Michael Lohan is a hypocrite, lousy TV show creator

March 12th, 2008 // 25 Comments

Jesus’ new best friend Saint Michael Lohan of Assclownia pitched a fit when he found out his ex-wife Dina Lohan is starring in a reality show with their daughter Ali. But, it turns out Michael has been trying to land a TV show of his own. Lucky for us the idea sucks beyond belief and involves Stephen Baldwin. Page Six reports:

“He wants to do a male version of ‘The View’ with [fellow born-again pal] Stephen Baldwin. It’s not likely to happen.” Sadly, Michael’s idea isn’t that original – Dick Clark, Mario Lopez and Danny Bonaduce hosted “The Other Half” for two years before it was canceled due to low ratings.

I believe there already is a male version of the The View. It’s called The View. Oh, snap! Barbara Walters, thine shit hath been wrecked! Seriously, we all knew this day would eventually come, but I had no idea it’d taste so sweet. Mmm, revengey. Also, am I detecting a hint of nutmeg? No, wait, that’s just the shaker I licked at Starbucks to impress that chick from Kinkos. Didn’t work by the way. I’m as shocked as you are.

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  1. edgar suit


  2. jennifer

    Mmmm, not his fan, but just saw his profile on millionaire personals site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. Is he single now?

  3. OutRunner1

    Who’s the broad, Rev. Michael McLohan-O’Brien? A sister from the convent? Another woman from the nunnery (see Shakespearean meaning of word) you and your wife sent the daughters to?

  4. sicasso

    who’s the cock-gobbler this STD-spore is walking with?

  5. Ript1&0

    To: the Lady of Lonliness for you – Part 2 – March 11, 2008 11:45 PM

    …her tears fall down her naked bosom, warm and arousing her nipples as she stumbles down the forest path, crying noisily. “Why? Why? Why couldn’t I link the sexual appeal is good hygeine thing? Damnit! I could of had me one of those demi-god Tarzan mans! A MAY-UN!” Our girl curses her self neglect and sloth realizing her one and only chance at outrageous fortune is but a moment ago expired. It was there jsut behind her. If it were not for a multitude of follicles and rashes and unsightly filthy undergarments she could be Queen to Mysterious King in this fabled realm.
    Something stirs high above the unqueen’s head high high up in the swaying canopy, rustling and murmuring in the otherwise solemnity of her nonmajesty’s disgust…

    Where’s Part 3 mofo, don’t leave me hanging. I’ve got an incredibly busy day of being old and high ahead of me.

  6. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Brother Michael’s bitch looks like she just awakened from a binge and crawled out of the gutter.

    Date-rapin’ for Jesus!

  7. Ript1&0

    Wait DR – is that his woman? I seriously thought that was his daughter, the younger one.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    Wearing a nice topcoat and a baseball cap = douchefucker.

  9. The Laughing God

    @5 ooo the suspense. LOL Fish!!

  10. Ted from LA

    Why didn’t this woman wake up, grab her shoes, and call a cab like most others would do in this situation?

  11. hausfrau

    Nice suntan support hose and orthopedic granny shoes on the jailbait girlfriend, who is clearly a substitute for Lindsey. Creeeeppppyyyyy.

  12. buckeyedg

    If you want to impress the girl from Kinkos try eating the whole shaker of nutmeg instead of just licking it

    i recommend shotgunning a great deal of coffee and maybe down a sandwich to break up the taste…

    But Nutmeg has moderate hallucinogenic properties, she’ll be awe stricken with your ability to roll around on the floor laughing wildly and pee your pants all while in a semi euphoric state…

  13. Chupacabra

    wow. NO ONE really cares about this fucker at all.

  14. huh

    Do you know what a hypocrite is? He objected to having his kids on a reality show. I’m not even sure if he did object to that or he seems fine with it now according to his comments on some show. Creating or being a host on a talk show is not hypocritcal at all unless he dragged his kids on the show all the time. Damn you’re dumb.

  15. Angie

    Sounds like something that should be on TBN…keep it off regular tv!

  16. Praise the Lord and pass the amoxicillin!

  17. Is it

    The girl he is with looks like Amy Smart(?), the girl in Just Friends and The Butterfly Effect.

  18. herbiefrog

    so… did he or didnt he?

    this not helping…

  19. herbiefrog

    “so… it has a twin weakness…

    …hmmm “

  20. Mike

    Any male who wants a male version of “The View” should just embrace their homosexuality.

  21. IWONKY

    Nasty Skank who suck Lohan in fitting room should comb hair afterwards.

  22. somuchlove

    sensible hose, not-so-sensible penchant for assclown.

  23. Friend

    In reponse to Jennifer….Michael is NOT single, he has had a girlfriend (my friend) for the past 9 months, pictured here. However, we keep hearing things like this, that he has been on a few dating sites…Do you know what screen name he’s under and have to talked to him? Do you know if he has he been on this site for long or did he just sign up? Thanks for your help.

  24. Oh no, he still has a girlfriend…. !!!!

    Jennifer, Do you know his screen name on wealthysingles.com? I cant seem to find his pics and feel the need to check it out

  25. herbiefrog

    22. > sensible hose

    didn’t they used to be called “tights” ?


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