Michael Lohan fights crime now

August 24th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Because who better to fight crime than an alcoholic ex-con, Michael Lohan will be in LA to help catch the culprits who burglarized Lindsay’s house yesterday. E! News reports:

“I am coming into town to work with private investigators in order to gather evidence which will be turned over to LAPD and the detectives assigned to the case,” Lohan told E! News.
“This time, these evildoers will be caught.”

So what exactly is Mike Lohan going to do in this situation? Emotionally abandon the perps to justice? “Hey, Mike, we found the guys.” “Goddammit, I’m trying to watch the game.


  1. Que

    Que super sleuth.

  2. FIRST!!!!1111 ONE

  3. No Dice Nada

    Hola amigos, numero dos is just as bueno!

  4. No Dice Nada

    Make that numero tres, es bueno todo!

  5. No Dice Nada

    Amigos, I would eat chocolate pudding out of his vagina! True that!

  6. Hot Mom

    He is aging better than both his daughters.

  7. He probably mastermind all this just to get close to lilo…

  8. ethan

    why is the kate +8 dude in the background?

  9. “Evildoers”? They’re burglars, dude. Not homicidal terrorist pedophiles,

  10. Me

    Isn’t that Jon Gosselin in the background?

  11. yuki

    did michael lohan post that in a gravelly voice?

  12. Dirk McGirk

    yeah man, wtf is jon gosselin doing in this photo? were they hoping to open up a new chapter of NAMBLA called NAFDF(National Association of Father Daughter F***ing)?

  13. Clamhammer

    king of the asshats

  14. ElizabethM

    Does anyone else think Jon and Ryan Jenkins look similar? Both have chubby faces, piggy eyes and a desperate need to look cool.

  15. Del

    Man, this dude cannot get enough press … cut!

  16. W. T. F.

    Is Jon Gosselin coming out with an album soon? I just made that up, but that would be awesome.

  17. robert

    I think he robbed his own daughter’s house just to get free PR for both of them. What a couple of white trash sickos, and his male friend behind him looks like a fish, an ugly fish, a very, very ugly fish.

  18. Tanzarian

    What is he doing with Jon Gosselin and why the hell do I recognize Jon Gosselin?!

  19. Wasn’t ‘evil doers’ coined by Dub-Yah?

  20. Eric Quental

    Your daughter needs you, thanks for coming through. I love you Lindsay.

  21. Danklin24

    Michael Lohan and jon Gosselin together?? When did we start having douchebag conventions?

  22. lauren

    jon gosselin is such a fucking douche.. WRAP IT UP, dick.

    at least heidi montag hasn’t reproduced *yet*…

    i feel bad for their kids (lohans + gosselins).

  23. Ellen

    “Michael Lohan fights crime now “.

    Good…so he’s gonna punch himself in the face?

  24. Darth

    Is he wearing a Batman mask or is this his real face?

  25. Galtacticus

    And look who’s there in the back! That’s Robin,the booze-version!

  26. Mine Own

    LOL @ 18, those were the exact same two thoughts that ran through my head!

  27. I think that he loot his daughter’s house just for them to get free PR. White trash what a couple of sickos, and after her boyfriend looks like a fish, an ugly fish, a very, very ugly fish.

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