Not mindlessly bowing down to ridiculous politically correct mental trends isn’t homophobic, it’s intelligent. You can tell me until you’re blue in the face that everyone gets HIV, but when 95% of everyone i’ve ever known who is HIV positive has been a gay man, things aren’t looking very well for your agenda.

    Pre-emptive excuse debunking: African AIDS is caused by starvation and not by HIV.

    So, as much as I hate to admit it, ‘saint’ Lohan here is correct.

  10. Sport

    totally agree TWITTER is pathetic, only surpassed by the complete fucktards that FOLLOW one another with it.

    “I vacuumed the house.”
    “Going for coffee”
    “I ran 2 miles this morning”

    Go fuck yourself tweethead douchbags.

  11. Sherlock H.

    M. Logan has entirely too much time on his hands and certifiable…
    just go get drunk and shut up.

  12. Bone

    @9 can’t argue with #s sometimes.

    I also spit diet coke on my desk when I read “Sausage Jockey” – you need an assistant writer Fish? Comedy Gold.

  13. Io

    Just FYI ‘fish, not all christians are homophobes…some of actually believe God’s grace extends to everyone…some of us even believe the REAL reason Sodom was destroyed and not try to blame homosexuality (look it up: Ezekial 16.49)

  14. Griddle

    Fags are gay

  15. It’s a Shocking news from the Lindsay Lohan.She having AIDS..Be aware of the Lohan..

  16. Tek

    Oh shit it’s Michael Lohan going Biblical on that ass, you sausage jockey! ^_^

  17. Dank

    sausage jockey is the best insult ever!

  18. TracyZ

    Finally some speculation that is true. Thanks Griddle! LOL.

    Is Michael Lohan on facebook and if so how many times a day does he delete the post “You’re a douche” and of course the “You suck at life.?”

  19. havoc

    Is he talking Kielbasa or simply breakfast sausage here?


  20. forfuckssake

    heh, heh… the superficial writer is a sausage jockey…

  21. LOLOLOL sausage jockey. thats good.

  22. LOLOLOL sausage jockey. thats good.

  23. skink

    Homophobic Christians? How about homophobic “progressives” who have the same wishes(of HIV+) for those whom they oppose politically. Check out @andrewbreitbart – and for your edification on the ways of the left, yesterday he was RTing all of the tweets calling him “gay” or wishing AIDs on him. Nice.

    He always RTs the haters. #tolerantprogressives LOL!

  24. Annie Loves Anal

    7. I was thinking the same thing. No way in hell would Perez get AIDS from another man. He might have lost weight, but I saw one of those shirtless summer holiday shots of him on the internet, and he has so much excess skin it looks like my 90 great grandma coming out of the shower.

    23. May all dipshit tea partiers not only get AIDS, but a red hot pocker up the ass. It might actually wake them up. Too bad you still can’t fix the stupid.

  25. justifiable

    Hey, Michael Lohan also loves his daughter Lindsay so much that his pet nickname for her is “Doughnut Bumper”!

    MichaelJLohan’s a good Christian who knows for sure just which gay people are going to Hell (Sam Ronson, Perez Hilton and anyone who’s not his daughter), and who’s gonna give and get AIDS, so he’s allowed to do stuff like this. As for Perez “stirring up trouble” – pot, meet kettle.

    All good wannabe conservators should act more like this, drawing attention to themselves and making a bad situation 10 times worse for their kid with their involvement – when they’re not constantly tweeting or conducting raids on their daughters’ apartment, that is. See, that way we can tell them apart from the crappy ones who just watch out for their children and mind their own business.

  26. here is some nostalgia, remember when Lindsay was considered hot. I am ashamed to think I once fantazed about her sucking my dick. I am scared to to think that that “fantasy” is close to becoming a reality. Except it will now be a nightmare.

  27. LOLOLOL sausage jockey. thats good.

  28. Kimberley

    He is a doche, Not for this cos PEREZ is a dick!! But for the fact that his back ground is jst him and lindsay. Doesnt he have 4 other childern. Way to play favorites. Who ever brings in the most cash wins! But at the end of the day its all a publisty stunt!!

  29. kim

    perez is likely to get aids first…. hes gay lol damn queers

  30. kim

    perez is likely to get aids first…. hes gay lol damn queers

  31. GiRL

    Sausage jockey…. I mean I don’t even know what to say.

  32. Tek

    @24 I think I love you, Annie. I call next once Parker is done. LOL :-p

  33. Ana

    Actually the tweets were just examples of successful trolling..more proof that Perez reads ONTD.

  34. small asian penis

    1. Michael Lohan does not represent in any way any group, religion, etc.

    2. Gag order? Anyone? Lawyers line up for easy cases like this, it is a guarantees they will get paid. All they have to do is contact Lindsey, ask for 33% and they would shut Michael up by the end of the business day.

  35. Sillyfaggot,dicksareforfuckablehumans

    I really wish someone would kill that stupid faggot, Perez Hilton. He is an abomination to gays and humans everywhere. Someone should sodomize that piece of shit with a loaded shotgun and pull the goddamned trigger.

  36. bambianne

    AIDS in Africa is a result of starving? Are you fucking kidding. There are people in Africa who have AIDS you dickwad and have never missed a meal. Get a passport and travel the world and learn something about the people in it before you speak of things you obviously know nothing of.

  37. Burt

    Well, I guess that’s one way to spoil a chance to earn public sympathy.

  38. wheres the correlation?

    when someone says “go to h*ll”, noone calls them a christian. so because he says theres a place in hell for him he is one? that doesnt make sense.
    these comments have nothing to do with religion, whatsoever.

  39. Jesus says you're dumb

    @38: Michael Lohan consistently posts Bible verses and other Christian-related messages on his Twitter, so there’s the correlation between you and fucking retardation.

  40. Jon

    I love how in America it’s usually the most morally corrupt and pathetic people who quote bible passages and pretend to be religious. Michael Lohan preeching religious values.. HA!

    In the US of A you can look at the douchiest waste of space human being and be almost assured that they are going to be talking about God.

    And yes I agree with those above who say following people on TWITTER = the dictionary definition of pathetic.

  41. captain america

    pssssst…………………………BOTH, folks!!

  42. Looks like my 70 year old neighbor. No joke.
    Tell you a story, used to have mountains, hills have temple, the temple has a monk. . .

  43. Darth

    I’m wondering who’s constantly staring at twitter accounts.Wait a minute,Rhialto?

  44. Rhialto

    It’s always pathetic but at the same time amusing to see what people are posting in an intoxicated mood.Always claiming afterwards their account was hacked.

    (#44 asswipe)

  45. Agwings

    He’s just noticed how much press another media whore has been getting over their e-mail account being hacked. Failin’ Bailin’ Palin has been in the news way too much, too

  46. kai

    Annie Loves Anal-

    Thank you for proving the point about “tolerant liberals”. It’s ok for you to wish AIDS on someone because you disagree with their political views? You are fucking disgusting yet I do not wish AIDS on you because I disagree with you. Maybe you need to take a good long look in the mirror and do some soul-searching….IF you even have a soul, which I seriously doubt. Now run along and take another anonymous dick up the ass, sweetie…I’m sure your parents are really proud!

  47. Igottabemeeee

    Yeah, but we’re talking about Tommy Matolla – you know that he is taking advantage of every underage girl in his office. Look at Mariah after he got done with her.

    You’re all focusing on the wrong evil here.

  48. I believe Michael about Lindsay being HIV- positive.

    He may be full of shiet but he meant what he said before he retracted , IMO.

  49. everyone hates perez

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