Michael Lohan must like jail

Seen here with his new girlfriend The Dumb Bitch Who Thought She Could Ride Jon Gosselin’s Penis to Stardom (Pretty sure that’s her legal name.), Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for calling his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller in violation of a restraining order, according to the New York Post:

He allegedly phoned Muller at work on January 21 in breach of the restraining order she had filed against him over harassment claims, according to her attorney Bryan Konoski.
Police in Nassau County, New York, told TMZ Lohan was arrested and booked for criminal contempt.

I’m sure it was just an innocent phone call. I mean nothing about Michael Lohan suggests he’s a crazed loose cannon who will show up at her house and kick her in the vagina. — Besides that time he kicked her in the vagina.

And these pictures.

Photos: Splash News