Michael Lohan: ‘Dina is a wannabe living off Lindsay’s fame’

Michael Lohan has Dina Lohan back in the court this morning after she failed to allow him to see their kids 15 out of 29 times for court-ordered visits. Turns out Dina’s too busy drinking, working on her show and pimping out 14-year-old daughter Meal Ticket. I mean, Ali. NY Daily News reports:

As Lindsay makes for more tabloid fodder with her relationship with Samantha Ronson, Michael accuses Dina of using the singer/actress – and now, Ali – for her own fame and fortune. “When it comes to our daughters, [Dina] has always viewed herself as a manager first, friend second, and mother third. Our younger daughter, Ali … has been cast in a movie and is recording an album. Dina, quite simply, views Ali as a bankable commodity.
“Dina is a wanna-be living off Lindsay’s fame,” says Michael, who has reformed his life after a prison term for attempted assault. Now working as a counselor, he adds, “I gave her everything so I could see my kids.”

Michael also cites Dina’s constant partying which caused her to show up drunk for a family counseling session. Damn, sounds like Dina needs to get her priorities straight. And maybe return that bag of blow she bought for Ali as a Sweet 16 present. Yeah, it was cute for Lindsay but Ali deserves something more unique and appropriate. Like a bottle of gin and Botox. Now that’s precious. But, no, in all seriousness, these kids still have a happy future ahead of them – in the field of axe murdering.

Photos: Splash News