Michael Lohan backs down on conservatorship, Lindsay gets drunk as sh-t

Michael Lohan has apparently decided not to pursue a conservatorship after all, according to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ Michael — who demanded to see Lindsay Wednesday or else — will not make good on his threat. We’re told Michael’s Lawyer, Lisa Bloom, had a pretty lengthy telephone conversation last night with Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay’s lawyer.
We’re told the lawyers are trying to resolve the conflict short of Michael taking legal action.

As if he had any sort of legal ground to stand on. The Taliban could request a conservatorship over Lindsay and have a better, if not long overdue, chance than Michael Lohan. On that note, I love how she celebrated the decision by drinking her ass off until five in the morning then probably went home and signed over the deed to her house for a pack of smokes. “Ha ha, conservatorship. That’s for suckers. Ah, fuck, menthols? DADDY!”