Michael Jackson’s will surfaces, complete F.U. to his father

June 30th, 2009 // 71 Comments

A will signed by Michael Jackson in 2002 has surfaced and essentially leaves everything to his mother and three kids. Completely left out is his father Joe Jackson (above) who repeatedly beat Michael as a child. E! News reports:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the document–which will no doubt be the centerpiece of a lengthy and ferocious legal battle in months to come–divides the superstar’s estate among his mother, his three children (Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II) and at least one charity.
It’s unclear what custody arrangements, if any, Jackson made for his three children. But a court ruling yesterday gave temporary guardianship to Katherine.
At least one aspect of the will does appear to be clear: Joe Jackson wasn’t named as an heir.

Just to put things in perspective. Here’s a little snippet of Michael’s childhood from Wikipedia:

One night while Michael was asleep, Joseph climbed into his room through the bedroom window. Wearing a fright mask, he entered the room screaming and shouting. Joseph said he wanted to teach his children not to leave the window open when they went to sleep. For years afterward, Michael suffered nightmares about being kidnapped from his bedroom.

I’m pretty sure if my old man did that to me, I’d probably carve my face to look like Peter Pan and cut him out of my will, too. Or just mess with the thermostat when he’s not looking. Who’s the nobody now, pop?

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  1. Don

    Joe got what he deserved.

  2. chupacabra

    Joe is a monster. That’s the least of what he did to Michael. That man will rot in hell with Madoff.

  3. superstar

    He fucking deserves it. Michael was picked on throughout his childhood at school I heard too. Parents are supposed to support, not build to the torture!

  4. Tom K

    Everyone can say whatever they want about Joe Jackson but even Michael Jackson admitted if it weren’t for Joe pushing him as hard as he did and being so tough on him he would have “never” have been so successful or talented with his dancing and singing. That “monster” made Michael was he is today musically and sadly what he was as a person. A double edge sword, but everything in life comes with a price.

  5. TheElitejustin@gmail.com

    LOL … Big loss for him? I mean, what he have other than some facial masks, Demerol and kiddie porn anyways to give anyone?

  6. Frenchie

    Michael Jackson was racist. Just because his father was black doesn’t mean he should have been left out of the will.

  7. Mac


    The price was being mentally and emotionally stunted. Michael Jackson thought he was a little kid. Was it worth it? Joe Jackson was a scumbag who had nothing going for himself in life so he had to use his kids to support the family. What kind of parents comes in through their kids bedroom window with a scary mask? I would rather end up making 20,000 a year living in a one bed room apartment than live Michael Jackson’s childhood and turn out the way he did.

  8. Sherry

    “Michael Jackson was racist. Just because his father was black doesn’t mean he should have been left out of the will.”

    His mom was black too and she wasn’t left out of the will.

  9. superstar

    #6 his mother’s black but she’s in the will and Michael was black himself before you dumbass.

  10. p0nk

    should have beat him more, ungrateful little f—– pedophile.

    now shuddup and make me a sammich.

  11. Orange Juice

    EliteJustin….. I have some dick to give your mother.

  12. Hanky

    Enjoy hell p0nk in your butt. You fat stupid bitch.

  13. NYC

    Is it just me or does that sound exactly like a lesson from Arrested Development?

  14. Hanky

    Enjoy hell p0nk in your butt. You fat stupid bitch.

  15. TheElitejustin@gmail.com

    @ #11 Well isn’t that gracious of you… But… How about you give it to Debbie Rowe instead… Sounds like she’s needing it a lot more than my mom is… Maybe get some kids of her own or something?

  16. The Jacksons aren’t divorced, are they? In which case this “snub” isn’t much of a snub at all.

  17. Internet Jackass

    I’m a racist asshat.

  18. Girlie

    @ 13…rofl…’and that’s why you don’t leave your window open at night’

  19. Christina

    I call this story out.. MJ’s dad doesn’t need a “fright mask” to scare little children.

  20. Frenchie

    #9 – C’mon, stupid. If he wasn’t a racist, he wouldn’t have acted so niggardly with his will toward his father.

  21. PopPop

    @13, 18:
    I was about to write that exact same comment. I could almost hear Jeffrey Tambor’s voice ^^

  22. superstar

    #20 he didn’t put his father in his will probably because his dead made his childhood a living hell!
    But how would we know? Michael has his reasons and we can’t ask him now because he’s gone forever.

  23. superstar

    my bad I mean dad when I wrote ‘because his dead’ :P

  24. pstone

    yeah, def. a job for J. Walter Weatherman

  25. Nanotyrannus

    Perhaps MJ could have funded an endowment tasked with hiring someone to randomly appear and beat the shit out of Joe Jackson without warning or provocation.

    “You left a fork on the table, Mr. Jackon.” POW!
    “The sky is blue today. I’ll teach you not to have a blue sky, Mr. Jackson!” POW!
    ” I was just in the bathroom after you, and your old-man shit stank more than usual. I’ll teach you to crap out a stinky turd, Mr. Jackson” POW!

    From all accounts, Michael Jackson at eight years old had ten times the talent Joe Jackson ever had and he was both exploited and destroyed for it.

  26. Finger Pointer

    @10 – um..pot..kettle black? You three-chin having, wife-cheating, internet stalking piece of shit. But that’s what you ‘religious’ types do. Point fingers at others while your other hand is diddling an asian pre-teen you met on the internet.

  27. Balls McCoy

    Fuck Joe, I feel bad for Katherine but fuck Joe.

  28. One L

    Jackson is still kicking his dads butt even after death. l0l Go Michael!

  29. hello

    Okay, but, they didn’t live in the suburbs. They lived in GARY INDIANA, which has one of the highest homicide rates in the country. That place is dangerous, and maybe Joe Jackson was just scared for his kids, and when they didn’t take him seriously, he solved the problem in a new way.

  30. Dan

    @ 8 and 9 bloody hell you’re idiots i guess you cant see a JOKE?!?! anyone honestly think number 6 was being serious?

    btw # 6 that made me lol!

  31. Will

    That shit is straight from Arrested Development. The One-Armed man. “And that’s why you don’t try to teach your father lessons!”

  32. Try googling “fright mask”

  33. Is that WIKI entry true? That’s just horrible.

  34. Toby Weymiller

    This is no big deal. If my kid started yapping or looked weird I would beat them down as well.

  35. lori

    People who are abusive to their children most likely suffered even worse abuse when they were children. This man has not had it easy in his own life. No one is in any place to judge anyone here. Michael had a choice to come to terms with his past or to hide from it in a prescription drug haze and addiction to plastic surgery. There are never any simple answers and trying to find someone to blame is the avenue that cowards and simpletons take.

  36. Allison

    And that’s why you always leave a note.

  37. Michelle


  38. Do FreeBird

    So how much do you tink Joe’s going to charge per head at the viewing?

  39. justifiable

    #4 There’s pushing a child and teaching him discipline and a work ethic as a father, and there’s over the top control and brutality. Beating a kid when he doesn’t perform a routine correctly will either make the kid hate to perform because you’ve taken all the joy out of it, or it’ll make him perform because he can’t help it, but then he’ll cut your sorry kid-thrashing ass out of his life as soon as he gets a chance. MJ chose the second option. Abuse warps anyone’s personality, and his father’s abuse was emotional as well as physical – and he became a self-loathing, emotionally stunted, immature child-man because of it.

    Joe Jackson’s was on the BET red carpet the day after his son kicked promoting his own shit and showing everyone just how broken up he was. No love lost there. Apparently someone either clued him in or changed the chip because NOW he’s all about “my son” — but you never heard those two words from him on Sunday night.

  40. LPB

    No money for Rebbie? Oh wait, she’s doing fine. No problem.

  41. LPB

    No money for Rebbie? Oh wait, she’s doing fine. No problem.

  42. Tom K

    #39. I’m not defending Joe Jackson but they asked him specifically on the Red carpet, “what else have you been up to Joe?” Then he proceeded to tell them about his record company. He did not bring it up on his own and he was avoiding questions about his son because he couldn’t answer them due to the advice of his attorney. Joe isn’t stupid and he deserves a lot of credit for Michael’s success and Michael being emotionally stunted wasn’t just courtesy of Joe but some of the credit needs to go to his older brothers who were fucking girls on the top bunk and doing all sorts wild shit in front him when he was younger on tour. It’s funny Joe used to same parenting skills on all his sons, so tell me why Michael was the one that was the looniest, with skin bleaching, pet chimps, and all sorts of whacky antics. That can’t all be a result of Joe it has to be something else.

  43. justifiable

    #39 He was incredibly distanced and more like a business associate than a father, and launching into that Blu-Ray scheme, whether he was asked the question or not, was incredibly inappropriate. He talked about “The King of Pop” being gone, which is an extremely disconnected way to speak about your youngest son. Come on, on the advice of his attorney? No attorney is going to tell you to clam up unless you had something to do with his death. and you don’t need to have an attorney present to say you miss your child and he died too young and tragically. The attorney, aka “family spokesperson” read that canned PR-toned announcement, and since Jackson was perfectly capable of speech that looked even weirder. I couldn’t believe it.

    The other kids had the same parenting and I don’t think you could point to any of them as being particularly well-adjusted. The eldest kids married as soon as they could to escape him. ( No two kids are alike, remember that – what may break one might not break another.) Michael was the youngest and without doubt the most talented, so I think more pressure fell on him at the outset. He was a cash cow when he was 8, and he’s been supporting most of his family for years. Since the others weren’t “the cute one” or in the spotlight as solo artists and undering adolescence in that spotlight – and with a father who kept telling them how grotesque they looked – I think that’s why he was far more damaged than his brothers. When his brothers grew up they got married and left him (or abandoned him, take your pick) behind with dead old dad – who was furious that any of his kids betrayed him by wanting to start families of their own. Joe never took to any of his kids marrying away from him – where is James DeBarge these days? I always kind of wondered if that was the reason why Michael thought growing up was something to be avoided.

    You gotta read this, (it described Jackson as a micro-pimp and looking like a baked potato in a cheap pair of sunglasses, ha!) .


  44. anyway

    #399 Shit, dude, it was fucked up that he was even there in the first place to be asked that question! If my kid had died suddenly 2 days earlier I sure as hell wouldn’t have been out to an industry awards event., much less using it to push my products. The man is a opportunistic leech and a pimp. A book will be next.

  45. 1w

    Joe is disgusting. He ruined Michael’s childhood and he’s all to blame for Michael’s strange behavior. Glad that the greedy pig isn’t included.

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  47. ace

    I don’t think MJ would be happy to know about how his estate is being handled.

  48. justifiable

    #47 Hey, some parents weren’t happy about how their little kids were handled, so now it’s even.

  49. captain america

    I’m sorry to say but it is the truth:

  50. Well, sure he just got what he deserves. Its just sad that it happens this way.

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