Michael Lohan: ‘Dina is a wannabe living off Lindsay’s fame’

June 3rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Michael Lohan has Dina Lohan back in the court this morning after she failed to allow him to see their kids 15 out of 29 times for court-ordered visits. Turns out Dina’s too busy drinking, working on her show and pimping out 14-year-old daughter Meal Ticket. I mean, Ali. NY Daily News reports:

As Lindsay makes for more tabloid fodder with her relationship with Samantha Ronson, Michael accuses Dina of using the singer/actress – and now, Ali – for her own fame and fortune. “When it comes to our daughters, [Dina] has always viewed herself as a manager first, friend second, and mother third. Our younger daughter, Ali … has been cast in a movie and is recording an album. Dina, quite simply, views Ali as a bankable commodity.
“Dina is a wanna-be living off Lindsay’s fame,” says Michael, who has reformed his life after a prison term for attempted assault. Now working as a counselor, he adds, “I gave her everything so I could see my kids.”

Michael also cites Dina’s constant partying which caused her to show up drunk for a family counseling session. Damn, sounds like Dina needs to get her priorities straight. And maybe return that bag of blow she bought for Ali as a Sweet 16 present. Yeah, it was cute for Lindsay but Ali deserves something more unique and appropriate. Like a bottle of gin and Botox. Now that’s precious. But, no, in all seriousness, these kids still have a happy future ahead of them – in the field of axe murdering.

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  1. Neither or her kids have any talent what-so-ever so she should be soo proud!

  2. Ted from LA

    Perhaps her dog died.

  3. Anonymous

    For the very first time ever……I find myself agreeing with Michael Lohan 100%.

  4. Michael is just as big of a fame whore as Dina is. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  5. veggi

    Wow, he’s really jonesing for another hummer from Lindsay. Must be the whole Ronson thing – he’s worried she’s losing her taste for thick lumpy semen topped by a smidge of smegma.

  6. Katie

    I’ve watch a few minutes of the show. Confirmed: Dina Lohan is a pig.

  7. Katie

    I’ve watch a few minutes of the show. Confirmed: Dina Lohan is a pig.

  8. Please somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I can’t decide who I’d rather see get hit by a train! Dina or Heidi??
    Guess trains big enough to hit them both..

  9. How is any of this news?? Is there one person here that did not already know this crap?? Come on Fish dude, there has to be something better out there than this.. Where are the bikini pics or nip slips??

  10. #6 – nice try troll loser. seriously, lol, how sad is your life when you have to pretend to post as someone else.

  11. ph7

    That’s one crazy family.

    The good thing about crazy families? Their daughters tend to be great fucks! (in my experience – all that dysfunction needs an animalistic outlet)

  12. FRIST, You have look at correctly. If Heidi gets hit by the train first, those big plastic boobs will bounce her out of the way. If you tie Hiedi to Dina and let Dina get hit by the train first, then they both die..

  13. fap fap fap … grunt grunt … fap fap fapfapfapfapfap … grunt … fart … unnnhhh … fap fap fap … “MORE BIKINI PICS!” fap fap fap … sweat … grunt … groan … fap fap fap … “IS THAT A NIP SLIP??!!!” fapfapfapfapFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP!!! … burp … fart … fap fap fap ….

  14. Randal


    Never, ever believe you are anything but the best thing
    going on in your daughters’ lives. Mothers are supposed
    to embarass us, anger us and NURTURE us. Let’s all
    give this woman credit for being the most important person
    you could hope for in LiLo’s life. While boys come and go, it’s
    up to Dina to save her heart.

    Never far from her daughters’ sides, Dina ensures that they’re
    going to succeed. The press and gossip sites are going
    to say unkind things, but we, the READERS, should be willing to
    let her be. Seriously people, think about it: At any time, have
    you had to deal with an alchoholic sex-addict while seeing that,
    down the road, you could have another?


  15. #6 – it’s almost as bad as those repressed homos who do those gay sports “fantasy” leagues – Jesus, just go suck a dick already.

  16. veggi

    Hi FRIST!!! Hi Jimbo!!!
    Hi gross #5 smegma troll!!

    hmmmm, well, at least Dina has one thing right. Who the hell goes to counceling sober??

  17. If Michael Lohan were a superhero, he’d be Captain Obvious

  18. snarky

    Reeeaaallly? Ya don’t say! And how about yooouuu, Michael?! Anyways, the whole family is untalented, uninteresting trash and should just go away already.

  19. Ang

    #14 and #15 are basically saying the same thing.

  20. @11 Sportsdvi, The trolls are equal to Tatum’s dog.. That is how sad thier life is..

  21. Suck My Ronson

    Irregardless, you cannot deny that Dina’s a MILF.

  22. trolls

    Yes, Jimbo, we will never match that gem you just typed.

  23. Randal


    Never put me in he same category as Jimbo, OK. If you’re
    going ahead with anaolgous commentary, put Jimbo’s penchant to
    run his profane mouth with sportsdvl or someone else who is
    around that age: 16. Jimbo is sometimes creative, but far too crude
    and his friend sportsdvl is the devil! May they both get lost in a
    desert somewhere, fellating each other for fluids. And “sorry” TROLL,
    you don’t seem to like “profanity” with the REAL Randal posts.


  24. Denny Hatherly

    The Lohans are douche bags!!!

  25. Typical Lawn Guyland wannabe MILF.

  26. Anonymous


    At what age did you realize that you were a raging homosexual?

  27. You are right Jimbo, though Randal (“It must put the lotion on it’s skin, yes it must”) I do not curse or use a profane mouth in my posts.

  28. Ric Roweld

    Read the first word in each line of Randal’s posts…

  29. I only use a fantasy-player cocksucking mouth in my “posts”.

  30. veggi

    oh my holy hell #29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rick Astley!! Wow, Randal, just wow.. That’s some seriously funny shit!!

  31. Miss Anthrope

    “Dina is a wanna-be living off Lindsay’s fame”

    Really? Thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious, fucktard.

    If anyone is considering moving to Long Island, do yourself a favor and DON’T.
    I had the misfortune of going to LI for a party, and it is a wretched place filled with wretched people like the Lohans.

    This is how most LI people are. Bad hair, gross fake nails/tans and the most horrid accents. Kind of like NJ people, only worse.

  32. “I had the misfortune of going to LI for a party”

    Fucking whore. You’re just like all the rest of them, even though you pretend to hate them.

  33. Could be worse, we could be living in France...

    PARIS, France (AP) — A Paris court on Tuesday convicted Brigitte Bardot of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France.

    The court also handed down a $23,325 fine against the former screen siren and animal rights campaigner.

    A leading French anti-racism group known as MRAP filed a lawsuit last year over a letter she sent to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. The remarks were published in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

    In the December 2006 letter to Sarkozy, now the president, Bardot said France is “tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

    **** the only problem with all this is…well, you know…they ARE trying to destroy all non-Islamic countries.

  34. @24 Randal, I hope you can tell the diffence between me and the trolls.. ie 14 & 33

  35. Steve

    #5 – “a smidge of smegma”

    That one goes in the vault.

  36. I’m the one with all the words spelled wrong and the vein in my forehead that sticks out a little bit when I try for rubout #5 during a single workday.

  37. Matthew

    the partying mom did mess up lindsay now ALI WAY TO GO Dina!

  38. EX LI

    @32 – I agree. I grew up on LI and when I moved away for a job I was blown away with how much better it was. And that was NJ!! Imagine NJ being an upgrade. Ditto for when I moved to Philly.

  39. havoc

    You know? You always hear about murder/suicides, but never with these two……


  40. Auntie Kryst

    @26 Elliot, I don’t think she’s quite typical. All actions and attributes aside, I don’t think Dina is a member of the tribe.

  41. LadyJane

    Let’s face it. People are cunts.

  42. Uncle Eccoli

    Truer words were never spoken.

  43. Hi Veggi, hi Jimbo, hi Auntie, hi “Randal”..

  44. butterfly

    #4 – couldn’t agree more. Personally I think they both have contributed equally to the mess that their family is.

    psst Cody….stay sane!

  45. fotowhore

    You know, I actually met Dina and Ali while working on a photo shoot for the poster for Ali’s new movie. I thought they’d be real asshats, but they were nothing but nice. Kind of changed my perception of what the press puts out there.

  46. #46 I don’t believe you.

    Ali’s not in a movie..

  47. JESUS CHRIST, am I dreaming?
    a lohan is telling us the truth?

  48. #30 – get a life troll. you sure have a fascination with gay oral sex! look, just accept your feelings and go for it dude. just leaves more women for the rest of us.

  49. Nate

    yeah I’m sure Stalker Daddy can do better. Dina should hire someone to take care of this guy.

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