Michael Jackson’s live-in doctor not licensed to prescribe drugs in California

July 6th, 2009 // 29 Comments

Michael Jackson’s live-in physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, does not have a license to prescribe or even administered prescription medication in the state of California, according to FOX News:

Federal authorities told FOXNews.com that Dr. Conrad Murray is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in the state, and that if he gave Demerol or Oxycontin to Jackson, as has been reported, it would have been illegal.
To possess the drugs in California, Murray would have had to bring them with him from Nevada or Texas, which is illegal, or administer drugs that other doctors had provided locally or that Jackson had ordered online from abroad, which is also illegal.
“Dr. Murray has DEA registration numbers in Nevada and Texas, but he does not have one in California,” a federal law enforcement official told FOXNews.com. “You absolutely have to have a registration number to prescribe controlled substances, and there was nothing in California.”

Is anyone really surprised by this information? Because, honestly, I’m impressed we haven’t found out Michael Jackson was receiving anesthetics from a zebra with a syringe between its teeth. Granted, it was mostly hoofing him the face thus rendering him unconscious, but you get the point.


  1. the infamous danielle

    …so it takes a man’s death for these idiots to even notice the dude is handing out med candy without a license?? bravo.

  2. someguyuy

    First. Who gives a shit? Bury the child molester and let’s move onto more important things. Like Iran. The economy. And tits.

  3. Aunt Jemima

    WOW Superficial writer. You have a hissy fit over Sarah Palin, post bogus pictures of her, and then report news from FOX? You are no true liberal. Everyone knows that even though FOX is the top rated news channel, with more viewership than the others combined, that they are all lying, liars. Right? This story can’t be true.

  4. alex

    #2 you are one heartless dude. How dare you rank Iran and the Economy above Tits. I think you owe Tits an apology.

  5. Jesse Jackson

    Usually he’s a lot more careful with what he puts in his mouth…usually just small dicks and the occasional dildo. He took one look at my shaft of black righteousness and ran off crying like the little bitch he was. That’s okay…I’ll skull fuck him at the funeral. Take that you moonwalking pansy!

  6. Al Sharpton

    Racist!! You are racist if you bring up Michael’s pedophilia! Did the white media talk about Elvis’ pedophilia? Or Frank Sinatra’s? I think not.

  7. michaeljacksonisdead

    New Michael Jack’son tribute tune has 1.5 million hits ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVACUjHn6yU

  8. The Jackson clan knew this guy was abusing prescribe meds, they didnt want to get shunned or not be supported by Micheal if they said something…

  9. Kelley

    Sloppy editing in the posts !

  10. Clem

    Nice jacket.

  11. Buzz

    Why all the focus on the Drs.

    He was a worthless pathetic child molester!
    Its good he is dead! I’m glad! he would have never been brought to justice.

    Now why the hell do I, an already overtaxed Californian have to pay millions for this assholes funeral?

    Jackson was a freak! A criminal and afucking pathetic “human Being”

    Thank god he’s dead!

  12. lol

    What does MJ and a silver medalist have in common?

    They both came in a little behind

  13. Donkey Punch

    It amazes me the brainwashed people that support MJ now that he is dead. Since when does the world tolerate pedophiles? Amazing.

    Watch this video and read the text:


    The creep was obviously guilty

  14. RIP

    This whole MJ media fiasco is obviously a government plot for us all to focus on something other than our fucked up economy. Poor MJ he is even being used as a scapegoat in the after life. What a bunch of sick fucks the media is.

  15. B2o

    that fucker killed the greatest showman on earth. i want to hunt that bitch down and skin him!!!!!!

  16. Michael Jackson was the greatest performer we’ve ever seen.

  17. IKE

    Maybe it was “suggested” that he make a ‘mistake’ with the dosage. ‘You’re not licensed so you wont get into much trouble.’
    At what point do you become worth more dead than alive? MJ is about to “release” a lot of music that was previously unreleased that would have stayed that way if it were up to him. With him dead now, a lot of music (and money) is about to flow forth.
    Just saying.

  18. Much has been said. I think he now deserves peace. Thanks for sharing your post though. I found this Michael Jackson comeback book that will surely become a valued collector’s item.

  19. watching his funeral today, live on SKY.

    roofers in leeds

  20. Galtacticus

    Michael Jackson himself is most of all responsible for his own eventually drug addiction.The doctor is only a ‘legal’ tool to get it.

  21. Darth

    Even if it was this doc or another one,he would have gotten it anyway.

  22. Has the doctor been found?

  23. captain america


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  28. Skiddles

    Everything MJ touches has a Jackson curse of illegal, creepy and strange.

  29. anonymous

    everyone its not the media its the illumanati they killed him on purpose because micheal jacksin almost snitched about them dont you see if his family cant control their pain for the lost of their son they will be killed and the media will make it seem like an accident every best believe we are at wor with the devil worship please everyone tell your friends family we have to find a way to stop this look it up on you tube youll find it get right with jesus befor illumanati takes over the world :…..(

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