Michael Lohan is a hypocrite, lousy TV show creator

Jesus’ new best friend Saint Michael Lohan of Assclownia pitched a fit when he found out his ex-wife Dina Lohan is starring in a reality show with their daughter Ali. But, it turns out Michael has been trying to land a TV show of his own. Lucky for us the idea sucks beyond belief and involves Stephen Baldwin. Page Six reports:

“He wants to do a male version of ‘The View’ with [fellow born-again pal] Stephen Baldwin. It’s not likely to happen.” Sadly, Michael’s idea isn’t that original – Dick Clark, Mario Lopez and Danny Bonaduce hosted “The Other Half” for two years before it was canceled due to low ratings.

I believe there already is a male version of the The View. It’s called The View. Oh, snap! Barbara Walters, thine shit hath been wrecked! Seriously, we all knew this day would eventually come, but I had no idea it’d taste so sweet. Mmm, revengey. Also, am I detecting a hint of nutmeg? No, wait, that’s just the shaker I licked at Starbucks to impress that chick from Kinkos. Didn’t work by the way. I’m as shocked as you are.

Photos: Splash News